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Chapter 1408: An Expert Array Master

When Sima You Yue and Mi Er came out of the array, all they saw was a chaotic battlefield. The opponent had higher manpower, even Mao San Quan who just woke up, joined the fight.

And the array in front of the cave was already destroyed.

“Mi Er, go and save Instructor Mao! The rest, join in the battle with me!” She summoned all her beasts and went to the centre of the battle after giving out commands.

The beasts were arguing about not having a good fight for a long time, they didn’t expect that they would be able to put their skills to use and one by one eagerly rushed into the battle.

With them joining in, it was much easier for the Mythical Dragon Sect.

“That is…. Sima You Yue?!” A few of them who were standing outside the battle recognised Sima You Yue and her beasts upon seeing them.

“No wonder Sima Xiu Qi and Huang Ying Ying are here.” Someone groaned.

“I heard that Sima You Yue isn’t all that powerful but her will to fight is very strong. Hmph, I want to see for myself if she is more powerful than we are!”

No matter how powerful she was, there were only her and her beasts while they had over a hundred of people. So they weren’t worried at all when Sima You Yue and her beasts joined in the fight, they could even stay calm and composed while watching the fight.

But very quickly, they couldn’t hold their smile any longer.

Sima You Yue summoned Little Birdie, even though it didn’t have any rank, its will to fight was very strong, wherever it went, all the weaker members were burnt into ashes.

And those who were powerful used their fullest energy to materialise the strongest protective barrier in order to avoid being burnt to ash from the first round of attack.

Although they escaped Little Birdie’s attack, they failed to avoid Mi Er’s, all that was left were the white ashes after the black smoke.


Not only did their opponents stood there in a daze, even the Mythical Dragon Sect, Mao San Quan and Han Miao Shuang were all staring agape at the scene which unfolded before them.

Who was that person that looked so alike You Yue?! So powerful!

Those people who were outside the battle got a shock upon seeing Mi Er. One was the Vermillion Bird Flame and the other was a mysterious black mist, where was the suspense of this battle?

“Retreat!” The leader gave out orders but it was already too late, most of the people they brought were killed by Sima You Yue.

The last few of them were far away and only got the chance to escape when the subordinate tried to hold back with their life.

“They actually manage to escape!” Han Miao Shuang said hatefully when she saw the spatial tunnel closed up.

Although they couldn’t get out from here, it was possible to use a spatial tunnel in the middle of the locked spatial.

“If they aren’t exterminated, they will come back with more people!” Shi Qian Zhi said.

“These people won’t come back for the time being with the loss they suffered.” Sima You Yue continued, “They have to come up with a plan to counter ours!”

Since there was Mi Er, they wouldn’t dare to act without thinking since they didn’t even know what species he was, they would need to plan their next move carefully.

“Cough cough——”

Mao San Quan’s health was affected, he held onto his chest and coughed a few times.

Sima You Yue walked over, held onto him and said, “Instructor Mao, why did you come out when your health is in a critical condition?”

“There were so many of them, how could I leave them alone.” Mao San Quan continued, “Speaking of which, you never fail to impress me!”

“Instructor Mao, Grandfather, we’ll talk when we get inside.” Sima You Yue held onto Mao San Quan and went into the cave, after she checked his health, she gave him pills and let him rest.

“You Yue, how was it, have you found the ore vein?” Huang Ying Ying asked.

Sima You Yue nodded, “I found it and I’ve confirmed. But you guys are injured, take a rest first then we’ll head over there.”


She didn’t say much about the ore vein, although she was a friend of Shi Qiu Shuang, it would be better to keep such an important thing a secret.

Two days passed quickly, like what Sima You Yue said, those people didn’t send anyone over.

And just like what Sima You Yue predicted, they were shocked by Little Birdie and Mi Er’s skills, although they knew about Little Birdie’s identity, Mi Er appeared out of a sudden and he was so powerful, so they definitely sent someone to investigate his identity.

In the past two days, everyone was almost fully recovered, Sima You Yue fixed up a one time array and brought everyone in.

Just when the array was closing, a ray of array light appeared outside the cave and a group of people quickly came out from there.

“They’re escaping!” Someone shouted.

“Don’t worry, they can’t escape!” A man with a well groomed moustache said calmly while touching his own beard.

“Elder Xu, I’ll leave it to you.”

The man with the well groomed moustache,Xu Le, nodded and went into the cave first and saw the destroyed array in the middle of the cave.

“This is a temporary array, the array stone and array mark is already destroyed. Elder Xu, can you still calculate where they are?”

“What’s so difficult about this?” Xu Le said confidently, “As long as there’s a mark, I will be able to find out where they go. You’ll see.”

They saw Xu Le in action and quickly fixed up the same array, if Sima You Yue were there, they would gasp in surprise by his array skills.

“Let’s go…..”


Before anyone got into the array, they heard a deafening sound of attacks, everyone felt the spatial trembling.

Xu Le’s face changed and said, “It’s not good! Let’s go there quickly!”

“Elder Xu, what’s happening?”

“They’re attacking our lock!” After Xu Le spoke, he went into the array, everyone followed him and disappeared in the cave.

The rest went in after they went in batches.

When Xu Le and the rest came out from the array, they saw Mi Er standing on the summit of the Snowy Mountain, there was a power that could be seen with naked eyes that shot out from the top of the mountain and it went into the mid air, hitting the locked spatial.

“Elder Xu, what is that? Would our spatial lock be destroyed by it?”

“Power of ore vein! They actually used the power of the ore vein to attack our spatial lock!” Xu Le was shocked.

He wasn’t only shocked at the existence of the ore vein, he was more shocked that Mi Er could actually control the power of that!

“There’s actually an ore vein here!” People around Xu Le were shocked, if they reported this to the higher ups, then wouldn’t the clan reward him generously?

“Don’t be too happy yet! The power of the ore vein is used by them, it must be in a mess already. This will be an abandoned ore vein.” Although Xu Le wasn’t a Seeker Spirit Master, he had a Senior Brother who was a Seeker Spirit Master, so he knew about ore veins.

“It would be such a waste!” That person said regretfully, but it wasn’t the time to discuss the ore vein, “Elder Xu, would this spatial lock be destroyed by their attack?”

“Hard to say. Go and stop their attacks first!” Xu Le shouted when he saw Mi Er was going to attack again.

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