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Chapter 1493: Delicacies are to be treasured, but your life is worth even more

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Xuan Qiu He remained within the protection of his guards and did not act at all.

Sima You Yue didn’t feel like he had the same reason as her for not participating. He probably didn’t deign to lower himself to fight with them.

A truly powerful person would not act so early. With those guards around, the danger would be settled.

However, the plant spirit beasts were a lot harder to deal with than animal type. That was because, as long as you didn’t kill them at their roots, they would multiply.

The vines were thicker than the width of one’s arm. After they were cut off, the juice was not green but red.

“Yue Yue, Yue Yue, let me out!” Flowey cried out excitedly from inside the spirit pagoda.

“Flowey, it’s too dangerous out here. You’re not their opponent.” Sima You Yue knew how powerful Flowey was. Although it was more powerful than she was, it was still quite a lot weaker than these.

“I’m not coming out to fight, they’re useful to me.” Flowey explained, her voice anxious.

When Sima You Yue heard what she said, she could only call her out. As for Little Seven and the others who were clamouring to come out, they could only wait inside obediently.

When Flowey appeared and saw the pieces of broken vines, she was beyond herself with excitement as she opened her flowers and ate them up.

When the vines saw her, they were stunned for a moment as it was like their bloodlines were being suppressed. Later on, they were a lot slower.

The guards of the Xuan Qiu clan could naturally sense this as they could act even quicker. Very quickly, they cut down even more vines.

“Ahhhhhh don’t ruin them. Give them to me!’ Flowey watched as they burned those vines and hurriedly stretched out more flowers to snatch them over and ate them.

When the guards saw this, they didn’t say much. They turned around to face the enemy.

Sima You Yue was safely inside the protective sphere that Wu Lingyu had constructed for her. When she saw Flowey running around outside eating vines, she couldn’t help but stretch a hand out to rub her eyebrows.

However, the benefit was that no matter where she was, the vines would slow down considerably much. They would also have weaker attacks. That was why the guards still welcomed her and finally, even directly tossed those vines that they had chopped off over to her open flowers.

After half an hour had passed, they had chopped off the roots of all the vines inside here and they were all in Flowey’s belly.

Those that were further away saw them, or rather, they saw Flowey and dared not move again.

Flowey turned back into a human form when she was beside Sima You Yue and stretched forth a hand to rub her belly. In an ungraceful manner, she burped and said, “So full.”

“Young Master, this place has already been cleaned without debris.” Xuan Qiu Zhi said, “Should we retreat or continue forward?”

“Continue forwards. I’m guessing that the area ahead will not attack us so easily.” Xuan Qiu He said.


They continued to journey deeper. If any vines attacked, they would attack immediately.

Those vines tried moving, but finally gave up attacking. They let them pass through peacefully.

Sima You Yue walked into the centre. Flowey was beside them and looked at those vines. As she looked at them, she drooled with desire.

When they walked to the back of the road, they finally realised the traces of battle. Furthermore, it had been carefully concealed. If you didn’t look carefully, it would be difficult to notice.

“It seems like the Northern Du clan has attacked their way through this place. However, they ended up worse off as compared to us.” Xuan Qiu He said.

The Xuan Qiu Clan entered battle at the entrance. Adding on to that, the pressure that Flowey exerted on them, the vines at the back dared not attack. The Northern Du clan was not that fortunate.

They had walked all the way to the centre before they began to fight, and the vines here were more powerful. If they wanted to break out, it would be extremely difficult. It was even more difficult to battle to the end in order to leave.

Thinking up to this point, Xuan Qiu Zhi’s expression was one of unconcealed laughter.

“What, is the relationship between the Xuan Qiu Clan and the Norther Du Clan bad?” Sima You Yue asked rather curiously.

She realised that when she was with these people and asked some insignificant questions, they would answer her. That was why, on the road here, she found out a lot of big and small information about the secret clans. Especially so for the other secret clans.

“Yes.” Xuan Qiu He said, “The Northern Du Clan is a little stronger than our clan. Northern Du Hao is a little more talented and often bullies the Young Master.”

“Bullies Xuan Qiu He?” Sima You Yue’s heart hurt for him as she turned to look at Xuan Qiu He, who was sitting on the wheelchair.

She could imagine what it would be like for a person whose legs were immobile, to face off against an incomparably arrogant talent, who was both arrogant and aggressive.

He even bullied a high-standing immortal-type male. She had never seen him, but she didn’t have a good impression of that talent or whatever you call him.

Xuan Qiu He’s expression still carried a faint smile, “It’s nothing much.”

“You’re such a good person, the one who bullies you is definitely not anything good.” Sima You Yue said, “The type of environment will nurture a person in that type of way.”

A person who would be able to nurture a person like Northern Du Hao would mean that the clan wasn’t anything good.

After walking out from the vine area, Flowey pulled on Sima You Yue’s clothes, raising her head and asked, “Yue Yue, can I eat some more?”

“Didn’t you eat till you were very full just now?” She even burped!

“But I still want to eat.”

“Then you can go ahead and do it. If you can defeat them, I won’t disagree.” Sima You Yue said.

“I…” Flowey turned around and looked at the captivating delicacies. She evaluated that she was much weaker than them, and finally had to give up.

Delicacies were to be treasured, but one’s life is worth even more!

Furthermore, at this time, it was best not to bring more trouble to Yue Yue.

Once she had gone further, the vines finally let down their guard and heaved a long sigh.

“Is it really that guy?”

“Definitely! Otherwise, how would she be able to eat us. Not just anyone can.”

“Oh my heavens, too scary!”

“Really didn’t think that we would actually be able to meet that guy.”

“Yeah! She hasn’t yet grown fully and is already able to suppress us. Once she’s matured, I think that we’ll probably have to listen to her orders by the next time we meet her.”

“Really scary.”

“We hope that we never have to meet her again.”

“They’re headed to that direction now! I wonder whether or not they’ll survive.”

“Why wouldn’t they be able to? Did she ever die early in any of her previous lives? This is ordained by heaven.”

“Sigh, it seems like the day we have to call her our king is coming.”

“It’s a good thing she didn’t continue saying that she wanted to eat us.”

“You should say that she hasn’t yet fully grown and was thus unable to unleash her full strength. Otherwise, if she wanted us to sacrifice ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to say a word. Fortunate, fortunate.”

“Really extremely fortunate!”

“I say, it’s been so difficult for her to appear again, should we protect her?”

“It seems… like we should…”

Sima You Yue and the others had walked far away and were totally oblivious to the sounds of their discussion.

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