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Chapter 1394: The Best Valley Under the Heavens (3)

Under her prudent query, Bi Sheng didn’t object and simply laughed it off.

“Boss, in fact, Old Bi didn’t do anything. He just asked people casually while they were chatting, saying that this was just a speculation on his part but I don’t know how it snowballed and it ended being that you want to quit from being Divine Devil Valley’s Young Valley Master.”

The corners of Sima You Yue’s mouth twitched. These guys dare to say that they didn’t use falsehood mixed with the truth to spread the news?

“Do you really plan to integrate with them?” she asked, “Feng’er, do you know of this?”

“Sister, don’t be angry. I also know about this matter.” Ximen Feng said, “Furthermore, the people in the Divine Devil Valley who first raised this matter. Old Bi is just pushing the boat along the river. Besides, the situation is so chaotic now, after the integration, our power will be stronger. There is more power to protect yourself. Moreover, you can’t let go of there, right?”

Sima You Yue sighed, Ximen Feng was right, although the contact with the Valley of Divine Devil Valley after coming to this continent is not very much, but every bit and every drop is warm. At that time in the Ninth Star Ocean, they heard that she had gone to the Violet Water Dragon clan and Liang Wu Ming followed without hesitation.

Although he said that it was for her master’s sake, his concern was real.

The people in the Divine Devil Valley also respected and cared about her, even if they haven’t met.

Such a Divine Devil Valley, in this troubled world, with mysterious forces constantly intervening in her hands, how could she let go?

“Divine Devil Valley and Heartbreak Valley are not weak, but the mainland is becoming more and more chaotic, and more and more sects are being destroyed. Although Divine Devil Valley is extraordinary, it is precisely because there are so many masters of different professions. The other forces are watching closely. You Yue, you can save them for a while, but you can’t be there all the time.” Bi Sheng pointed out.

“I understand this fact as well.” Sima You Yue sighed again, “but letting them integrate into Heartbreak Valley… I will feel sorry for them. If the founder of Divine Devil Valley knows it, I’m afraid he will climb out of his grave and strangle me.”

“Sister, you misunderstood what we meant.” Ximen Feng explained, “We didn’t say that they should be integrated into Heartbreak Valley.”

“Not integrating into Heartbreak Valley?”

“Yes. We are planning to reorganize a force, and the Divine Devil Valley and Heartbreak Valley are both important parts of this power.”

“It’s a reorganization, not an integration.”

Sima You Yue was stunned, looking at them in surprise.

“Do you really want to?”

If the Divine Devil Valley were to join in, the people in charge of the Heartbreak Valley would still be in charge. But if it was a reorganization, it may be different, and they can only have half the right to speak at most.

This wasn’t something anyone would agree to so easily.

“We are not people who are greedy for power, so we don’t really care too much on the intricacies.” Ximen Feng said.

Sima You Yue also understood that these guys were actually pushed by her to do something way beyond their ability. Knowing her too well, knowing that she wasn’t keen on managing such affairs, they in turn had to support the whole Heartbreak Valley.

“Since you all are agreeable and they are as well, please do whatever you want.” After she shared her thoughts, she called out to the guard outside: “Go and invite my Martial Uncle and Master to come over, preferably the elders as well.”

“Yes, Deputy Valley Master.” The people outside responded.

After a while, Liang Wu Ming came in with a group of elders from the Divine Devil Valley.

Chairs were added to the main hall and everyone from Heartbreak Valley sat on one side. After the people from Divine Devil Valley arrived, Liang Wu Ming sat next to Ximen Feng, and the rest of them all sat on the other side.

“Martal Uncle, Master and elders, I’m sure you already know the reason for convening this sudden meeting, so let’s not beat around the bush anymore.” Sima You Yue said with a smile, “I don’t know what do you think about this matter?”

“We’ve entered an era of chaos and if you were to say our position in such a world for each of us…if it’s low , it’s not very low, and if it’s said to be high, we aren’t considered high as well. Hence, it would be best if we can merge our strength and prevail stronger,” Liang Wu Ming said thoughtfully.

His words were similar to the thoughts of Bi Sheng and the others, and from the looks of it, it seems that this was also the thoughts of everyone.

Afterwards, Liang Wu Ming talked about the thoughts of the people in the Divine Devil Valley. They agreed to reorganize, but they did not agree to join Heartbreak Valley. This was the result of their previous discussions.

This condition was also in the expectations and plans of Heartbreak Valley, so the two parties quickly reached an agreement, and the speed was so fast that Sima You Yue was shocked.

She looked at the two sides who were exchanging fervently in heated discussions in astonishment. In just one hour, this matter was completely confirmed.

After they finished, the two sides looked at her who had been quiet the entire time and asked: “You Yue, what do you think?”

They also asked her of her thoughts? They had already confirmed everything before her, so why did they even bother asking what were her thoughts?

“I have no problem, you all can just decide this matter.”

“Well, if that’s the case, we’ll just follow the model we discussed earlier.” Liang Wu Ming said.


Soon, the people in Divine Devil Valley and Heartbreak Valley received news that they would combine the two forces into one force. No one was integrated into another, and no one was superior to each other. In the future, everyone will get along as equals and love and help each other. The location was chosen in Heartbreak Valley.

The people on both sides were elated. The people in Heartbreak Valley were thinking that with the addition of Divine Devil Valley, wouldn’t there be more pill and spirit artifacts after that?

The people of Divine Devil Valley thought that the people in Heartbreak Valley were all from the Blood Fiend City, their combat power was naturally stronger than the previous disciples outside the Valley. With them, they would feel more secure in the future.

So, everything was put on the agenda. In order to announce the merging of the two forces to the world, they decided to make it a big deal and invite all the forces with close relations to come as guests and witness their reorganization ceremony.

But the original vengeance towards Cloud Cave was postponed, because the disciples in the valley had to choose a mountain to build a house. After all, they couldn’t continue to live in a tent.

Hmph! After everything was settled, Cloud Cave naturally couldn’t escape!

Therefore, the invitations were sent out one by one, and the disciples in the valley were enthusiastic and even for this ceremony, they also specially selected a wide valley and cut the surrounding hills into flat ground to build a huge square. When Sima You Yue looked at the almost endless square, she couldn’t help but twitch her mouth.

Such a large square, it was no longer a problem to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people!

And the poisonous creatures that originally lived in the valley were frightened by their battle prowess, and thought they would be driven out and killed. Fortunately, Sima You Yue promised them that they would not harm them, but would instead protect them.

So, in the surprised eyes of the disciples of the Divine Devil Valley, there was a scene of the poisonous creatures of Heartbreak Valley getting harmoniously along with them.

At this time, this huge shock wave was circulating outside the valley. No matter if one had an invitation or not, they would turn their attention to Heartbreak Valley.

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