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Chapter 1510: Huge harvest of spirit beasts

“So, so many…” An Lei gulped. She was experiencing no small amount of shock.

Sima You Yue was feeling unstable as well. She saw the stone statues in the cave and her eyebrows were fiercely furrowed.

There were at least a few thousand stone statues here. This also meant that there were thousands of ancient spirit beasts here. If they all went out, that battle ability….

Also, this was just the area that her flames could illuminate. She could sense that the area below was empty. They were probably many that had yet to be seen.

More than one could count!

If they were all to come out… An Lei felt cold sweat dripping down her back.

If it were just one or two of them, it would be manageable. If it was only ten or a few tens of them, using all their strength, taming was a strength as well. However, there were so many and the layers were already beginning to fall. They were going to come out on their own!

No matter which power it was, to be faced with so many all of a sudden would be a headache.

Sima You Yue thought of the people from her Sima Clan. They already harmonised completely with their spirit skills. If they were to possess ancient spirit beasts, the Sima Clan would definitely soar by leaps and bounds!

Although, that seemed a little tough to handle now. However, didn’t they not come out yet? As long as they hadn’t come out, if she placed them in her Spirit Pagoda, wouldn’t she be able to decide when they could come out?

As long as they didn’t all emerge at the same time, she had confidence in being able to handle it!

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. She grabbed Wu Lingyu’s hand and asked, “Lingyu, Can out beast tamer art tame ancient spirit beasts?”

Wu Lingyu saw the light shining from her eyes and knew what she was thinking. He smirked, saying, “That should be possible. After all, it was passed down from that time.”

“That’s great, then.” Sima You Yue looked greedily at the stone statues. She patted Little Golden’s head, asking, “Are there anymore who haven’t come out?”

“Yes, yes!” Little Golden knew what Sima You Yue was thinking and had plans for these ancient spirit beasts as well, “However, if they attack me later on, it will be hard for me to fight at full strength.”

“Then I’ll first keep these away.” Sima You Yue said.

She had asked Little Spirit earlier on just now. Little Spirit ascertained that as long as it was around, she would not have to worry even if they woke up.

However, they seemed to be fused with the ground and couldn’t be moved. She had to pluck them out one by one.

“Yue Yue, get them all to come out and help.” Little Seven looked at all those stone statues and wondered when she would be done if she had to do it all by herself.

“Alright.” Sima You Yue thought about it too, “You all can come out.”

All her spirit beasts came out except for Little Roar, that skiving thing, who remained in beast form. The others turned to human form.

“You guys learn from Little Seven. Get all these guys out. Pay attention, don’t spoil the stone statues.” Sima You Yue instructed them.


Her beasts were all extremely enthusiastic. They initially had no chance to come out, who would have thought that they would be able to come out and play.

Sima You Yue saw how excited they were and smiled, saying, “Go ahead.”

Her beasts started from the front and those that they managed to get out were passed to Sima You Yue to keep inside the spirit pagoda.

An Lei followed alongside Sima You Yue and asked, “Are they all your contracted beasts?”

“That’s right!” Sima You Yue was in a good mood. All these stone statues were in front of her eyes, and they were all capital that would allow the Sima Clan to rise!

An Lei watched as the people shuttled the stone statues and was so shocked that she went numb.

How did she choose such an evildoer to be her master?

Mother had told her before not to look down on any single person!

“I’ll go help as well.” She had thoroughly submitted to Sima You Yue. If she followed a Young Miss who was sincere and good, her future days might be a lot better!

Sima You Yue saw An Lei had relaxed a lot and knew that she had now truly decided to follow her and her mouth hooked into a light smile.

This way, her future things would be a lot easier to work with!

Everyone worked together and those stone statues were very quickly kept away by Sima You Yue. Although An Lei was curious about how big Sima You Yue’s interspatial ring was to be able to keep these items, she did not ask.

“Little Golden.”


Little Golden flung out its long tail and with a few slaps, the stones started to fall from the walls and a few more stones appeared.

As for these stones, Little Golden was unable to confirm if there were spirit beasts inside. However, they definitely contained good items.

They walked around the cave for many days and finally finished with this place. Little Seven then hit down quite a few more up ahead. Later on, Sima You Yue was already numb to seeing all those stones.

“We aren’t going to move every single ore in here, right?” An Lei was familiar with everyone now and spoke more often. She was not as quiet as before.

“We have to do that!” Little Seven giggled, “It would be best if nobody else could gain from this.”

“Impossible.” Sima You Yue was more intelligent, “The mine is so big, this won’t be the only place with it. However, I’m thinking that nobody will have more gains than we do.”

Thinking about the things back in the spirit pagoda, she couldn’t help but smile.

She initially came with the idea of coming to learn and see more of the world, but she never expected to go home with such large gains!

As long as Wu Lingyu saw how happy she was, everything else was inconsequential to him.

“Oh right, LIngyu, you gave all these things to me. Wouldn’t it be hard for you to give an account to your Sage Pavilion?”

After all, he had just entered the inner pavilion and something so big had happened. If he didn’t take out a bit of accomplishments, how would those people trust in him?

However, to ask her to give these things to the Sage Pavilion made her feel a little unwilling.

“Not important.” Wu Lingyu stretched forth a hand and petted her head, saying, “For the Sage Pavilion, they have their own people. Even if there is no profit, they wouldn’t blame it on me.”

“But those people aren’t familiar with you. They might push all the blame to you and say that you weren’t with them.” Sima You Yue said, “Why don’t you do this. Take a few of these stone statues. There are spirit beasts in there after all. If they make it hard for you, take them out. If they don’t’ say anything, then keep them for me.”

Wu Lingyu saw how hard it was for her and knew that she didn’t want to give it to the Sage Pavilion. He stretched forth a hand with a smile and pinched her face, saying, “Alright.”

Sima You Yue casually took a few out and gave it to him. Wu Lingyu didn’t reject it and directly kept them away.

Her beasts swept the entire area and looked for and dug out ores. Once they had pretty much swept the entire place, who knows how many things had already accumulated in her spirit pagoda.

It was as if they had dug up the entire mountain.

It was a good thing that her beasts all had boundless energy and were extremely efficient. If it were any ordinary person, they would not have been able to work so quickly.

“Yue Yue, I feel like there isn’t anything good left nearby.” Little Golden shook its tail.

“There are still things here, but I sense that it’s not something we can obtain now.” Sima You Yue said.


“When we entered, that energy that emanated from the group definitely came from nearby.” Sima You Yue said, “However, I’m guessing that we’re just going to die if we go, so forget it. Let’s look around somewhere else.”

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