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Chapter 1495: Aura of an ancient beast


It was unknown whether or not Eastern Lai Li noticed as she stood up and said with a smile, “No matter what you say, you did save us.”

“No, the truth is that she saved you all.” Xuan Qiu He pointed at Sima You Yue.

“Hmm?” Eastern Lai Li looked at them questioningly.

“You Yue was the one who told us that you were ambushed here. Otherwise, we would probably still be resting where we were.” Xuan Qiu He said.

Eastern Lai Li looked at Sima You Yue with a gaze that was still confused and a little disdainful, but she covered it up very well.

“Thank you.” She smiled at You YUe. However, the smile did not reach her eyes.

Sima You Yue was a very sensitive person, so how could it have gone unnoticed. However, this person was a high-up lady after all. She was not a negligent person and was able to pretend on the surface, which was hard to come by after all.

“Young Miss Eastern Lai is too courteous.” Sima You Yue didn’t call her Young Miss Li. Her ‘Li’ sounded the same as her own younger sister, Ximen Li, but she was not as cute as her younger sister.

“I wonder, Young Miss You Yue, how did you know that we were in danger here?” Eastern Lai Li asked.

“My bees told me.” Sima You Yue waved her hand and a few scarlet bees flew down from the tree tops. They landed on her hand and shoulders.

“Scarlet bees?” Eastern Lai Li immediately recognised the scarlet bees. It was no wonder she was a knowledgeable Young Miss of the secret clan.

“Young Miss Eastern Lai recognises them as well!” Sima You Yue petted one of them, then with a light wave, it flew away again.

“Yes, my clan has two boxes of them as well. However, it is not as powerful as yours. They can even scout for information.” Eastern Lai Li had a better impression of Sima You Yue.

The average scarlet bee’s queen bee did not birth many, and the lifespan of a scarlet bee was not long. That was why their clan had them, but their numbers were few. At the same time, they used them to produce scarlet honey for the clansmen to use.

Her scarlet bees were actually able to scout for information and had a good relationship with her. This was something she didn’t see in her own clan.

However, there were just the few of them and they were not as useful. They were able to rescue them this time purely because of coincidence.

“Young Miss Li, how did you end up fighting?” Xuan Qiu Zhi asked. “Northern Du Hao is so arrogant, but he wouldn’t waste his energy even before entering the ancient mines.”

“I was the one who started it.” Eastern Lai Li said.


“No reason.” Eastern Lai Li smiled, not intending to disclose the reason.

“It’s because Northern Du Hao kept spewing slander against Young Master He, so Young Miss couldn’t stand it and acted.” A servant girl by Eastern Lai Li, Shui’er, said.

“Shui’er!” Eastern Lai Li chided her, interrupting her before she could continue. “It was because I was too rash, and ended up dragging my clansmen into the fight. He, our Eastern Lai clan owes you again.”

“What do you mean you owe me, it was a very slight effort on our part.” Xuan Qiu He said, “Alright, you should be tired from what happened just now. Rest, rest. We will hurry along again.”

“Alright. Everyone eat some pills and rest.” Eastern Lai Li instructed her clansmen.

When SIma You Yue and the others were resting, she pulled Wu Lingyu and walked around the area, checking out how the surrounding situation was like.

Flowey was not too interested in these people. She was even more interested in the flora and fauna.

Oh, when she looked at these flora and fauna, she really wanted to eat them. Ah ah, what was going on? She used to eat meat and not veggies!

Sima You Yue watched as she looked around and saw that she would place those leaves and twigs that she liked into her mouth and chew.

She noticed that every time she got close to the vegetation, they would inadvertently tremble.

It seemed like everyone was very terrified of Flowey!

“Flowey didn’t use to like eating this, so why did she develop an appetite towards the vegetation once we came here?!”

“The vegetation here is different from the ones outside.” Wu Lingyu said.

“What’s the difference?”

“People rarely come by here, so they have little influence from the outside world. That is why they degenerate at a slower pace. Many contain ancient auras.” Wu Lingyu explained, “Also, they’re very high in rank, so it will be beneficial in terms of increasing her strength.”

That also meant that those in the past were too weak and Flowey didn’t care for them?

“You’re saying that, coming here this time, whether or not we actually obtain the mine, we would have repealed benefits.” Sima You Yue said.

“Your attitude has always been excellent.” Wu Lingyu looked at her. This strength of hers was something she something he never had.

“That’s because I already have a lot!” Sima You Yue said, “I’ve never been greedy.”

“In a world where everyone competes against each other, I wonder whether or not this is a good thing.” Wu LIngyu tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Who knows!”

“Yue Yue, look at this.” Flowey hopped over in front of her, and held out a nondescript branch.

“What’s up with this?” Sima You Yue glanced at the branch. It was very ordinary!

“This isn’t from our time.” Flowey said, “I can smell a very terrifying scent on it.”

“Very terrifying scent?” Sima You Yue turned around and glanced at Wu Lingyu.

“It has the scent of a spirit beast.” Wu Lingyu said after taking it and sniffing it.

“When did you have the same nose as Xuan Qiu He?” Sima You Yue laughed.

“I’m much more powerful than he is.” Wu Lingyu said.

Arrogant guy!

Sima You Yue ignored him as she took the branches and observed them carefully, “What spirit beast carries this scene? Why would it be on these branches?”

“I’ve never smelled the scent of those ancient beasts before, how could i know which spirit beast the scent belongs to?” Wu Lingyu said.

“You’re saying that the scent belongs to an ancient creature?” Sima You Yue and Flowey cried out.

“Should be.” Wu Lingyu said, “It’s aura is even more ancient than the scent of your Little Golden. It’s about there.”

“So you’re saying that this place used to seal the ancient beasts? Or could it be that they’ve come from the ancient mines?” Sima You Yue’s expression was rather solemn

If this was real, then this place had become a lot more dangerous.

“Could it be that this branch is that spirit beast? It doesn’t look like it!” Flowey said.

“It should have absorbed the spirit beast’s aura before, or its blood, or maybe even it’s excrement or things like that.” Wu Lingyu siad, “No matter what you say, this is a good item and is beneficial for her.”

“Really? Then can we dig it all up?” Flowey’s eyes were shining.

“Go take a look.” Sima You Yue said, “If it really was useful to flowey, that would be extremely good.”

Flowey led them forwards all the way to a relatively clear patch of land. It was a hundred metres big and not a single grass or tree grew. In the heart of it lay a single ten metre tall tree.

In this dense forest, the trees were considerably short. However, this was tall and standing all alone. It caused Sima You Yue to recall the time they first saw Qing Yi.

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