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Chapter 1515: Giving a small gift to improve the relationship

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When rushing to the mine, Sima You Yue met some acquaintances, such as people from the Eastern Lai Clan, as well as Yang Xi’s grandfather – Yang Wei, Father Yang – Gao Ming, and mother- Wei Xue Zhu.

It’s no wonder that I only saw the elders of the Yang Clan before, and I didn’t see the master of the house, so they all came here.

She looked around, but she didn’t see the Xuan Qiu Clan, and she didn’t know if they were here.

Eastern Lai Li discovered Sima You Yue when she appeared, and when she saw that she was still alive, her eyes darkened.

“Young Miss, it’s Sima You Yue and An Lei.” Shui’er saw them and exclaimed, “Why are they still not dead?”

“It seems that I underestimated her before.” Eastern Lai Li said faintly, “To be able to remove the imprints I left behind, she seems quite capable!”

Soon after separating, Eastern Lai Li wanted to trace Sima You Yue’s whereabouts through the imprint, only to find that the imprint on An Lei’s body was gone.

“That Wu Lingyu must have done it. His strength is relatively high, what can that Sima You Yue’s strength be counted as?”

No one believed that this was done by Sima You Yue.

Eastern Lai Li saw her talking and laughing with Feng Zhi Xing, and snorted coldly: “I didn’t expect them to hook up with people from Integral Moon Palace.”

She had seen Integral Moon Palace’s Young Master Feng Zhi Xing several times before. He was a cold and indifferent person and had never put anyone in his eyes, even if they were women with similar powerful backgrounds like herself. It was said that for the Princess of the Ghost Clan, he had once left the inner region with a broken heart but no one knew the reason for his return.

I’ve never heard of him being with a woman, let alone talking or laughing, and I don’t know what kind of charm Sima You Yue used to confuse him.

“Doesn’t Wu Lingyu like her very much? He can actually tolerate her hooking up with other men?” Shui’er followed Eastern Lai Li everywhere, naturally knowing about Feng Zhi Xing. Seeing Sima You Yue talking and laughing with him, she found it an eyesore.

“This is their own matter. It has nothing to do with us.” Eastern Lai Li had no intention of paying attention to Sima You Yue now. She had placed all her attention to the ore veins in front of her.

“Young Miss, Young Master Xuan Qiu…what did he say?” Shui’er asked.

She became more depressed when she mentioned Xuan Qiu He.

After learning about the ore veins here, she contacted Xuan Qiu He and asked him to let the two clans travel along together, but Xuan Qiu He rejected her directly, saying that each of them had their own opportunities, so it’s not good to grab the opportunity from her. .

She wanted to curse in her heart at that time. All that nonsensical talk about opportunities, he just didn’t want to travel with her!

Shui’er saw Eastern Lai Li’s expression and guessed it, and whispered: “Maybe Master Xuan Qiu also discovered something.”

“Initially, I thought that there would be more and more people coming here hence if the two family clans are together, we can take care of each other…” Eastern Lai Li put away her sadness and said, “Forget it, let’s go in.”

She just saw that Northern Du Hao bringing people from Northern Du family in, and if she was delayed outside, she was afraid that they would be the first to get their hands on the opportunities within.

Sima You Yue thought that Eastern Lai Li would come over and provoke her but she didn’t expect that she would enter the mine straightaway. It seems that there is still a certain difference between those women who have no brains and her, at least she could still distinguish what was more important.

Feng Zhi Xing glanced over there and asked faintly: “Do you know someone from the hidden family?”

“I know but I’m not familiar wih them.” Sima You Yue didn’t want to say more, anyway, Eastern Lai Li wouldn’t do anything here.

“She doesn’t seem to like you.” Feng Zhi Xing said.

“A lot of women don’t like someone as smart, cute and beautiful as me,” Sima You Yue said confidently.


Feng Xiu Jie and others laughed, the Young Patriarch’s disciple was really narcissistic!

Feng Zhi Xing looked at her, then looked at Wu Lingyu who was too enchanting and nodded, “Indeed.”

” Young Patriarch, shall we go in?”

Although Integral Moon Palace also had some gains, but if there were treasures before them, who would complain about gaining more? Even Sima You Yue who had obtained so much, she too was very interested in this mine.

“It’s better to check what’s inside before making a decision.” Feng Zhi Xing was not overwhelmed by the mine, so he remained cautious.

He also has a certain understanding of these mines and knows the danger, so he was not intending to rush blindly into it.

“Master, it’s better to let the bees to scout first.” Sima You Yue was in favor of Feng Zhi Xing’s notion.


Feng Zhi Xing knows about the scarlet bees, but his subordinates did not. Seeing her call out so many bees at once, they were still a little skeptical.

“Young Miss, can these bees really scout?”

“Of course. I often ask them to help me scout out situations. Knowing that Master is here, all the credits must go to them because they were the ones who told me so!” Sima You Yue said.

“This is the scarlet bee you’ve been yearning for a long time.” Feng Zhi Xing said.


Everyone was stunned, looking at the scarlet bees flying away, and thinking that she actually used scarlet bees to scout…Suddenly there was a feeling of her being prodigal.

“Why, do you all want a scarlet bee?” Sima You Yue asked.

“We heard that scarlet bees appeared recently, so we wanted to find a little bit to produce honey.”

“The effect of scarlet bees’ honey is indeed better than normal.” Sima You Yue took out dozens of bottles, stuffed them into their hands, and said: “These are for you. Later when we are going to separate, I will give you some scarlet bees. ”

“Young Miss, how can we ask for such a thing?” Feng Xiu Jie and the others were holding the jade bottle and looked at the scarlet bee honey that had practically fallen from the sky in disbelief.

They know that some hidden clans cultivated scarlet bees, and scarlet honey occasionally flows out into the market, but they have never seen so much scarlet honey!

Sima You Yue waved her hand carelessly and said, “I have a lot of these things, and I have accumulated a lot over the years!”

In the Spirit Pagoda, time passed quickly, and the breeding of the scarlet bees was also very fast. In addition to the Scarlet Queen Bee, many little queen bees have also evolved. These little queen bees just lay eggs whenever they have nothing better to do so she now has an overwhelming number of scarlet bees. If it wasn’t for the Spirit Pagoda to be big enough, she would have to suppress the growth of the scarlet bees.

Since there were more scarlet bees, this meant more flowers in the Spirit Pagoda. This scarlet honey had been piled up and they couldn’t finish eating it.

She was telling the truth, but Feng Xiu Jie and the others did not think so. No matter how much she has, how much more can it be? It must have been saved for herself.

“Since You Yue gave it to you, please accept it.” Feng Zhi Xing didn’t say any polite words, knowing that they liked this very much.

As soon as he said that, they all put it away with a smile, and decided in their hearts to treat this generous lady better.

After a short while, the scarlet bees sent a message back, and Sima You Yue looked at Feng Zhi Xing with some embarrassment after hearing this.

“Master, I want to go in first.” Sima You Yue said.

“what happened?”

“That…” Sima You Yue wanted to make up a reason, but seeing Feng Zhi Xing staring at her, she said embarrassedly: “I have a friend who has encountered something. If I don’t know it, it’s fine but since I found out, I just can’t leave it be.”

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