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Chapter 1550: Feng Clan’s territory

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Sima You Yue’s clan members knew it was Sima You Yue’s decision, so they couldn’t intervene even though they were worried for her.

Remembering what she said before she left, they went to look for He Zhen Zhang to ask about the undead and got to know that Sima You Yue spoiled their plan accidentally, which made the Yang clan move cautiously.

Sima Zhi Yuan sighed after knowing what Sima You Yue did here. This girl made others worry for her. She would do something that made others shake with fright everytime she came back.

If something happened to her at Yang clan, they would regret allowing her to go.

Sima You Yue was following Feng Qing, they were travelling back and forth in the spatial but they didn’t know where, when and how far. Sima You Yue couldn’t make out the direction when they came out from the spatial area.

“Are we here? Is Aunt Feng here?” She was still a little dizzy. If Feng Qing didn’t hold her in time, she might have fallen.

“This is the Feng Clan, Ru Yan is not here. I’ll send someone to get her.” Feng Qing said.

He called out a spirit beast after coming here, he got Sima You Yue to sit on it and flew towards the clan.

Sima You Yue sensed that Feng Qing’s status was quite high in the Feng Clan. Everyone on the ground would stop to greet him no matter what they were doing, some of them would even come up to greet him. She was guessing that he was at least a Clan Elder.

Sometimes Feng Qing would stop to entertain for a while.

“Your Honor, this is…” Someone saw Sima You Yue when they were greeting him.

“This is Sima You Yue. She will be staying in the clan for a while.”

The other party was very surprised and said, “Your Honor, I thought the clan’s rule forbade letting outsiders in?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” The other party stopped probbing after Feng Qing responded.

“So where do we arrange for her stay?”

“I’ll bring her back, you don’t have to worry.” Feng Qing left with her after he spoke.

The news of Feng Qing bringing an outsider into the clan spread quickly. Everyone was curious who it was that could make him go against the clan’s rule. Everyone got more curious after they knew that he actually brought her to Qing Feng garden.

But no one dared to question his decision. No one would go against him if he said they didn’t have to worry.

Given Feng Qing’s status, even the Clan Elders couldn’t control him.

Sima You Yue didn’t know which part of the continent this was, but she was tactful enough not to ask about anything. There were some things that she would come to know when time came. She didn’t ask about things that she shouldn’t know about.

But the Feng Clan was a prosperous one. They passed by a lot of neighbouring districts and Feng Qing said they were all members of the clan.

Sima You Yue pursed her lips. She wondered if the clan members were good at bearing children. There were so many people and were able to attack in a group if they fought.

Feng Qing brought her to his own courtyard, which was a distance from these neighbouring districts. However, the environment was good and the spiritual energy there was especially abundant that makes up a perfect place to cultivate. It would be equal to cultivating ten days in a span of one day or seven to eight days in one day.

He was highly regarded in the Feng Clan.

After a few days of staying here, she realised that he didn’t get such a nice place for cultivating. Instead, it was for a few pieces of treasure that he was growing.

Feng Qing casually arranged a courtyard for her and said, “Stay here for the time being, I’ll get someone to look for Ru Yan. You can get the boys to bring you around.”

He disappeared from the courtyard after he spoke.

“Young Miss.” Two boys suddenly appeared behind her which gave her a scare.

Sima You Yue turned around and saw two seven to eight years old boys with identical appearances staring at her.

Both the boys were adorable with chubby cheeks and round eyes, those eyes reminded her of Little Tu.

He never once contacted her after being brought away from the dark forest, she wondered if he was well after returning back to the clan. She wondered how he looked like now after so many years.

“Who are you guys?” She extended her hand and patted their heads.

The boy on the left frowned and took a step back with a cold face, leaving her arm hanging.

The other one didn’t shun away from her, instead, he looked at her in all smiles, “We are His Honor’s medicine boys, my name is Fang Fang, he is Yuan Yuan. I’m the elder brother, he is my little brother.”

“His Honor asked us to bring you around, in case you go somewhere you shouldn’t.” Yuan Yuan was cold in manner and sounded indifferent as well.

Sima You Yue was still curious about the Feng Clan, but she had to do what she came here for, so her interest in touring decreased.

“I’m a little tired now, I want to take a rest. Can I get you to tour me around later?”

“Sure. Then we will go and clear up the medicine garden. You can go to the back to look for us when you want to go out.” Fang Fang said with a smile.

“Do you guys know about medicinal ingredients?” Sima You Yue was curious.

“Young Miss, although we are short, we are older than you by a few hundred years and we are able to clear up the medicine garden.” Yuan Yuan explained.

Sima You Yue pursed her lips, a few hundred-year-old…. boys?

Just a while ago she looked at them as if they were children and even patted their heads….

Feng Qing was to blame. He told her they were boys, that was why she thought they were only a few years old.

“Go and do what you need.” After she spoke, she turned around and went into the house that Feng Qing arranged for her.

It was so embarrassing!

Because of this, Sima You Yue was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to go out and waited for Feng Ru Yan in the house. She took out a medical book to read as she didn’t know when Feng Ru Yan would be back.

Although Fang Fang and Yuan Yuan were clearing the medicine garden in the backyard, any movement in the courtyard was under their control. Two days ago, they thought that Sima You Yue would only take a rest for a while before she got them to bring her around. They didn’t expect that she didn’t step out for over ten days once she started reading.

“Isn’t she curious about the Feng Clan?” Fang Fang rubbed his chin in surprise.

“Not everyone is curious.” Yuan Yuan didn’t find Sima You Yue weird.

“Yuan Yuan, can you tell me why the Master brought her back? Did he find a Madame for us?” Fang Fang was excited thinking about it.

Yuan Yuan calmly glared at him, “Didn’t you feel the faint aura of the Feng Clan on her? Master wouldn’t look for a Madame from the Feng Clan.”

“True.” Fang Fang sighed.

As his boys, not only did they need to take care of the medicinal ingredients, it was tiring as they also had to worry about his life!

Yuan Yuan’s eyes brightened out of a sudden and said excitedly as he stared in the sky from afar, “Master is back!”

Sima You Yue who was in the house felt something, she saw Feng Ru Yan who slowly appeared when she opened the door and got out.

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