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Chapter 1505: Animal Stone Statue

Later on, she tried again, but many of her scarlet bees still died not long after entering.

This proved that it wasn’t a coincidence.

“We have to first check out the situation in the area.” She released some scarlet bees and had them scout the area.

She didn’t know whether those people had entered or hadn’t yet found this place yet. There wasn’t a single person here.

“Lingyu, should we enter?” As for what was happening inside, she was still in a dilemma.

“Let’s go.” Wu Lingyu held her hand and headed inside.

Sima You Yue thought about it. In the end, she still called out Mi Er. He would be useful in a place like this.

An Lei saw a smaller version of Sima You Yue appear and was stunned. She only knew it was her contracted beast when she heard it.

What kind of contracted beast was this? It didn’t have the scent of a spirit beast at all.

“Hmph, you finally thought about me!” Mi Er crossed his hands across his chest and said arrogantly.

“You’re so important, you definitely have to appear when it matters.” Sima You Yue smiled, “Now, we’re not on the ground so you can’t sense any overwhelming scent, right? Also, this is the ancient mines, I wonder if you have the same advantage like you do over regular mines.”

“Excuses.” Mi Er huffed.

“We’re going in. Do you want to go or not? If you don’t we’re leaving! When the time comes, if some accident occurs…”

“Go, I’m going!” MI Er gritted his teeth and said. If she died, would he still be alive?

Seriously, couldn’t she just pander to him a little more?!

“Flowey, what spirit beast is that? Why does he look so similar to Young Miss?” An Lei was walking behind with Flowey and asked.

“Mi Er? He’s not a spirit beast.” Flowey said, “He’s a force of energy, power. Because he has no physical form, he just looks like Yue Yue.”

An Lei was shocked. Power? Even that could produce spiritual intelligence and even form a contract?

“Then is he very powerful?”

An Lei had some regrets after asking the question. If he wasn’t powerful, Young Miss would not have called him out at this time.

Of course, she was still a little uncertain because Sima You Yue’s identity was really too weak. It was hard for one to believe that someone who came from such a small place would have a powerful spirit beast.

“Hmph, just a little stronger than me.” Flowey was upset, but she couldn’t not recognise how powerful Mi Er was!

A perverse genius!

Just a little more powerful than Flowey? That meant that he wasn’t that powerful, An Lei secretly thought. However, it seemed like she didn’t know how powerful Flowey was.

Even Mi Er had come out, so Little Seven kept clamouring about being let out. Sima You Yue could only call Little Seven out as well.

Within the Spirit Pagoda, the others were waving their fists with dissatisfaction, but they were not as strong as Little Seven and the others, and would probably drag them down if they went out.

It was better to go into seclusion and cultivate!

Little Dream had the ability, but she wanted to stay in the spirit pagoda to accompany the fried-fur Little Roar.

Sima You Yue and the others entered the mountain, and the other parts of the mountain still contained vegetation, but this place could be considered as barren.

Walking to a stretch of road, Sima You Yue found the dead bodies of her scarlet bees. She kept them into her spirit pagoda, getting Little Spirit to bury them.

“We didn’t sense anything weird here, so why did the scarlet bees die here?” She looked at Wu Lingyu with confusion.

Wu Lingyu looked at the ground around them and said, “Be careful. There should be some power coming from the ground.”

“Then this should be the mine? Should we head down here?”

Wu Lingyu closed his eyes and sensed for a moment, saying, “There’s no need. There’s a cave up ahead. It should be connected to the area below.”

He held Sima You Yue’s hand and led her. Sima You Yue turned around and looked at Flowey and Mi er, saying, “You two have to protect An Lei.”

“Alright!” Flowey had grown more acquainted with An Lei during this period of time, so she wouldn’t be upset about having to protect An Lei.

Mi Er glanced at Sima You Yue, remaining silent. She was upset!

However, she couldn’t reject it. If something really happened, she would still get involved.

They walked a few hundred metres forward when a bout of energy suddenly burst forth from the ground. It started from their front and spread out to all corners from there.

The power was strong and powerful, but it was just for a breath’s worth of time before it spread to an area a few hundreds of metres away.

The moment the power burst forth, Wu Lingyu wrapped Sima You Yue in his embrace and pulled Little Seven, flying into the sky immediately and dodging the range of the power immediately.

Sima You Yue raised her head and Mi Er had one in each hand. She looked at the power below pensively.

An Le’s body was still drenched in cold sweat at this moment. She could sense the terrifying power of the energy below. If she was below, she would definitely be unable to escape. It was a good thing that, when Wu Lingyu had done so, Mi Er had taken her and leaped into the sky.

When she saw that Flowey was still munching on that branch in her mouth, she was really envious of all calm she could be.

Flowey saw that she was a little shaken and smiled, “Relax, with Mi Er, nothing will happen to you.”

“Hmph!” Mi Er snorted coldly. With a wave of his hand, Flowey fell down.

Just as she was going to hit the ground, a flower bud grew from the ground and immediately caught her.

An Le was shocked and wanted to cry out before she realised that that energy had already disappeared.

Wu Lingyu brought Sima You Yue to the ground. Little Golden was extremely excited, her snake tongue slithering out continuously.

“This is the scent, Yue Yue, this is the scent!” Little Golden cried out with joy.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to enter in a moment.” Sima You Yue said.

“That power disappeared once it reached that mountain. It seems like something is blocking the outside of it.” Wu Lingyu said.

“The bees should have been killed by the power. Look how excited Little Golden is. I’m guessing that the power should have come from the mine below.”

“It is really a scent from a long time ago. Let’s go downstairs and take a look.”

Wu Lingyu led her and continued to walk forward. A few more occurrences like the one before happened again, but Wu Lingyu and Mi Er would always help everyone avert disaster.

Half a day later, they finally arrived at the cave that Wu Lingyu had mentioned.

On the road towards the cave, Sima You Yue could feel that, as they headed down, a few more ripples of power happened above them. It was a good thing that the power only spread horizontally and not vertically.

The cave was extremely dark. Sima You Yue released a fireball and used it to light the way.

It was unknown how deep they ventured in. Just as Sima You Yue was wondering if they had gotten lost, the slope got more gradual and they started to be able to walk on a flat road.

“Mi Er, can you sense if there’s any power here?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Nope.” Mi Er shook his head, “But I can sense that there is a very strong energy. That energy makes me very uncomfortable.”

Just what could it be, that it could make Mi Er feel uncomfortable?

“Yue Yue, look. What is that?” Little Seven’s cry interrupted her train of thought. She followed Little Seven’s line of sight and suddenly sucked in a breath.

Wu Lingyu turned around and saw a metre-wide stone. Its form strikingly resembled a four-legged creature with bared teeth and claws.

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