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Chapter 1382: Catching the Head

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It seemed the mysterious force was unable to sit still on Heartbreak Valley pressuring Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace.

By killing Ximen Feng first, it would cause Heartbreak Valley to fall into chaos. It would no longer pressure Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace. At the same time, they could focus on dealing with Divine Devil Valley. Once they destroyed Divine Devil Valley, they could then deal with Heartbreak Valley.

All plans were to be carried out when Sima You Yue was away. Because her presence was too big of a variable!

Afterwards, Sima You Yue asked about other matters, but the answers were unimportant.

Their position in Cloud Cave was too low and the things they knew were too few. They would not have known of Divine Devil Valley and Heartbreak Valley if they were part of the agenda.

Sima You Yue took out a dagger and pierced one of them in the heart. After some struggling the person died.

She took this opportunity to enter his divine sense. The information she got was similar to what he had said.

“It seems that my pill is quite effective.” Sima You Yue threw the corpse on the ground. She set it alight, burning it into ashes.

“What kind of pill did you give them?”

“To make them tell the truth. It’s the first time I used it. I wanted to see its effect.” Sima You Yue replied.

“You Yue, will the Valley Master be alright?” Fatty Qu and them asked worriedly.

They had heard of the mysterious force containing many powerful experts. If Ximen Feng and them were not prepared, it would be disadvantageous to them.

Sima You Yue also thought of this. “I will contact him first, then send someone to secretly protect him.”


More than an hour later, a group of people departed from Memory Restaurant. These people were not from the Heartbreak Valley. They were from the Blood Fiend City that she invited.

The people in the Blood Fiend City lived a stable life in the Little Realm. They were very grateful to Sima You Yue. After following her for some time, they learned many things about her and had a better grasp of her character.

In particular, some people wanted a quiet life, while others wanted to go outside and do things.

Therefore, when Sima You Yue asked for their help, they readily agreed.

“Are these people enough?” Little Seven who was out for fresh air was a little anxious.

She and Ximen Feng got along well. Hearing that he would be in danger made her worried.

After being with Sima You Yue for the past years, she had witnessed how powerful this mysterious force was.

“Grandpa also followed. Besides, these people are not as weak as you think.” Sima You Yue consoled.

“I don’t know how dependable is your grandpa.” Little Seven mumbled.

She disdained her grandpa!

Sima You Yue rubbed her head. “I know you wanted to go along, but you can’t. As long as you show up, they will know that I am back. We have to catch those people by surprise.”

“I know, so I didn’t go.” Little Seven sighed.

She hadn’t beaten someone for a long time. Her hands itched for it!

“When they attack Divine Devil Valley, I’ll let you do whatever you want!”

“Alright, I have to wait. I don’t know how long is the wait.”

“You fellow. You were quiet for not so long, and you already gaining back your nature?” Sima You Yue poked her forehead.

“How?” Little Seven pouted. Her face was still cute.

“Where is Mi Er? Didn’t he come with you?”

“He went out to play!” Little Seven replied. “Don’t worry. I already warned him. No matter who he turned to, he cannot turn into us and let others know we’re back.”

“Not bad! You grew up.” Sima You Yue praised.

“Isn’t that so!” Little Seven raised her chin proudly. “By the way, Yue Yue, should we take action? We don’t know the specific detail of their attack on Divine Devil Valley.”

“Mm, we need to know the details.” Sima You Yue rubbed her chin. “Although I have sent people back to Divine Devil Valley to remind them to be aware. If there is no specific news, there would be no purpose of defending.”

“Then let’s go capture people from above! They should be all in this city!” Little Seven grinned.

“How do you know?” Sima You Yue eyed here. “Did you do something behind my back?”

“Nothing, just interrogate the remaining Cloud Cave people and ask who their boss is. Heh heh, I’m so smart!”

“So you already thought so. Since you know where, then let’s go.”

More than an hour later, a person who was busy in their courtyard was interrupted when someone suddenly broke in.

“Who are you? What are you doing in Cloud Cave?”

“Finding someone.”

Sima You Yue morphed with Thousand Resonance. She became a hostile man with a sturdy beard who was looking for trouble.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Where is Wang Tian Hua?” Sima You Yue demanded.

A fairly elegant man came out of the room. When he saw Sima You Yue, he asked, “What are you looking for me for?”

“You are Wang Tian Hua?”

“That’s right, who are you?”

“I am the brother in law of the little brother of the brother in law of Gui Hua, whom you abandoned. I heard you hurt her. Today, I came here to have you explain clearly to him!” Sima You Yue rapped the big blade on her shoulder as she talked casually.


This Gui Hua was learned from those Cloud Cave people. They said that she was his fellow villager who he dumped.

“I said before, don’t look for me again. If you bother me again, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Wang Tian Hua snorted coldly.

“Hmph, you dumped her, and now you’re acting all cocky! I am here to get you to meet her. If you don’t agree, I will take you over forcibly! In order to not be injured, you should obediently come with me!”

“This wild neighbor actually came to Cloud Cave!” Wang Tian Hua sneered and waved his hand. A dozen people surrounded Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue didn’t plan to fight these people. She summoned Little Seven who was in disguise. When Little Seven saw these people, her eyes brightened as she immediately attacked them with her fists. Sima You Yue flashed to Wang Tian Hua’s side.

Wang Tian Hua was shocked. Before he could react, he found he could not move.

“What did you do to me?!” He shouted in surprise.

“Nothing, something to make you quiet.”

“You poisoned me!”

“Smart!” Sima You Yue smiled. “So, come with us obediently!”

Wang Tian Hua watched Little Seven rapidly deal with his men. He felt his blood was flowing backward.

“Let’s go.”

Sima You Yue held him by his neck and took him away in full public view.

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