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Chapter 1533: Sad Little Lucky

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Supreme Fifth Spirit had been in the spatial area for a long time. Because Wu Lingyu said that Little Lucky was unwilling to leave Sima You Yue, and he knew why LIttle Lucky was unwilling to go, he decided to stay and see how Sima You Yue would treat Little Lucky.

He heard Little Lucky’s giggles and watched as he was so happy as he played with Sima You Yue. He thought back to the time where he knew how sad he was when that person had left, and his feelings were extremely complex.

However, the good thing was that Sima You Yue was like that person, and treated Little Lucky well. She truly liked him and wasn’t just pretending on the surface. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have kept going to catch him.

This little girl, she was still young and had many things on her mind. She actually played with him so well.

He had arrived here, but Sima You Yue didn’t even know. However, his kid could definitely sense it. Wasn’t he doing this because he wanted to let him know how good Sima You Yue was and not make him leave her?

Hmph, he was small but he had big guts!

Little Lucky was speaking a lot louder than when he just emerged and didn’t act soft and weak like earlier. He was also much more intelligent.

Mm, at the very least, he could tell that the one before him was not his real mother. However, he still liked her.

Sima You Yue hugged onto Little Lucky and watched as the two emerged from the spatial area. If not because she was unfamiliar with Supreme Fifth Spirit, she would have rolled her eyes.

“Father-” The little guy saw Supreme Fifth Spirit and ran over excitedly.

Sima You Yue only saw a flash of light as this little guy crawled onto his father’s shoulder.

“Why were you hiding up there.” Seeing that Wu Lingyu wasn’t doing anything, she was not afraid of Supreme Fifth Spirit either.

“Supreme Fifth Spirit wanted to see how his son was doing here.” Wu Lingyu said.

“Isn’t he going to take him away? What is there to see?” After Sima You Yue said this, she stopped. As if she suddenly thought about how, if she hadn’t treated him well, he would have killed her to vent his rage.

In the end, just as she had spoken, Little Lucky, who was hanging on Supreme Fifth Spirit, returned to her embrace again and grabbed onto her hair. He cried out emotionally, “You said that you wouldn’t abandon me as long as I didn’t call you Mother! You can’t back out on your words!”

Sima You Yue had interacted with this guy for a few days and developed some feelings already. Seeing his aggrieved look, she stretched forth her hands and patted his head, saying, “But your Father has come to look for you! He’s come to take you home. With me here, it will be too dangerous.”

If others knew that she had an ancient spirit beast by her side, and that it was Supreme Fifth Spirit’s child, many of them would covet him.

“Don’t want! Don’t want! I want to be with you!” The little guy’s tears fell again.

Supreme Fifth Spirit hadn’t spoken since he came and had just been observing Sima You Yue. Seeing the scene play out before him made him feel like he was seeing what happened back then.

That year, the little guy had also pulled onto her hair, telling her not to go.

It was a pity that she had still left, and she had never returned again.

Sima You Yue was rather troubled. Although she liked this guy, she didn’t really want him to stay with her. He was too eye catching and it was too dangerous. Furthermore, with this father of his, if anything happened and he blamed her, her rage was not something she could handle.

The most important thing was that she heard Wu Lingyu say that Supreme Fifth Spirit didn’t leave after emerging because he was looking for Little Lucky. Because he just emerged, he wanted to contend against humans and, naturally, it would be good for them to have more ancient spirit beasts. Also, he had chosen to tarry here instead of continuing on his journey, which proved how important Little Lucky was.

She didn’t think that he would leave such an important person to an unknown human to care for.

As Supreme Fifth Spirit pondered, Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu remained silent. The aura was rather strange for a moment.

Just as Supreme Fifth Spirit planned to take this little guy with him, Little Lucky suddenly lifted his head and said dispiritedly, “Father, I want Mother.”

Supreme Fifth Spirit saw how pitiful he was and sighed, “You can stay since you want to.”

After saying this, Little Lucky happily grabbed onto Sima You Yue’s hair and swung on it. Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu were speechless.

“Supreme Fifth Spirit, this wouldn’t be appropriate, right?” Sima You Yue said, “It’s too dangerous here. My clan isn’t too strong either. If anything happens, we won’t be able to protect Little Lucky.”

“Your protection is not needed.” I know that you don’t have the ability. Supreme Fifth Spirit’s words were direct. He just didn’t finish the rest of his sentence.

Sima You Yue was being disdained again, but she couldn’t retort. Who asked her to be so weak!

She cast her gaze towards Wu Lingyu. He didn’t like Little Lucky by her side, so he would probably say something, right?

However, Wu Lingyu didn’t know what to say to Supreme Fifth Spirit and didn’t help her say anything. Instead, he patted her head and said, “Little Lucky is rather powerful. With him around, you will be safer in the future.”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips. This wasn’t right, right?

“Sister, don’t be afraid, I will protect you!” Little Lucky said as he patted his chest and promised.

No longer worried, he turned his head back. He knew that Sima You Yue didn’t like him to call her Mother, so he changed his address to Sister. He called her Mother earlier because he was just too anxious.

Sima You Yue saw Supreme Fifth Spirit and knew that he had already decided.

Sigh, she was just too weak! If she were more powerful, would she have to be afraid of Supreme Fifth Spirit?

“I still have things to do, I won’t interrupt your father-son bonding.” After speaking, she stuffed Little Lucky into Supreme Fifth Spirit’s embrace, turned around and left.

She couldn’t persuade him and also knew that he had gotten her to care for Little Lucky, so she got a lot bolder.

The most important thing was that Wu Lingyu was around, which allowed her to vent her little anger.

She still thought that Supreme Fifth Spirit would still be a little unhappy no matter what, but she didn’t think that he wasn’t unhappy at all. Instead, he looked like he was reminiscing about something.

“Father, she’s Mother, isn’t she?” Little Lucky Stuck to Supreme Fifth Spirit and said.

Supreme Fifth Spirit was stunned and casually picked up the little guy who was stuck to him. He said word by word, “Aunt You You has already died. She is not Aunt You You.”


Little Lucky immediately cried, and his cries were so powerful, not like the way he cried when he was in front of Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue had just walked in front of her house when she heard Little Lucky’s cries. This was the first time that she had heard him cry so heartbreakingly. She couldn’t bear to continue and so she turned around again and happened to see Supreme Fifth Spirit toss Little Lucky away.

“Little Lucky-”

She obviously knew that Little Lucky was very powerful, yet she still subconsciously used spirit steps and arrived in the air to catch Little Lucky.

“Mother- sob sob, Father said that Mother has already died-” Little Lucky cried even harder when he smelled the familiar scent.

“Don’t cry. Let’s go back to the house.” Sima You Yue glared at Supreme Fifth Spirit, then carried Little Lucky to the house.

Was there a Father like this? The moment he came, he made his child cry and then tossed him away.

When Supreme Fifth Spirit saw Little Lucky like this, he sighed in his heart and his expression was even darker than before.

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