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Chapter 1380: Saying things out will only jinx it!

She waved her hand and asked the steward to go back first before she headed back to the courtyard and informed them, “I have something to settle so I have to leave first. Grandfather, if my father is tired, I’ll have to trouble you to push him in. Please don’t let him go by himself. ”

“Alright, don’t worry, go and do what you need to.”

They all saw the steward come to her, something must have happened to warrant her attention.

“I’ll go with you.” Bei Gong Tang said.


After they left the courtyard, Bei Gong Tang asked in a low voice, “Can Uncle’s body recover?”

Otherwise, with her ability, how could he have not been cured after so long?

“Yes. I haven’t found a way to restore his cultivation level yet. Because he doesn’t have spirit energy, he’s healing very slowly.” Sima You Yue explained.

Bei Gong Tang grabbed her hand and comforted: “I believe you can do it.”

“I also believe that I will find a way!” Sima You Yue said with renewed confidence.

“Mm Hmm!” Bei Gong Tang nodded, she knew that You Yue would not be discouraged. “By the way, how dare people from Cloud Cave come here and run wild?”

“I’m so tired and crooked!” Sima You Yue put on the bleeding finger, and then strode out.

“Deputy Valley Master, they are in the private room upstairs. I have asked the steward to stare at them.” The manager said.

“Alright.” Sima You Yue climbed up the level, every step she took, he would think of the things Cloud Cave did to the Divine Devil Valley.

A long time ago, she injured her master demon old man and injured his soul. Not only did the alchemy and cultivation level stagnate, but also regressed.

While in the Little Realm of Wenhai, Cloud Cave united with the Sage Pavilion, and wanted to kill all the people of Divine Devil Valley in the Little Realm. It was just bad luck that they met her and they, in turn, were wiped out instead.

Thereafter, Cloud Cave colluded with that mysterious force to lure the elders of the Divine Devil Valley to kill the disciples of the Valley.

These are only what she knew about and it was well known that Cloud Cave had been finding trouble for Divine Devil Valley all these years.

Originally, just merely Cloud Cave alone was nothing to be concerned about and following Divine Devil Valley’s usual way of acting, they should have already been destroyed. But now, there was that mysterious force behind Cloud Cave and it became a little more troublesome to get rid of it.

Now they were really pushing it. Obviously knowing that the owner of Memory Restaurant is the Young Master of Divine Devil Valley and yet they dared to come here and speak so blatantly. Did they not put her in their eyes or did they not put the Divine Devil Valley and Heartbreak Valley in their eyes?!

Did they really think that with the backing of that mysterious force, they could sit back and do whatever they wanted?

“Deputy Valley Master.” The steward who was guarding the door, saluted her.



“You may go.” Sima You Yue waved at him in dismissal and asked him to head downstairs.

She wanted to listen to the dialogue inside, but found that there was an enchantment laid inside and she couldn’t hear anything at all.

I thought that when steward went to serve the food, he knocked on the door and went in. When they heard them mention the Divine Devil Valley, he went to the manager vigilantly and notified her.

Did they think that as long as there was an enchantment laid out, they were safe?

She called out Little Roar and with him around, the enchantment became useless.

“Isn’t it? Does Divine Devil Valley think that they are still the Divine Devil Valley of the past? They will soon be destroyed by us. See if they can still be so arrogant!”

“Hahaha… There are a lot of good things in Divine Devil Valley, so we better make sure to rush to the front and grab enough!”

Sima You Yue’s gaze dimmed. Hmph, want to deal with the Divine Devil Valley?

“Keep your voice down.” Someone scolded, “If this is a bad thing, better be careful or you may get into serious trouble!”

“Brother, don’t worry, isn’t this a barrier set up by you? People outside can’t hear us.” The person who spoke before said arrogantly.

“That’s right, big brother!”

“Don’t forget where we are!”

“Isn’t this the restaurant opened by Sima You Yue? She has been missing for so long, maybe she is dead.”

“This Sima You Yue is also amazing. Not only is the young master of the Divine Devil Valley, but also the Deputy Valley Master of Heartbreak Valley. There is also the divine Vermilion Bird. If it weren’t for her disappearance, who would dare to move Divine Devil Valley?”

“As long as the Divine Devil Valley is destroyed, even if she comes back, it won’t help.”

“Let you eat more and talk less! Eat quickly, and leave after eating!” the Boss scolded.

“Oh, this Memory Restaurant food is too delicious. Every time we can’t resist the temptation, we have to run over to eat. The food is very expensive! I don’t know how many spars have been contributed to them.”

“Hey, this Heartbreak Valley actually dared to do something to Zong Zheng’s family and Yin Yang Palace. Didn’t they say something? Take advantage of Sima You Yue’s absence, and destroy the Divine Devil Valley to clean them up! When Heartbreak Valley is gone, take those chefs away. Catch it back and give us good food every day!”

“Hahaha, yes! That sounds good!”

Sima You Yue did not expect that the force had already hit idea of Heartbreak Valley. She doesn’t know if Feng’er and they rest knew?

“Sima You Yue had better not come back at all!”

“No, it should be said, to let her come back right after destroying the Divine Devil Valley and Heartbreak Valley!”

“Yes! Hahaha! Come on, cheers!”

Bei Gong Tang didn’t know what Sima You Yue heard but she saw her expression crumble and became uglier by the minute.In the end, an evil smile flourished on her cold face as she kicked the door open.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t come back when you wanted me to.” She sneered and looked at the people inside.

The people of Cloud Cave were drinking merrily and when the door was kicked open, they spewed all the wine out of their mouths.

Seeing the woman standing at the door and hearing her words, they didn’t need to think twice about her identity.

And, she obviously heard their conversation!

“How can you ignore my enchantment?!” The man sitting in the first place rubbed and stood up.

Sima You Yue saw the enchantment flashing at the door, just so that people outside would not know what happened here.

“You want to stop me with such a broken barrier?”

She took a step and went directly into the enchantment.

Bei Gong Tang could only see what was happening inside but could not hear any sound from inside.

When the other private rooms heard the movement here, they all opened the door to look. The manager hurried up, bowed their hands at them, and said cheerfully, “It’s alright, it’s alright, everyone please continue!”

When those people saw Bei Gong Tang standing at the door, there was really no movement inside. They really thought it was alright, so they returned to continue eating.

The manager came to Bei Gong Tang and when he saw the situation in the room, his mouth was left wide open.

I saw Sima You Yue quickly flashing past several people, and those people were beaten to the ground by her, and there was no time to react, let alone hands-on.

“This this…”

He hadn’t seen Sima You Yue make a move. Now that he saw her alone, he beat a few people to the ground. He wanted to say that this Deputy Valley Master was really powerful, but he couldn’t say that.

Sima You Yue beat everyone to the ground, took out a dubious looking black pill and shoved it into their mouths before she broke the enchantment, allowing the two outside to come in.

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