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Chapter 1483: The edge of the mining site

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“Your Father really isn’t worried about you.” Sima You Yue sighed once she finished listening to everything.

“Of course he isn’t!” Si Yue said, beaming, “Father said that we haven’t gone out in a long time, so it’s alright to go out and take a look at the world.”

“What will you do if you encounter any sort of danger?” Sima You Yue glanced at the people she brought with her. Although they were powerful, there weren’t many of them.

“We have a special method to leave this place. If anything happens, we can contact them and they can come over quickly. We don’t have to go through as much trouble as you guys do.” Si Yue didn’t say much. However, when she saw her confident appearance, she believed that she probably really had a way to do so.

Sima You Yue thought about it and felt like that was true. They had lived in Ghost City for so many generations and people were able to come and go. After so many years, it made sense that some people would figure out a way that others didn’t know about.

“Right, after we leave, what will happen to the things in the city?”

“Similar to how it’s been before. We’ll just split it. There used to be four main managing clans, but it will now b e managed by three.” Sima You Yue said.

“The Zhang Clan agreed as well?”

“Could they oppose? You killed their boss, and they’re no longer as powerful as they were before. Under those circumstances, what could they do?”

“That’s true.”

Wu Lingyu stayed at the side without saying anything. Yin Lang listened to their conversation and was also rather surprised.

Ghost City? Was it the place of the legends?

She was familiar with the people from ghost city, and even spoke about things there. Could it be that she had gone there before?

Although he was surprised, he didn’t reveal much of it in his expression. He continued to immerse himself in eating.


“You Yue, since you guys came over here, are you heading to the ancient mines as well? We can travel together!”

“Are you heading there as well?”

“That’s right. Father said that, since we are already out, we should go and take a look and let me take a look at the world. We might even be able to meet some ancient dark spirit beasts. If we can grab some back, it will be so trendy!”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips. Grab an ancient spirit beast? If there really were any living spirit beasts, wouldn’t that be a terrifying thing?

Like Little Golden. He merely lived for a long time but his battle abilities did not lose out to Little Seven at all. If he evolved to his state today, his strength would be able to increase by leaps and bounds.

“This place is incomparable to how it was over there. If you want to go with me, you have to listen to me.” She needed to lay down the ground rules first. Otherwise, once this girl acted up, she might not be able to stop her.

“Alright! No problem. Just because you’re my younger sister!” Si Yue hung onto Sima You Yue’s neck and siad, “I’ve always been obedient, haven’t I.”

“You have to listen to what I say as well later on. Otherwise, I won’t take you with me anymore.”

“I got it, I got it.” You Yue, you became more naggy since you came back here!’

Sima You Yue glared at Si Yue. When did she become naggy? It was clearly because this was a different environment!

Inside Ghost City, she was the Young Miss of the Si Clan, the princess of the North City. Anyone who saw her would recognise her. However, this wasn’t Ghost city. This was the inner region with many powerful experts. They wouldn’t care about her identity as the princess of Ghost city. If they were irritated, they would kill without a care.

She told Si Yue about her analysis of the current situation. She didn’t want her to throw her life away based on her personality.


Si Yue nodded seriously and said with a serious expression, “I just came here to play, so I will listen obediently to you about everything. Relax!”

When she saw her make these assertions, she recalled how playful she was back in Ghost City and felt like she really couldn’t relax!

Once they were full, Sima You Yue and Si Yue sat in the cave and chatted leisurely. The others sat around and rested in the cave as well.

Sima You Yue told Si Yue about many things that happened in the continent. This was Si Yue’s first time coming outside, so she was very new to everything. She listened very attentively and You Yue had to keep on talking all the way until the storm stopped.

Sima You Yue really was very lucky. The storm didn’t last very long. Once the sky looked clear, they continued on their journey.

As they flew, they saw that many places below them had been ravaged by the storm’s passing.

Although there were no landslides and cracks in the earth, big boulders were strewn around and huge trees were uprooted, tossed about on the ground. They should have come from another place.

Looking at the mess below, Sima You Yue clicked her tongue. It was no wonder nobody set up residence here. This was simply an uninhabitable place!

“There is a bit of space here that is stable, it’s best if you follow the route of my flying beast.” Yin Lang said.

“Is your flying beast very powerful?” Si Yue was suspicious. That little bird looked average in strength and couldn’t even speak!

“They aren’t very strong, but after living here all their life, they know which places they need to look out for.”

“Alright then.” Si Yue instructed their flying beasts to follow behind Yin Lang and the others.

After a few more days of walking, they saw the ancient mines. They encountered similar weather to the one before and had no choice but to look for a place to rest.

With Si Yue, this glutton, Sima You Yue had no choice but to become the chef again and cook up a meal for everyone.

Once it was clear, they set on their way again. A short while later it happened again so they had to wait then journey again.

It was clearly a route that would only take half a month but they had to journey for an entire month before they arrived. It was no wonder Yin Lang had said that he was unable to confirm how long they would need.

Sima You Yue’s group arrived in front of a desert. It was already filled with people and many tents were set up.

“Are these the ancient mines?” The scorching heat made Si Yue a little uncomfortable.

“Not quite.” It was rare for Wu Lingyu to speak, “This is the Takagan Desert. The mines are in the heart of it. It’s still very far from here.”

“Then why is everyone staying here without heading inside?”

“You can’t come out after entering this desert. You can say that the devil’s gate to the ancient mines begins here.” Yin Lang said, “That is why everyone has chosen to set up camo here and scout out the competition at the same time.”

“So many powers dare not to go in, just how evil is the desert?” Si Yue’s eyes shone again. She always became like this when there was something fun to look forward to.

“First, let’s find a place to pitch our tents. Then we can see if we can find out any information.” Sima You Yue said.


They left those people and found a place that had relatively less people and set up their tents. She let out a few more powerful scarlet bees to head around and scout for information.

Very quickly, she received some news. It was even quicker than the people Yin Lang had sent to scout for information.

“How is it? Have you gotten any news?” Si Yue ran over and asked.

“They say that there have been a lot of people who have entered recently, but not a single one has come out since.” Sima You Yue said, “It’s almost been a year.”

“People have already gone in so early?” Si Yue asked.

“One year is not considered to be a long time inside there.” Wu Lingyu said, “Those here should be those left behind. There are many more who have all entered, and there’s no way to count that time.”

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