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Chapter 1517: Roused interest

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By the time Sima You Yue had finished researching the poison, half a day had already gone by. She and Wu Lingyu arrived outside and placed the poison along the tunnels. Then, they used a bout of wind to blow the poison inside.

“Who is it?”

Those inside the cave sensed something different and some people immediately ran over to the tunnel to check. However, nobody appeared.

“Young Master, there is nobody there.”

“Are you sure?” Northern Du Hao had clearly sensed some spirit energy fluctuations. How could there be nobody there?

“We were very quick. There was really nobody there.” The guard replied.

“Stand guard outside.” Norther Du Hao was worried and instructed.

A few of them left the cave and kept on walking for a long while, but they didn’t see a single person. They felt like Northern Du Hao was too careful.

The Yin Clansmen’s eyes dimmed with disappointment. They initially thought that someone had come to rescue them!

Northern Du Hao caught the change in their moods and smirked, “What, did you think that someone had come to save you?”

“Norther Du Hao, you won’t get away with this.” Yin Su Su watched him with eyes filled with hatred.

“Yin Su Su, once I get rid of your Young Uncle, I’ll entertain you. Such a beautiful lady, it wouldn’t be bad for us to bring you back and use you as our cultivation furnace!’

“Pah- even if I die, I’ll never become your cultivation furnace!” Yin Su Su had decided in her heart that, if they breached their defenses before they got rescued, she would willingly self-detonate rather than fall into their devious hands!

“Cultivation furnace?” Inside the Spirit Pagoda, Sima You Yue was listening to their conversation as she lightly furrowed her eyebrows.

“Not all the hidden families are upright.” Wu Lingyu said, “It’s just that for some reasons, they’re not known.” Wu Lingyu said.

“Could it be that the reason why the Northern Du clan is a bit more powerful than the other clans is because of these evil methods?” Sima You Yue rubbed her hands where goosebumps had risen.

“The Northern Du Clan’s name is truly not great within the hidden families.” Wu Lingyu did not pay too much attention to the Northern Du Clan before either. After finding out about this, he didn’t bother about it.

“As a female, this kind of scum deserves to have his little brother cut off directly!” Sima You Yue huffed, “It’s just a pity that I won’t have this chance today.”

“Don’t you plan to get rid of them?” Wu Lingyu teased good naturedly.

“To get rid of them without letting my identity be revealed is not too possible.” Sima You Yue said, “The effectiveness of the poison is not very long.”

“You won’t look for me?” Wu LIngyu was a little upset that Sima You Yue had neglected him.

“Aren’t you by my side now?” Sima You Yue glared at him, “I don’t want you to do something that you don’t want to do.”

Wu Lingyu didn’t like that there were guys by her side. She knew that at least.

“If it can make him owe me one, then it’s possible.” Wu Lingyu said.

Sima You Yue rolled her eye at him, saying, “Get useful.”

Inside the cave, everyone could suddenly feel something peculiar inside them.

They felt like they couldn’t really move, what was going on?



Those from the Northern Du clan fell to the ground. Those who were a little stronger were still holding on, but before long, they couldn’t move either.

Sima You Yue led Wu Lingyu out and this time, they didn’t conceal their aura.

“Who is there?”

It seemed like someone noticed them immediately.

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu held hands as they went out. Seeing the two strangers, the eyes of the Northern Du and Yin Clansmen were filled with puzzlement.

Who were these two people?

“Who are you guys?”

Sima You Yue ignored the Northern Du Clansmen as she walked in front of the array, saying, “There’s no time, disperse your array.”

“Who are you?” Yin Lang looked at Sima YoU yue and felt like her eyes were familiar, but he had no impression of her.

Sia You Yue took out a nameplate, flashed it, then kept it away and said, “I can’t drag it on for too long.”

Yin Lang immediately recognised that the nameplate belonged to Sima You Yue. Could it be that Sima You Yue had sent men to rescue him?

To believe or not to believe?

He glanced at Northern Du Hao, then decided in his heart. He used whatever remained of his energy to disperse the array.

Sima You Yue walked in and gave everyone the antidote. The antidote worked upon eating it, so although they felt like their mouths were smelly, they could move.

“Let’s go!” Yin Lang got up and supported Yin Su Su as he instructed his Yin Clansmen.

When they passed by Northern Du Hao, Yin Lang seemed to hesitate for a moment. However, his intelligence seemed to tell him to control his anger as he led his men away.

They had energy now, but they hadn’t recovered their spiritual energy. Northern Du Hao was the Young Master of the Northern Du clan. There was no way he didn’t have something that would preserve his life.

If they really killed him here and the others were not under the effects of the drug anymore, it might end up causing even more trouble. It might even render them unable to escape.

The others naturally understood this as well, so they didn’t let this distract them and they left seething with hatred.

“If I were you, after the poison dissipates, I wouldn’t use my spirit energy rashly.” Sima You Yue kindly reminded them.

Shortly after they left, the Northern Du Clansmen could move again. Then, many more of them crawled up from the ground.

Northern Du Hao tested it out. His spirit energy still couldn’t be fully utilised. If other attacked them right now, even for him, it wouldn’t turn out great.

“Interesting, they were actually able to poison us!” Northern Du Hao recalled Sima You Yue’s disdainful gaze. It had always been him to disdain others, but a woman actually dared to look down on him now?

“Young Master, are we going to give chase?” Someone asked.

“No need, everyone stay where you are to rest.” Northern Du Hao said, “It was such a good opportunity to kill off Yin Lang. It’s really a pity. However, if I could plot against you once, I can plot against you again. Yin Lang, do you think that you’ll really be able to run from me?”

“After we leave, look into those two people. Especially that woman!’

“Yes, Young Master!’

Sima You Yue led the Yin Clansmen out from the cave and randomly entered some unknown path.

“Rest for a bit. I don’t think the Northern Du Clansmen will chase after us.” Sima You Yue siad.

It was only now that the Yin Clansmen dared to relax and sit down to recover.

Yin Lang looked at Sima You Yue and asked, “What is your relationship with her? Why do you have her item?”

Sima You Yue didn’t waste any words. She broke off her fusion with Thousand Resonance and returned to her usual appearance.

“You Yue?” Yin Lang looked at Sima You Yue with surprise. He didn’t expect that the one who rescued him would actually be her and… him.

Wu Lingyu recovered his original appearance as well and Yin Lang said that it was no wonder.

Yin Su Su looked at Sima You Yue and her first reaction was that of surprise, then the turned to look at Yin Lang.

She remembered that the two of them had held hands as they entered. Then, didn’t that mean that the male and You Yue were…

“How did you know that we were here?” Yin Lang asked.

The topic was changed rather forcefully.

“I got my scarlet bees to scout for some information, and happened to find out the conflict you were having with the Northern Du Clan.” Sima You Yue said.

“Thank you… both. If not for the two of you, I fear we would not have been able to escape today.” Yin Lang bowed to the both of them.

“How did you guys end up fighting the Northern Du Clan? Northern Du Hao seems to hate you a lot?” Sima You Yue asked rather curiously.

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