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Chapter 1547: Something’s happened

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Inside the Spirit Pagoda, Sima You Yue changed into another set of the black robed men’s clothes. When she reappeared, a faint ghost aura hovered around her, separating the blood from her body.

These corpses had yet to become the undead, so they were not sensitive to spirit energy and did not realise that there was someone different amongst them.

She came to the shore and her clothes were as clean as before, without a single drop of blood.

However, she noticed that the blood pool was shallower than before. Although it was a small difference and not visible to the naked eye, her divine senses could tell.

She looked at those corpses and they had a denser death aura than before. It seemed like the blood had been absorbed by them.

“It’s really too bloody!” She sighed inwardly. That was so much blood, and she had no idea how many lives had to be sacrificed to accumulate that amount.

She observed the area for a while. Apart from the path that she took to enter this place, there were three other pathways headed to opposite directions.

She didn’t know where these roads headed to or whether she would be in danger.

At this time, she realised that she had been too reliant on her scarlet bees before. She would love to use them to scout for information for any reason. Now, without them, it felt like she had lost an arm and a leg.

Looking at it now, she had to change her future habit.

She took two deep breaths before choosing a road by the side.

She didn’t know where this road would lead her, but she could sense that the road headed upwards. As expected, after walking for a short while, she left the underground and appeared in the mountains.

Before she exited the cave, she used her divine senses to scan her surroundings to ascertain that there were no signs of life before she carefully walked out.

“There are actually so many undead here!” Sima You Yue was rather shocked. She looked over and saw that the entire mountain was covered in black, and they were all undead wearing black clothes and black mantles. She swept the area with her divine senses and estimated that there were probably a few tens of thousands of undead.

After pondering about it, she gave a thought and started to run over to the undead. However, they disappeared before she had even bumped into them.

By the time she went one round, all the undead had been kept into her Spirit Pagoda.

Little Roar and the others disliked these undead. The moment they entered, they wanted to kill them, but Sima You Yue stopped them.

She said that she wanted to keep them to examine them. She might even be able to reap some rewards.

After harvesting the undead in the mountain, Sima You Yue felt like there might even be more undead if she went to the other two roads.

As such, she turned back and returned to the blood pool before going down another two roads.

Just as she thought, the other two roads led her to mountains as well where there were a few thousand undead. Adding the three valleys together, she probably had close to ten thousand undead.

After wiping them all out, Sima You Yue’s expression wasn’t great. There were so many undead, and the weakest of them were not even qualified to be called the undead. With close to ten thousand of them if she took them out, it would still be a mighty force.

As such, she felt like this wasn’t all the undead that they possessed.

It was no wonder these guys dared to do things to wantonly, even daring to massacre an entire city!

Returning to the blood pool this time, Sima You Yue’s raging heart finally regained its calm. The Yang Clan had prepared so many undead, which meant that they were planning to do something big. It was a pity that she didn’t know what they were planning to do.

However, based on the rules of survival, they were either going to exterminate another power or forcefully secure resources to strengthen themselves.

The blood in the blood pool had lessened again when compared to the before she left. Once the forty nine days were over, the blood would definitely be drained dry.

Thinking about how there were so many undead in the Spirit Pagoda, nobody knew how many people had been sacrificed in order to fill this blood pool.

Sensing that people had come, she entered the Spirit Pagoda with a flash and observed the situation outside.

People and the undead were different. They were still undead right now and couldn’t examine their surroundings. However, if she remained in the blood pool and used her spirit energy to block out the blood, she would definitely be discovered.

“Boss, it seems like the dead bodies have absorbed it quite well over the past two days.”

“Mm. We still have to remain nearby for two days. Just in case.”

The two of them observed the place for a while before leaving. Only then did Sima You Yue come out from the Spirit Pagoda.

With so many undead gone, they would definitely discover it and it would definitely lead to chaos. If they sealed the little realm at that time, she really wouldn’t be able to leave. She didn’t have Wu Lingyu’s ability to tear open space anytime.

When she thought about this, she felt like she could wait anymore. It would be terrible if she didn’t make it.

As such, the second time those people returned, she acted.

She dispersed some poison at the entrance. When those two people entered, they fell unconscious and Sima You Yue kept away her ghost aura and killed the one that was called the boss. When he died, she entered his brain and got to know about what they did in the past.

The block robed man was shaken awake by someone, and when he opened his eyes, he saw his own boss looking at him anxiously.

“Hurry and wake up. Something’s happened.” Sima You Yue turned into his boss and hurriedly said when she saw him open his eyes.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” He had just awoken and was still muddled.

“Something happened to the blood pool, all the blood is gone!” Sima You Yue pointed at the dried out blood pool. Right now, only those undead remained.

When he saw the empty blood pool, the person immediately became clear headed and cried out, “Boss, this- how did this happen?!”

“I don’t know either.” Sima You Yue said, “Did someone plot against us when we just entered? I think they did something to this place.”

“How is that possible! This place is a little realm, how could the average person enter!”

“I’m confused as well. That was why I went to the front of the mountain to take a look when I woke up, but those undead were all missing!” Sima You Yue said. She was initially wondering why nobody was keeping watch over the area, but she recalled how this was a little realm and the average person couldn’t’ enter at all. That was why there was no need to send men to keep guard.

“Heavens!” The person cried out, “If anything happens, we…”

Thinking about the punishment that would come after, the person fell on the ground, unable to move.”

“Don’t just sit here. We have to hurry and tell the stewards.” After saying this, Sima You Yue pulled on the person and ran outside.

She came to the cave entrance and saw the one guarding outside was still that person. From her memories, she got to know that he was Steward He.

“Steward He, it- it’s bad! Un- the undead…” The person was too anxious because of the running and couldn’t form his sentences properly.

When Steward He saw the way he was acting, he jolted and asked, “What’s wrong with the undead?”

Sima You Yue took two deep breaths and said, “All the undead in the mountain are gone! The blood in the blood pool is gone as well!”

“What?!” Steward He stood up from the stone and dashed inside.

“Go in with Steward He, I’m going to tell the Patriarch!” Sima You Yue pushed the person into the cave before flying towards the entrance.


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