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Chapter 1481: Deepening hatred

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Wu Lingyu was melting after seeing her pout.

“Since you’re tired, let’s go in and take a rest. There’s no nice scenery here anyway.”

He brought her in the room without batting an eyelid after he spoke.

Li Yao and Fang Qi kept their gaze disappointedly, they turned their heads and saw Yin Lang still looking at their side with gloomy eyes.

“City Lord Lang, who is that?” Fang Qi was the most oblivious to his facial expression and asked what she wanted to know.

“Holy Son of Sage Pavilion.” Yin Lang responded with a sentence, walked around them and went back into his room.

Yang Xi clenched her hands tightly as if her nails were going to pierce into her flesh.

Yin Lang didn’t even take a glance at her once when she stood there for so long, his focus was all on that woman.

Why hadn’t he given up when she already had others?

“I didn’t expect that person to be the Holy Son of Sage Pavilion.” Fang Qi was excited that she felt like fainting as she placed her hands on her chest.

“Hmph, why are you so excited? Have you not seen how that woman proclaims him with actions?” Yang Xi sneered, “That guy spoils that little bitch Sima You Yue!”

“That woman is so evil, she always has men around her no matter where she goes! She even has City Lord Lang and now even the Holy Son.” Fang Qi said ruthlessly.

“That’s right, this is why she should die even more now!” Li Yao said faintly.

Initially, they wanted to kill her to get on Yang Xi’s good side, but now they had their own reason to kill her now.

They couldn’t take any action now since they were on the ship. Wait till they alight the ship, after alighting the ship….

They must be going there for ancient mines since everyone was going towards Thirty Second State. They heard that the place there was strange, they would take action when the chance came!

In the room, Wu Lingyu leaned on the bed with Sima You Yue laid down with her head on his thighs and her hand playing with his hair.

“You know those people from earlier on?” There was a tease in the magnetic voice.

“Considered so. They wanted to kill me.” Sima You Yue continued as she felt the pressure around her become lower, she patted his body and said, “They have yet to take any substantial actions, they were just thinking about it.”

“They should die even just thinking about it!” Wu Lingyu’s voice sounded like he desired to kill even though he said it lightly.

“Are you even Holy Son of Sage Pavilion? You kill just because you want to?” Sima You Yue stared at him.

“I’m the Devil Emperor of the Devil Realm, I kill when I want to.” Wu Lingyu took an exception, he used to kill many people in the past anyway.

“This is not the Devil Realm.” Sima You Yue continued, “There’s no action taken yet, I won’t stay still if they really want to do anything. But I think the possibility of them doing it is higher now!”


Sima You Yue pulled his hair lightly, “Didn’t you see the gaze that Fang Qi and Li Yao gave you? I didn’t have feelings for Yin Lang, that’s why Yang Xi didn’t take any actions even if she wanted to. Now that you’re here and even more as my boyfriend, I think they are unable to hold back anymore.”

“I’ll get rid of them.”

After he spoke, his hair was pulled hardly by Sima You Yue.

“For the war between women, only those weak and incompetence women will rely on their man to resolve this.” She muttered, “Aren’t you trying to show that I’m weak and imcompetent who can’t even protect their own men if you kill them?”

“Alright, then I’ll let you protect me.” Wu Lingyu moved his legs, he carried her up with a lift of his long arms, he embraced her as he bent down and seized a kiss on her lips.

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu never left the house the whole time when they were on the way to Thirty Second State, Sima You Yue studied the Armament letter and at the same time, she got Wu Lingyu to guide her.

She told him about the purifying materials and processes that she did in the past and he pointed out the points that she didn’t fulfil.

Sima You Yue became enlightened after hearing what he said and felt that she upgraded herself.

She tried the method he told her and the purity became much better.

“How is it that you know everything? How did you act like someone with a pea brain all these while?” She held his face as she checked on the left and right and felt like prying his head open to take a look.

Wu Lingyu held her hands, “I’m born with it, you can’t afford to be envious.”


Two slightly reddened marks were marked on his fair face, she withdrew her hands calmly, “My bad, my hands slipped.”

Wu Lingyu gripped her hands and laughed, “Your hands slipped?” He placed her hands on his face and rubbed, “Mm, it’s indeed smooth.”

Sima You Yue’s face blushed, this guy became so rogue when he was indecent!

Outside the room, Yin Lang stood in the corridor with a desolate gaze.

It had been so long since the last time they came out. He could imagine what would happen between both of them.

From afar, Ying Xi and the other two watched with hatred in their eyes. The only difference was that one was for Yin Lang and the other two was for Wu Lingyu.

“It seems like we really need to get rid of her as soon as possible.” Fang Qi said hatefully.

“I feel so too, there’s no need to wait till ancient mine.” It was the first time Li Yao felt that her presence was irksome.

“Are you guys confident that you can kill her without them knowing if we don’t wait till ancient mine?” Yang Xi sneered, “Don’t leave a bad impression for him since you guys like that man. A life can be taken away at the ancient mine even if something small happened, at that point of time, they won’t blame it on us if anything happens to her.”

“Alright, we’ll let her live for another two days!”

The distance between Thirty Second State and Sixty Fourth State was little further, they would only reach after a month.

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu came out from the room only when the ship was about to stop, Yin Lang immediately noticed that her clothes had changed.

A Spirit Master was able to avoid dust so their clothes wouldn’t be dirty even after wearing for long. They would change diligently but usually they wouldn’t change when they were out or inconvenient.

She actually changed her clothes, with a guy in the same room.

Li Yao noticed it too, the hatred in her eyes became deeper.

Wu Lingyu gave others a comfortable feeling, she felt like she found home after seeing him. She understood that it could be a skill of Sage Pavilion, but she couldn’t help but fall for him from the moment she saw him.

Three of them, including Sima You Yue, passed the room numbers to the beautiful crew on the deck, after they alighted the spatial ship, Yang Xi and the others caught up with them.

“We don’t like to have outsiders with us.” Wu Lingyu spoke faintly and pulled Sima You Yue away without turning their heads.

Yang Xi and the rest were flabbergasted, they got rejected before they even spoke?

It must be the bitch who incited this! I wouldn’t let her go this time!

Three of them had the same thought instantly, birds of the same feather really flocked together!

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