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Chapter 1465: Trouble in the Sima Family

“Liu Nian…. Liu Nian….” He Zhen Zheng grabbed Su Liu Nian’s hand excitedly. When he saw her eyes open, his tears finally fell uncontrollably.

“Zhen Zhang….” Su Liu Nian had not spoken for a long time. She opened her mouth, sucking in air, but not much sound came out.

“That’s great! You’re finally awake! I am not dreaming!” He Zhen Zhang held her hand closed to his face. His gaze was loving and excited.

Su Liu Nian smiled softly. Her eyes scanned around as if trying to find something.

“Liu Nian, what are you looking for?” He Zhen Zhang asked.

“I think I saw a little lady. She took me out from that dark place.” Su Liu Nian answered.

“You Yue helped wake you up.” He Zhen Zhang replied. “She suffered a bit of injury and is resting on the chair aside.”

“There really was someone….” She was not dreaming.

“You rest well, when you are able to get up, let’s go see her.” He Zhen Zhang comforted.

Su Liu Nian was currently very weak so she closed her eyes once again.

He Zhen Zhang watched her intently and saw her close her eyes and rest. After a while, he stood up and came to Sima You Yue. He saw Sima You Yue was still unconscious and asked, “How is her condition?”

“She has taken the pill. Her condition is stabilized temporarily.” Yin Lang replied.

After a while, the steward at the door informed, “Master, the room beside has been prepared.”

Because they didn’t expect Sima You Yue to be injured, a room wasn’t prepared for her. When he knew that, the steward immediately let someone clean up the room without being ordered.

Little Seven brought Sima You Yue to another room. All the Sima family members rushed over. They didn’t care about the situation in the other room.

Sima You Yue didn’t know how long she was unconscious. When she woke up, she felt a stabbing pain in her head.

She moved slightly, and felt her tendon in her head was being pulled.


She reached out and rubbed her forehead. She didn’t have the strength to get up.

“You’re awake.” A gentle voice came from above. A gentle and beautiful woman appeared smiling at Sima You Yue.

“Aunt He? How are you?” Sima You Yue was surprised that she saw her when she woke up, so she subconsciously asked.

Su Liu Nian didn’t expect her first reaction was showing concern for her. Obviously she looked uncomfortable. The smile on her face became deeper.

“I’m almost recovered.” She helped Sima You Yue up. “Thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would definitely still be unconscious.”

“It’s good that you’re fine.” Sima You Yue sat up with strength and pulled out a pill.

“I’m fine, but you are injured in order to save me.” Su Liu Nian was gentle and apologetic.

Su Liu Nian’s gentle and beautiful smile reminded Sima You Yue of the renowned gentle beauties from Jiangnan in her previous life. It was rare to see in the continent.

At this time, Yin Lang entered. When he saw Sima You Yue awake, he started, “You have slept for ten days. You’re finally willing to wake up!”

Sima You Yue rubbed her head. “Why are you still here?”

“Of course, I stayed to take care of you!” Yin Lang said. “You don’t know the amount of good medicine I wasted when you were unconscious.”

“I still feel uncomfortable. It seems your good medicines aren’t that good.” Sima You Yue countered mercilessly.

However, she was still grateful to him in her heart.

She knew how serious her injury was. If he didn’t use so many good items, she would be even more uncomfortable at this moment. After all, this pain was in the divine sense which was most troublesome.

“Hmph hmph, obviously they were taken from my warehouse, when did they become yours?” He Zhen Zhang snorted.

He came beside Su Liu Nian. “Didn’t you go take a rest, why are you out here again?”

“The Sima family has already left. Of course, I have to come see her.” Su Liu Nian said. “Besides, she is my benefactor. I didn’t do anything when she was injured and I feel apologetic.”

“What happened to the Sima family?” Sima You Yue asked.

If it weren’t for trouble, based on Grandmother and their character, they wouldn’t leave her by herself here.

He Zhen Zhang was silent for a while. “Something happened in Sima family house. But it’s not very serious. It’s somewhat dangerous, so they left you here.”

Sima You Yue frowned. His words held hidden meaning. She wouldn’t be able to do anything in this condition.

“Where is Little Seven?”

“She was still in the room a moment ago. The next moment she’s gone.” Su Liu Nian looked around and couldn’t find Little Seven.

Sima You Yue frowned again. Little Seven wouldn’t leave here before she woke up. Could something have happened to her?

“Yue Yue!” Little Seven ran in from outside and rushed over when she saw Sima You Yue was awake. “Yue Yue, you’re finally awake!”

Sima You Yue held her back. “Where did you go?”

“I heard movements outside, so I went to see. Now it’s alright.” Little Seven said.

“Are they Grandfather and them?” Sima You Yue guessed something.

“It’s the Jiang family who are finding trouble. But it’s all right now. Don’t worry about it!” Little Seven persuaded.

Sima You Yue accepted and didn’t ask any more questions.

Even Little Seven ran over to help, was the Sima family matter still small?

She could be regarded as the fuse for this matter. But she could do nothing here, which made her feel guilty.

“Don’t think too much. This is still Chord City. If something bad happens, we won’t stand by.” Su Liu Nian comforted her.

“Thank you Aunt He. Since I am awake, I won’t disturb you all.” She wanted to go back to the inn.

“Do you want to go back?”

“Mm, no matter what happened, I have to go back.” Sima You Yue affirmed.

“No. Your Grandfather left you in our care before they left. You haven’t fully recovered from your injury. How can we let you leave? If something happens to you, how will we explain it to your Grandfather and them?” He Zhen Zhang rejected.

Sima Xiu Qi especially told them to protect her. Therefore, she couldn’t just leave He Villa.

“Yue Yue, don’t worry.” Little Seven added. “The matter has been resolved. I have already beaten those people. Grandmother is worried about you thinking too much, so I came back first. Alright, don’t think too much. Take care of your injuries.”


“When did I even lie to you?” Little Seven pouted.

Sima You Yue was still not assured. It was not until Huang Ying Ying and Sima Liu Xuan returned, that she finally believed that the Sima family was alright.

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