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Chapter 1512: Master’s true strength

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“Master!” Sima You Yue did not wait for Halcyon to land as she flew down from the sky by herself.

Feng Zhi Xing watched Sima You Yue land and immediately wanted to stretch forth his hands to hold her.

“Master, you’re really here!” Sima You Yue looked at Feng Zhi Xing excitedly.

“Mm.” Feng Zhi Xing still couldn’t hold back as he stretched forth a hand to pet her head. He was like a father doting on his child.

It had been so many years. He had worked so hard just because he wanted to meet again and help be the shield to block the wind and rain for her. However, based on the intelligence he gathered, this brat was growing at a speed, much quicker than his own!

Suddenly a sharp gaze landed on his hand and Wu Lingyu landed by Sima You Yue’s side.

“Master, I’ve finally met you again. Initially, I heard that I wouldn’t be able to find your sect and was even depressed for a while!” SIma You Yue looked at Feng Zhi Xing and recalled their first encounter.

“Even if you couldn’t find me, once this was over, I would have gone to look for you.” Feng Zhi Xing said with a smile.

He had heard long ago that Sima You Yue had come to the inner region. He had initially planned to come out of seclusion to meet her, but he had just emerged when he encountered the ancient mine.

“Young Master, she is…” Someone beside him interrupted the reunion of master and disciple.

“She is my disciple, Sima You Yue. in the future, you will treat her with utmost respect.” Feng Zhi Xing regained his ice-cold manner when he turned to speak with that person.

Sima You Yue saw Feng Zhi Xing’s change and blinked in disbelief.

No matter whether he was teaching her back in the Yi Lin Continent or whether he was protecting her from the surroundings, he always gave her a warm feeling. The version of him that treated her with such affection was also expected.

When did Master start to release such an icy aura? What caused him to change?

Young Master? Did they mean the Young Master of the Integral Moon Palace?

Initially, she had never heard him mention it. Now that he returned, those people definitely wouldn’t attach any importance to him, so how much did he have to put in so that these people would take him as a Young Master?

“Master.” She looked at Feng Zhi Xing with some heartache.

“These are all my people. In the future, if anything happens, just order them about directly and it will be fine.” Feng Zhi Xing said.

“Is this the Young Miss that you, Young Master, have told us about before?” A man dressed in white came over and bowed to Sima You Yue respectfully, saying, “Young Master has always told us that he has been strengthening himself for the sake of protecting Young Miss in the future. We didn’t think that we would be able to meet you, Young Miss, so soon. This lowly one is named Feng Xiu Jie.

Feng Xiu Jie reminded Sima You Yue greatly of Feng Kai. It felt very comfortable.

However, she didn’t know how to address him. It wouldn’t be too good to directly address him by name. After all, he was someone who was under her master.

After thinking about it, she lightly returned the bow.

“You Yue, there are some things going on right now, so I will introduce them to you once we return.” Feng Zhi Xing said.

There were still many people watching them covetously. Although they were not fighting against the Integral Moon Palace, this was not the place for them to hold a long conversation.

Sima You Yue cast her gaze towards the two who were locked in battle. One of them had short hair and was dressed in black. He was rather aged and he was powerful. The other was dressed in an aqua blue qipao. Although he was being suppressed, he did not seem to be in a particularly difficult position.

Also, his face was rather familiar.

It seemed like she didn’t really know anyone from the inner region, right? Maybe the person just had too common of a face.

Oh, that handsome face had actually been relegated to a common face. If this expert knew about it, he might spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Master, who are these two people?”

“The black clothed one is an elder from the Sixteenth State’s Yang Clan. The one in blue is the Young Master from the Nineteenth State’s Su Clan.” Although Feng Zhi Xing was not in the inner region for a period of time, he still knew these people.

Sima You Yue’s brain overheated as she blurted out, “He shouldn’t be Su You, right?”

“It is him. Do you know him?” Feng Zhi Xing asked.

“Haha, I don’t.” Sima You Yue smiled. She finally knew why he felt familiar to her. This person bore a striking resemblance to Su Liu Nian.

She thought of the time Su Liu Nian had said that the two of them were tied by a red string of fate, and she looked at Su You not knowing whether she should laugh or cry.

Su Liu Nian said that he would come to the ancient mines, but she didn’t think that she would really bump into him here!

“The Su Clan’s power really cannot compare to the Yang Clan. Su You is being pressured a bit more than he can bear. He’s going to lose soon.” Feng Zhi Xing commented.

Sima You Yue could see it too. Su You had already been injured by that black-robed man.

She thought about how Si Liu Nian had told her that, if she met him, to take good care of her nephew. Now that she saw him get injured, she couldn’t continue to ignore him.

Sigh, although she didn’t have the strength to involve herself.

Furthermore, the opponents were the Yang Clan. One was a clan that she didn’t like while the other was one that she could form a good bond with.

“Master, are your men able to beat up that black robed man?” She asked Feng Zhi Xing in a small voice.

“You want to rescue Su You?”

Sima You Yue nodded.

“Didn’t you say you didn’t know him?”

“He is Aunt He’s nephew. Before I came where, Aunt He told me about him. She said that if we met, I should help him.” Sima You Yue said, “But I’m so weak, how dare I?”

“Do you have a good relationship?”

“Aunt He is a pretty good person.” Sima You Yue smiled a little sheepishly.

Feng Zhi Xing saw the way she was acting. She wanted to rescue him but she wasn’t strong enough. She could only ask others for help.

No, he believed that she had the strength to save him. It’s just that she didn’t want to expose herself.

He didn’t want her to expose herself too early either.

Sima You Yue was a little worried. The black robed men looked very powerful. Were the men under Master’s command able to defeat them?

“Since you want to save him, then…”

Feng Zhi Xing didn’t finish speaking when he disappeared from his original position and appeared beside Su You. He held the injured Su You and continued to fight with the black robed man.

When Sima You Yue saw Feng Zhi Xing, she was incredibly surprised. When did Master become so powerful? Did he use some bad methods to increase his strength while she wasn’t around?

Later, she would have to inspect Master carefully and make sure that he was free from any concealed dangers.

Feng Xiu Jie saw Sima You Yue furrow her eyebrows and guessed what she was thinking. He thought it was really funny.

Was Young Master the type that needed to use some improper methods to become stronger?

“Young Miss, you don’t have to worry. Young Master, he.. is very powerful.” Feng Xiu Jie casually mentioned it to her.

“But Master wasn’t this powerful back then. It was very different.” Sima You Yue said.

In that past, she hadn’t recovered her memories and felt like Feng Zhi Xing was very powerful. However, when she recovered her strength, she naturally knew what rank Feng Zhi Xing’s power was at. When she compared it to now, it was more than one or two ranks!

“Young Master left disheartedly in the past and sealed his inner strength.” Feng Xiu Jie explained, “For someone who could stand shoulder to shoulder with your father, how weak could he be?”

Actually, it wasn’t Sima You Yue’s fault that she didn’t know. When she found Sima Liu Xuan, he had already lost all his spirit energy and everyone told her about how he was very powerful, but nobody told her how powerful he was!

“Didn’t they say that Su You was also comparable to his father and the rest? But the difference is really great!” She mumbled in a small voice, but the returning Feng Zhi Xing and Su You still managed to hear it.

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