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Chapter 1537: Handing out everything

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Finally, Sima You Yue still agreed to go. It was not because Sima Zhi Yuan had given her the Cloud Guards for protection, but because Sima Liu Xuan had told her that the worst was to not do something you wanted to do and end up regretting it forever.

She didn’t want to regret anything, so since she wanted to go and take a look, then she would. Even if there were risks, she just had to take care of herself and it would be fine.

If it was in the past, she would be worried that it would bring any misfortune to the clan, but the Sima Clan raised in great power quietly in these few years.

Three thousand powerful humans couldn’t match up to three thousand ancient spirit beasts. The power of battle wasn’t as simple as one plus one equals to two, it was a few thousand times of changes. Even though some of them didn’t have any ancient beasts, they could fuse better with their own contract beasts. In short, the Sima Clan had grown to match the power of the Yang Clan and Su Clan in a short five years.

Cloud Guards were the most powerful guardians in the Sima Clan. The Cloud Guards had contracted the powerful ancient spirit beasts, hence their battle prowess had been significantly raised.

In the past, Cloud Guards were in charge of all the important matters in the Clan and would usually take actions when something happened in the Clan. They would definitely reject protecting an individual. But they were grateful to Sima You Yue as she contributed greatly to the Clan and never once behaved recklessly in the Clan, so they were fighting to protect Sima You Yue.

At the same time, Sima You Yue was refining pills in the Spirit Pagoda. Since she had decided to go, she would definitely need to prepare some things.

Sima You Yue washed and changed when she noticed that it was almost time and went to look for Sima Zhi Yuan after coming out of Spirit Pagoda.

Sima Zhi Yuan was discussing something with Sima He Shun and a group of Clan Elders, but he let her in immediately when he heard that Sima You Yue was there.

“Are you leaving now?”

“Mm. Uncle He said we are leaving this evening.” Sima You Yue nodded.

“Bring the guards, let the Clan know immediately if anything happens.” Song Ming Zhu urged.

“I got it.” Sima You Yue took out a thick stack of papers and got someone to pass it to Sima Zhi Yuan and said, “Great Grandfather, these are the prescription of a few hundred kinds of pills, these are all transcribed by me.”

“Oh? Patriarch, can I take a look?” Tenth Elder was an Alchemist, he was in charge of the Sima Clan’s pills.

He heard of Sima You Yue achievements, she had pills that others didn’t know about. That meant she would definitely have some secret prescription.

Sima You Yue passed him the prescriptions, and he became excited just after seeing a few of it.

“These, these are the prescriptions that have gone extinct!” Tenth Elder’s hands were trembling.

Everyone in the house was excited, the pills section in the Sima Clan would have development if it was really extinct prescriptions.

Especially when it was a stack of hundreds over different kinds of prescriptions!

“These are prescriptions from ancient times!” Tenth Elder ran out of breath upon seeing the top few pages.

“Is it really an ancient prescription?”

“That’s right, I am sure of it!” Tenth Elder continued, “Patriarch, if our Alchemist can refine these pills, our members will definitely become stronger in no time.”

The pills that Sima You Yue gave would increase their power without too much side effects, so the member’s power would greatly increase very quickly.

Sima You Yue remained indifferent and said as she took out some pills, “These are Tendon and Marrow cleansing pills that I took out some time to refine, it’s quite effective. You can give it to the young ones in the Clan to try it.”

Tendon and Marrow Cleansing Pills, she refined it previously when she got the Golden Snake Fruit. It felt like such a long time ago, now that she refined it again.

Everyone became more excited after hearing about theTendon and Marrow cleansing pill, this was a pill that could change talents!

“Is this really the Tendon and Marrow Cleansing Pill?”

“Yes. The prescription is inside. It’s not hard to make and you will be able to refine it as long as you have the medicinal ingredients. But the medicinal ingredient is hard to find, so it’s not realistic to mass refine it. But it will be good for the clan if you give it to the younger generations.”

“Why did you only take it out now when you have such good stuff?” Sima Zhi Yuan made it sound like he was lecturing her but he was smiling.

“I forgot about it.” Sima You Yue refuted openly.

Although it was something embarrassing to admit.

“This girl!” Sima Clan’s elders didn’t know what to do with her either.

“What other treasures have you not shown us yet? Give it altogether if you have something for the clan, you might forget about it again.” Sima Zhi Yuan said.

Sima You Yue thought it over, the book of arrays was not to be given, since that was from the Hundred Changing Doors. Although she had it with her, she felt that it wouldn’t be nice if she gave it to the clan without asking Hundred Changing Doors. Like the Imperial Beast Art, she only gave it when Wu Lingyu agreed with it.

She thought it over and took out the tablet rubbings and said, “I’ll give this to you too.”

Sima Zhi Yuan went blank when he used divine knowledge to take a look.

Sima He Shun asked when he saw his reaction, “What is it?”


Sima You Yue glanced over everyone who was there.

“Don’t worry, all the elders have made an oath to never betray the clan.” Sima He Shun said. He meant they would not leak anything out regarding the clan.

“That is Spirit Seeker’s Source. I got it by chance and developed a copy.” Sima You Yue responded.



Two of the Elders who were drinking spitted out, everyone else looked in disbelief and looked at her in surprise, “What did you say?”

“Spirit Seeker’s Source, you have heard about it, right?” Sima You Yue ignored their surprised look.

“Of course we’ve heard about it! What do you not have?!”

No wonder she knew how to refine pills, beast taming and was a seeker spirit master, every item was one of the best. It was no wonder that she was good at all occupations!

“Great Grandfather, Great Granduncle, although we have all the good methods for beast taming, alchemy, seeker spirits, you can’t put all the clan’s focus on this. Other than strength, the power of battle is also very important.” Sima You Yue reminded them.

They would be defeated if they retreated in fear when they had strength without battle power!

Sima Zhi Yuan was stern, Sima You Yue was right. It would be dangerous for them to fall into that state. They wouldn’t be able to protect the treasures even if they had it.

“I will increase the battle training for the members.”

“I have a set of training methods here…”

Everyone looked at her with dazzling eyes before Sima You Yue even finished her sentence.

The training method was given to her by Wu Lingyu, he reminded her to give it to them too. She believed that the battle power would be of no match to other forces if it was passed down to her clan.

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