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Chapter 1498: Undead makes an unexpected appearance!

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On the later part of the route, Sima You Yue’s group would occasionally come across a few spirit beasts. The spirit beats were much more powerful than the ones outside. Even if it was them, there were times where they were chased by the spirit beasts and had to run across the grasslands.

It seemed like the Xuan Qiu Clan’s research of the desert was only up till the oasis.

Apart from the spirit beasts, they also saw more than more people. It seemed like after the first power power thought of an idea, the others would follow suit.

However, the more people came, the more people died. They often saw decapitated corpses on the road.

“We have already been wandering the grasslands for two whole months, but we haven’t found the mine.” Flowey sighed as she munched on the branch.

She had eaten many branches these two months. Flowey’s scent had also changed day by day. It was very different from two months ago.

“It should be anytime now.” Sima You Yue saw the mountains up ahead.

Most mines were in the mountain, so they should be reaching soon. It was just that they looked close, but who knows how long it would take for them to reach there.


Sharp cries were heard from the front, and Sima You Yue’s keen senses could tell that the front was a little weird.

“There’s an aura of death!” After speaking, she hurriedly dashed over.

The others chased hurriedly after her as well.

Sima You Yue ran to the valleys and actually saw a group of people dressed in black cloaks. A few of them carried corpses.

When they saw Sima You Yue and the others, the group of black cloaked men turned around and a few of them flew away.

Eastern Lai Li and the others watched as the black cloaked men disappeared from their sight, eyebrows tightly furrowed. “These people feel strange.”

“Of course it’s weird.” Sima You Yue said this, then hurriedly ran over to inspect the corpses left behind.

— As expected!

Eastern Lai Li and the others ran over and saw those corpses. An uncomfortable feeling arose in his heart.

“You said ‘of course’. What did you mean by that?” Shui’er came behind Sima You Yue and saw her messing with the corpses. Her eyes flashed with thick disgust.


“Exactly what I said.” Sima You Yue could feel her disdain and didn’t have good feelings towards her.

Those from the Eastern Lai Clan were dissatisfied with her reaction. She was just a little young lady from the outside clans, whose position and strength were weak. She actually dared to talk to them like that!

“You Yue, is there something on the corpses?” Xuan Qiu He asked, forcing those from the Eastern Lai Clan to swallow whatever questions they had.

Sima You Yue thought about those corpses, and felt like it would be too inelegant to let Xuan Qiu He sniff it. As such, she stood up and called forth her water attribute to wash her hands before letting Little Birdie burn them. These things took only ten seconds.


“Those people wearing black cloaks were undead. They use death auras. These dead bodies carry them as well, that is why you can sense it and feel uncomfortable looking at them.” She explained it to Xuan Qiu He.

“Dead bodies? How is that possible! Don’t spout rubbish!” Shui’er cried out.

Sima You Yue looked at her from the corner of her eyes and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can take a look on your own! I’m guessing that you should be able to recognise things like death auras?”

“I…” Shui’er stammered. She wanted her to flip those dead bodies? She didn’t want to!

Upon Sima You Yue’s lips hung a subtle icy sneer.

“Go and take a look.” Shui’er pointed at a servant girl and said.

“I…” That servant girl really did not want to, but she dared not disobey and tried to hold back her disgust and steeled herself to flip the dead body over.

“Unless you have complete faith in being able to get rid of the death aura from your body, you’d best not touch those corpses.” Sima You Yue’s voice was light, but it terrified that person till she hurriedly kept her hand away.

“You actually believe her words!” Shui’er saw that her people were actually stunned into inaction because of You Yue and she shouted.

“Sister Shui’er, I…”

“Hurry up and check it! Don’t you want your Young Miss to know what’s actually happening?” Shui’er questioned.

“That’s not my intention!” She wanted to ask Sima You Yue what she meant, but it was apparent that Shui’er would not want her to do that.


She had always been easily scared and dared not fight back now. However, she didn’t want to touch that corpse either. It gave her a very dangerous feeling.

“Let me do it.” A servant girl who looked slightly older said as she leaned over to inspect that corpse.

Shui’er glared at Sima You Yue with annoyance. Absolutely nothing happened at all! She dared to scare those from the Eastern Lai Clan? Good, very good!


The lady suddenly cried out in pain as her entire person retreated, allowing everyone to see her red and swollen hand.

“Ugh- it hurts!” That lady used her other hand to grab her hand, not allowing it to spread to the rest of her arm.

“What’s wrong with you?!” Eastern Lai Clan’s servant girls surrounded her and looked at her hand. They were so scared that they retreated.

It was merely a few breaths worth of time, but her fingers had become so swollen that they shone, and it was accidentally poked a little, and a thick liquid started to flow out, releasing a putrid scent.

“What’s going on here?” Eastern Lai Li walked over and asked.

The people that she had brought were all her top servant girls. Seeing her tortured, she started to worry.

“Hurry and use the fire attribute to control it!” Xuan QIu He said.

It was a good thing that the servant girl was naturally a fire attributed spirit master. When she heard what Xuan Qiu He said, she hurriedly released her spirit energy and her tiny arm was isolated. As such, the red swell seemed to stop spreading up her arm.

“Just what is going on?” Shui’er looked at the appalling hand and suddenly turned around to look at Sima You Yue said, “Did you do something? You poisoned the corpse to intentionally provoke us, didn’t you?”

“Pfft-” Sima You Yue sneered, “Lady Shui’er, when you want to frame someone, you should choose the right time! The corpses that we inspected were totally different, so how could I have poisoned you guys? Furthermore, I already notified you, but you guys refused to listen to me and instead turn around to accuse me. How illogical.”

It was only now that everyone noticed that Sima You Yue inspected the corpse that was closest to them, while the corpse that the servant girl inspected was one that was closer to herself and around ten metres or so away from where Sima You Yue was. To say that she had poisoned them right in front of everyone while still managing to hide it was quite impossible in their perspective.

“Young Miss You Yue, just what is going on? Why were you fine when you touched the corpse, but my servant girl has been injured?” Eastern Lai Li’s words were not as straightforward at Shui’er, but she was still subtly interrogating her.

“Li, this has nothing to do with You Yue.” Xuan Qiu He was upset at the way she interrogated Sima You Yue and voiced out to protect her.

“I didn’t say that Young Miss You Yue did it. I merely asked her what happened.” Eastern Lai Li was upset that he was protecting Sima You Yue and her expression darkened.

“It’s nothing much, actually.” Sima You Yue said, I already said it. Those people have death auras on them, and they are corrosive as well. Your servant girl’s body is not as good as mine, so she couldn’t handle it and the corrosive aura corroded her fingers, that’s all.”

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