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Chapter 1414: The Emergence of a Divine Artifact

Soon, two news stories on the continent spread out like wildfire. Both of them were related to the Paramount Valley.

One was the Paramount Valley wiped out Cloud Cave, took over all of their property and severely damaged the mysterious force that had been active for decades.

Everyone said that Paramount Valley was very strong and that was all.

The other news completely attracted the whole continent.

———-The ancient divine artifact, Sky Splitter Devil Sword, had emerged!!!

If the first news could make people pay attention, then the second news drove people crazy.

Ancient divine artifact! There were only so few in the world!

Especially this Sky Splitter Devil Sword, it was said that it could change the fate of the entire continent!

Splitting the sky, the world in my hands!

As a result, the second news overwhelmed the first. Everyone was asking what was going on.

Later, everyone finally learned that the Mythical Dragon Sect had already obtained Sky Splitter Devil Sword before. Many inner regions had known of this news which caused huge waves within the inner regions. Those outside did not know.

This news just came out now, because Glacial Cloud Palace destroyed Mythical Dragon Sect and stole Sky Splitter Devil Sword. They wanted to kill Shi Qiu Shuang’s group to prevent outsiders from knowing about it.

But Shi Qiu Shuang’s group were lucky and got saved by Sima You Yue. Because she was friends with them, she sheltered them in the valley.

And the news of Sky Splitter Devil Sword spread.

Glacial Cloud Palace not only stole Sky Splitter Devil Sword, but also the Lazurite Heart they just obtained. Anyone who attained these two things could dominate the world.

So the whole continent was boiling. Those with and without capabilities all wanted to participate.

However, there were also speculating whether the Paramount Valley obtained the Sky Splitter Devil Sword and deliberately released this news. Someone investigated later that it was indeed the people from Glacial Cloud Palace that destroyed Mythical Dragon Sect and did take away Sky Splitter Devil Sword.

Even the battle at Jade Snow Mountain was found out.

Therefore, everyone believed that Sky Splitter Devil Sword was in Glacial Cloud Palace and that they obtained the Lazurite Heart.

In order to suppress the news, Glacial Cloud Palace did not speak up and missed the opportunity.

They heard that some people secretly and openly visited Glacial Cloud Palace from time to time recently. As for the result of the visits, it was not within the concern of Sima You Yue’s group.

At this moment, she, Sima Liu Xuan and Sima Lie were in her courtyard, looking at her beasts.

“Crimson Flame is the big brother. Everyone has no objection to this. Then let’s talk about the results of the battle. Mi Er this guy is the most annoying. He killed hundreds of people, the most.” Little Seven glared at Mi Er unhappily.

“Hehe, then I am the second brother. In the future, you all need to call me Second Brother.” Mi Er grinned, not caring about everyone’s looks.

“With a face like Yue Yue, and this sort of expression. I really want to beat him!” Little Roar waved his small paw.

Although they couldn’t, they could think about it.

“Then the next best is me. You will call me Third Sister from now on.” Little Seven said triumphantly. “Next there is Little Dream, and then Little Golden, followed by…”

Everyone watched as her group of beasts talked about it for a while. It was hilarious.

“Your beasts, I heard half of the people were killed by them.” Sima Lie asked.

“Isn’t that so?” Sima You Yue was quite speechless thinking of the scene.

At that time, when these guys finished killing their opponents, they ran to grab people next to them. The first one started to grab and the others also started. Soon, the valley’s disciples realized there were no opponents left. They could only watch her beasts.

Now recalling the eyes of those people on her, Sima You Yue had the urge to lock them up.

“Deputy Valley Master, someone outside of the valley is looking for you. Saying they’re an old friend.” A disciple at the gate called in.

“Old friend?” Sima You Yue was surprised. Who would come to find her at this time. Was it Qin Mo?

“Yes, they said they know you from the sect. Names is Big Wei and Little Wei.”

“Big Wei and Little Wei?” Sima You Yue was startled. Why did they come to find her at this time? “Go invite them in.”


A while later, the guard brought in Big Wei and Little Wei into her courtyard.

Sima You Yue came forward to welcome them and saluted to them. “Uncle Big Wei and Uncle Little Wei, welcome.”

“You Yue, we are acquaintances anyways. You didn’t call us when you were establishing your force. Did you forget about us?” Little Wei began to complain as soon he saw her.

“How can that be! It’s just that the Hundred Changing Door is too mysterious. We don’t know where to find you.” Sima You Yue smiled.

“Well, we gave you the wrong contact information.”

“Uncle Little Wei, you didn’t come here only to make fun of me?” Sima You Yue changed the subject.

“You girl!”

“Heh heh, Uncle Big Wei, Uncle Little Wei, please.” Sima You Yue brought them to the guest hall. Mu Si brought tea up.

“Is this your new disciple?” Big Wei examined Mu Si. He was a teenager. He wondered how she accepted such a person as a disciple.

“Yes, how do you know all this?” Sima You Yue was puzzled.

“Your matter had long spread out. As long as we want to, we can find out.” Big Wei replied. “Besides, isn’t this what you want?”

“Heh hehe….” Sima You Yue was defeated, but it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

She had let people release news of her disciple, letting others know that Mu Si was now her disciple, putting him under a protective umbrella.

“I don’t know why Uncle Big Wei and Little Wei are here today?”

“It’s actually nothing, it’s because of Xu Le’s matter. The valley wanted us to ask you something.” Big Wei said.

“Xu Le?” Sima You Yue blinked. “Who’s he?”

“Xu Le is the disciple of my sect that you killed in Jade Snow Mountain.” Little Wei said.

“Oh——-it’s him.” Sima You Yue recalled that person. He did say that he was someone from Hundred Changing Door sect.

She glanced at the two blankly as she wondered what they were going to ask for in her heart.

An explanation? Explain what?

According to her past experience, shouldn’t one point their fingers at her and roar that she killed their sect disciple and come here to take revenge?

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