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Chapter 1466: Advise before departure

When Sima You Yue woke up, Huang Ying Ying and the rest were relieved.

“You Yue, how do you feel?”

“I’m fine.” Sima You Yue said. “Grandmother, what happened to our family? How’s the situation over there?”

“The Jiang Family came to make trouble and your Great Grandfather beat them back. It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” Huang Ying Ying dismissed it. “What you need to do now is heal your injuries.”

Sima You Yue nodded. “My injuries are almost recovered. I can leave in a couple of days after I finish the last consultation with Aunt He.”

“That’s good.” Huang Ying Ying said. “We officially broke off with the Jiang family. Our family is in need of people. Your Grandfather and the rest have gone back. When you are better, we will go back.”


Two days later, He Zhen Zhang and Su Liu Nian were not surprised to learn Sima You Yue and they were leaving.

“You Yue, Chong Prefecture is not far from Chord City. If you need anything from us, you can send us a message and we will get someone there immediately!” Su Liu Nian said kindly as she held her hand.

“I will.” Sima You Yue replied. “Maybe I will have to trouble you then.”

“If you need anything, just ask.” He Zhen Zheng grabbed Su Liu Nian”s waist. “You saved Aunt He’s life. We have no child. You are like our child.”

“Thank you Uncle He!” Sima You Yue was not courteous. The Sima Family’s status in the inner region was low. So the more external aid, the better.

“I really envy Liu Xuan, he has such an excellent daughter. If our child was still alive, I wonder what she’d be like.” Su Liu Nian said sadly.

“Aunt He, don’t be too sad. ” Sima You Yue comforted. “By the way, I forgot to tell you something.”


“My previous assumption was a bit wrong. It was not the Ghost Clan who imprisoned Aunt He’s soul.”

“Not the Ghost Clan? Didn’t you say the Ghost Clan did it?” He Zhen Zhang was surprised. If the cause was wrong, how did she save Su Liu Nian?

“I sense a death aura.” Sima You Yue explained. “At first, I thought it was ghost aura from the Ghost Clan. However, after when I was helping Aunt He, I discovered it was death aura and not ghost aura.”

“What is the difference?” Su Liu Nian was puzzled.

“The ghost aura of the Ghost Clan comes from the Ghost Realm. While death aura comes from a dead person.” Sima You Yue continued, “To put it simply, ghost aura only appeared after your soul went to the Ghost Realm. While the one that attacked you was a dead person.”

“Dead person? How does a dead person attack?”

“Generally speaking, after a person dies, the soul enters the Ghost Realm and a new beginning awaits. But if the soul stays in the human realm for any reason, it can’t cultivate.” Sima You Yue explained. “But the one that attacked you has already died. Not only that, that soul stayed in the human realm and has cultivated very well.”

Su Liu Nian recalled the situation that she had encountered and said. “Yes, it was somewhat strange. Those who attacked me did look like a dead person. Their faces were pale and bloodless.”

“Are you sure it was a human being and not a soul?” Sima You Yue asked.

“It was certainly a person.” Su Liu Nian affirmed. “If it weren’t for the treasure on me and protected my soul at the critical moment, I would have the same ending as my maids.”

“Dead person…” Sima You Yue frowned as she wondered what happened.

“They should be an undead.” Sima Liu Xuan said from the side. “Ke Luo had said that if a person dies, they could put their soul into a body and refine it. They can turn into an undead.”

“Why do these people want to make undead?”

“The fighting power of an undead is stronger than that of a soul body and can maintain the strength when it was alive.” Sima Liu Xuan said. “However it is a forbidden skill in the Ghost Realm. How can anyone here know this?”

“It seems that Uncle He you must be careful in your investigation.” Sima You Yue warned.

“I’ll be careful.” He Zhen Zhang’s face was solemn.

If what Sima You Yue said was true, then the person they need to investigate was involved in evil arts. The enemy was in the dark while they were in the light. It was quite dangerous.

“I think news of Aunt He’s waking up should not be known by outsiders which would alert those people.” SIma You Yue suggested. “The news of Aunt He’s waking up hasn’t spread, right?”

“No. To ensure your safety, I sealed up this courtyard. Liu Nian hasn’t left also.” He Zhen Zhang confirmed. “However, those people outside are waiting for the results of your treatment. I want to tell them your medical skills!”

“This is not necessarily. It’s fine to let them know that my medical skills are not good.” Sima You Yue rejected. “Anyways, I don’t know them, and I don’t need them to confirm my medical skills. Your safety is more important.”


He Zhen Zhang and Su Liu Nian were moved. Few would think for them at this rank.

“Uncle He, if you find anything, and if you can, can you let me know? I am interested in this kind of thing.” Sima You Yue said.

“Alright, you can restrain death aura. We might inevitably need your help by then.” He Zhen Zhang agreed.

“That’s good. Aunt He is doing fine. Grandmother and I will take our leave first.”

“Take this, remember what I said. Contact us when you need our help.” He Zhen Zhang exhorted.

Sima You Yue accepted the token and found it was the same as Yin Lang.

“This piece is the same as Yin Lang’s. If you have this, you can directly reach me. Or you can ask the Qu Family for help from outside.” He Zhen Zhang saw her thoughts.

“Thank you Uncle He.”

Sima You Yue stored the token away. She left the He Manor with Huang Ying Ying and Sima Liu Xuan.

While going out, she saw people guarding the door. After seeing her, those people were pointing this and that. Wasn’t the result the same even after they made such a commotion.

Only Yin Su Su looked at her differently. Sima You Yue could guess that Profound Moon Fruit had already arrived in her hands.

They went back to the inn and picked up Mu Si. When they left, they met Yin Lang.

They didn’t see him at the He Manor. Since he appeared, Yin Su Su probably told him.

“Are you sure you want to go with me?” Sima You Yue asked.

He knew of Sima Family’s and Jiang Family’s matters. He was still willing to go with her. He would inevitably be involved in this matter.

“I said I will follow you until I understand the feeling you were talking about.” Yin Lang was still the same as if nothing happened.

“This is what you said.” Sima You Yue looked at him. “Then let’s go!”

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