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Chapter 1378: Contact Feng Ru Yan

In fact, in the past two years, Heartbreak Valley had also started collecting intelligence but compared with the name old brand Xuan Yuan Pavilion, it was still too far away. In the intelligence network, they were only treading at the outer periphery.

The things she wanted to check were too difficult, and it is estimated that only Xuan Yuan Pavilion could give it a try. Moreover, she wasn’t too sure if she could find any useful information at all.

After returning from Xuan Yuan Pavilion, she shut herself in the room and tried for the very first time to contact Feng Ru Yan in her sea of consciousness.

Feng Ru Yan frowned slightly, her eyes moved, but they didn’t open. Then, she remained still again.

Sima You Yue came out, not knowing if she had contacted her.

One day later, she gave Sima Liu Xuan another acupuncture treatment and came out. As soon as she arrived in the courtyard, she sensed something. She turned her head and looked towards the courtyard and she saw a woman suddenly appear.

“Aunt.” Sima You Yue greeted her respectfully with a bow, and said, “Did Aunt Feng receive my message?”

This lady was the one who came to congratulate her when she established her sect but she did not expect that she would come so soon.

The person who came before to take the pill only appeared once and after saying that she could refine the pill by herself, she never came again. That was a different person from this lady.

So, this lady must be a person by Feng Ru Yan’s side.

Feng Ling Xi helped her up and said, “Mistress sensed that you were looking for her, so she asked me to ask what the matter was?”

“In fact, it’s nothing. I just thought that Aunt Feng has never come for review. I don’t know how she is now?” Sima You Yue asked with concern.

“Young Miss, don’t worry. Mistress’ situation is relatively stable now, but because of something, she can’t walk away.” Feng Ling Xi said.

“That’s good.” She took out a book and said, “This is the method of acupuncture that I usually use. I think there should be people with medical skills around Aunt Feng. Researching this will not take much time. The last few pages are based on my method of acupuncture according to Aunt Feng’s previous condition. If there’s no change in her condition, you can continue to follow this.”

Feng Ling Xi took the book which was meticulously filled with handwritten notes and drawings.

“Thanks for your hard work. I will definitely give this to Mistress.” She nodded to Sima You Yue.

“If possible, it’s best to let Aunt Feng come over. It is better for me to check on her personally. I have thought of two new treatment options but I must first assess her current condition before I implement it.” Sima You Yue said.

“Mistress is not in the Primordial Continent at the moment. When she comes back, I will arrange for you to meet again.” Feng Ling Xi looked at Sima You Yue and the more she looked, the more pleased she was. This child never asked Feng Ru Yan’s identity, nor did she rely on her affection and reputation. Everything she did outside was all based on her own strength without replying on anyone.

Sima You Yue’s affairs will be passed back every once in a while because they had to pay attention to her growth and protect her s as she was the person who had the greatest hope of curing Feng Ru Yan. So they all knew what she had experienced and knew how hard she worked all this time.

Except for that time when Feng Ru Yan was injured by Little Tu’s clansmen, she had never relied on the Feng Clan at other times.

Such a thought did not seem to appear in her mind at all.

“You have never asked the identity of Mistress, are you not curious?” Feng Ling Xi asked.

“Aunt Feng is just Aunt Feng, her identity is her identity, and the person I handed over is Aunt Feng, not her identity, nor her influence. So, who she is and what identity she holds, and what does it matter? What?” Sima You Yue smiled.

“Hehe, good child.” Feng Ling Xi touched her head, “When the time is right, you will know.”

“I think so too.”

“You haven’t used the things that Mistress gave you last time?” Feng Ling Xi said, “Now you are at the monarch rank, you can use it.” She reminded her kindly.

After she mentioned this, Sima You Yue recalled that whenFeng Ling Xi had given her the box, she did say that she could only open it when she reached the monarch rank. Yet she was so busy that she forgot all about it.

“Young Miss, that thing is very useful to you now, you can use it.” Feng Ling Xi urged before she took out a box with crystal clear crystal stones in it. “The next time you want to look for us, simply imbue some spirit energy into it. Once we receive the signal, we will send someone over. If there is nothing else, I will go back first.”

“Alright. Thank you, Aunt.”

Sima You Yue knew that they were very busy, so she didn’t keep her anymore.

Feng Ling Xi nodded towards her, and after a short while, she disappeared from the courtyard.

Huang Ying Ying and the others came out of the house and saw Sima You Yue alone in the courtyard. They asked, “My child, who was that person just now?”

“Aunt Feng’s maid.”

“Aunt Feng? Feng?!” Huang Ying Ying and Sima Xiu looked at each other, and both seemed to have thought of something shocking.

The strength is so strong, and the surname is Feng, there will be no others except that one they both thought of.

“Do you know what identity your Aunt Feng has?” Sima Xiu Qi asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask. I think, she should have a powerful background.” Sima You Yue said, “However, I like Aunt Feng because I like her, and it has nothing to do with her identity.”

“Good child.” Huang Ying Ying touched her head.

“Grandfather, Grandmother, I’m going back to my room to get medicinal materials and read those ancient books.” Sima You Yue said.

“Go ahead.”

Waiting for Sima You Yue to go back, Huang Ying Ying asked, “You say…this Feng Clan, is it the Feng Clan we know of?”

“For someone to appear and leave quietly, not to mention, she is only a maid, other than the Feng clan, I don’t think there’s any others. I didn’t expect You Yue to have a relationship with the Feng clan.”

“This child has a very good fortune. I am worried that she will carry too many things in the future.” Huang Ying Ying said worriedly.

“Whatever you get, you will give nothing. There is no way.” Sima Xiu Qi sighed together. “Seeing her now, I would rather be ordinary.”

“I don’t know why, after thinking of her, I feel a little flustered.”

“There should be nothing wrong.” Sima Xiu Qi put his arms around her shoulders and comforted her.

“I hope so, well, even if there is anything, I will fight with my life and protect her!”

Sima You Yue didn’t know what Huang Ying Ying and the others were thinking. After she entered the room, she arranged an enchantment and stepped into the spirit pagoda.

“Yue Yue, we haven’t found any useful methods yet.” Little Seven pouted when she saw Sima You Yue.

“It’s alright, you look for it slowly, you can’t be in a hurry.” Sima You Yue touched her head.

She should have done these things on her own but her spirit beasts clamoured to help her so she felt very grateful that she had them by her side.

“Then what are you doing in here?” Little Spirit asked.

“I would like to have a look at the Divine Scar.” Sima You Yue said.

“It looks good now. Come with me.”

Little Spirit finished speaking and took her to the medicine field.

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