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Chapter 1377: Paying Xuan Yuan Pavilion a visit

At first, she thought that their spirit energy was exhausted because of sealing herself. But since it was her Grandfather who did the seal for her later, how did such a thing happen to them?

Sima Liu Xuan was silent for a while, as if he was thinking about the events of that time, but he didn’t seem to want to mention it. Only after a long while, did he speak.

“Not long after your mother was pregnant, we discovered that she had been poisoned. We checked for a long time, and your Uncle Liu Feng also helped to check it, but nothing could be found. At that time, they said that it was better not to have you because her pregnant body may not be able to bear it. No matter what anyone said, she insisted on giving birth to you. She had a difficult birth due to the poisoning and because you have two types of spirit energies, so during delivery, I had to imbue spirit energy into your body. We were blessed that you were finally born. But your mother and I were also exhausted because of this and no one expected those things to happen after.”

“I see, so my poison was brought out of my mother’s womb.” Sima You Yue murmured, “Father, thank you both for giving me my life.”

“How did you dispel the poison in your body?” Sima Liu Xuan asked.

Even they couldn’t find out what poison it was, so how did she dispel the poison?

“I was very young at that time and I was lucky to have met a mysterious person who was very interested in the poison in my body which he then dispelled it for me. I don’t know where he went after treating me though.” Sima You Yue thought for a while, but still didn’t tell him the truth; she didn’t know if they could accept it.

“Then we should really thank him.” Sima Liu Xuan said, “Do you know who he is?”

“I don’t know, he said that he happened to travel there and he was interested in the poison in my body. You don’t have to worry about it, I gave him some treasures to thank him for the life saving grace.” Sima You Yue added on.

“That’s good. Well, if I see him in the future, I still have to thank him properly.” Sima Liu Xuan said.

“Alright.” Sima You Yue didn’t know he would still be so focused on this.

Actually, one couldn’t blame him for being so adamant on this matter as the impact on her was too great. Originally, he thought that as long as she could just live a peaceful life and grow old like an ordinary person, he would be happy. But to his pleasant surprise, she had actually met someone to detoxify her poison and let her have the opportunity to embark on the path of cultivation.

“Father, I once heard Master say that the three of you traveled together, but not in detail. Perhaps you can share with me more in-depth and I can analyze for you the culprit’s identity!” She successfully changed the topic as his attention immediately shifted.

“Master? You mean that fella, Feng Zhi Xing?! He actually became your Master?” Sima Liu Xuan was angry, “How could that fella accept you as an apprentice without my permission? It’s damnable. Hmph! When I see him, I must question him carefully!”

“Master treats me very well.” Sima You Yue thought about the fact that the two of them were rivals in love and said with a smile, “I think he wants to meet you too. Alright, Father, tell me what happened.”


Sima Liu Xuan recounted the previous incident and after hearing the details from him, she managed to narrow down to a few suspects.

However, she didn’t plan to tell him now as she noted it down in her heart and planned to check it out when she had more time.

“Father, take a good rest, I will refine the pill for you.” Sima You Yue wiped the corners of his mouth and stood up.

“Don’t overwork yourself.” Sima Liu Xuan urged.

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.”

Sima You Yue finished leaving, but instead of refining the pill after she went out, she left Memory Restaurant. Before going out, she asked about the location of Xuan Yuan Pavilion.

She hasn’t been there for so many years and didn’t know if that was still useful.

She went to Xuan Yuan Pavilion alone, and the steward came to greet her immediately.

“Young Miss, what can we do for you?”

Sima You Yue took out the token that Jun Cang gave to her and said, “I would like to see your manager.”

Seeing the token, the steward’s expression immediately changed from one of politeness to respect as he bowed to her slightly and said: “The manager is upstairs, please follow me.”

“Thank you.” Sima You Yue put the token away and followed him upstairs.

The steward took her to the innermost room upstairs, knocked on the door and pushed open the door after he heard the manager’s response and announced, “Manager, Young Miss You Yue is here.”

The manager stood up immediately and when he saw Sima You Yue coming in from behind the steward, he hurried to the front and said, “Jun Shi has seen Young Miss You Yue.”

“Hmm?” Sima You Yue was a little surprised that they knew who she was.

“When Young Miss You Yue revealed your female identity, we had already received the news and knew of Young Miss,” Jun Shi explained.

Sima You Yue didn’t expect that she hadn’t looked for them for so many years, and they still remembered her.

“Well, I’m here this time because there’s something I need your help with.” Sima You Yue said.

“Young Miss, please say.”

“Xuan Yuan Pavilion is selling news, right?” Sima You Yue asked.

“This is right. Young Miss, what would you like to know?” Jun Shi asked.

Sima You Yue came to the table, picked up the brush on the table and quickly wrote down a few names on the paper.

“Manager Jun, I want you to help me check the affairs of these people, mainly what happened about fifty over years ago. I think you should know which direction to pursue?”

Jun Shi looked at the names on the list and said, “These people are all young ladies from the inner regions or the proud disciples of large sects. May I ask why Young Miss wants to check their affairs?”

“About fifty over years ago, when my mother was pregnant, she found out that she was poisoned.” Sima You Yue said, “I would like to ask you to find out what these people were doing then. Who they were in contact with, I want all the information on them, no matter how minute the details. As for the remuneration, I will pay according to your usual charge.”

“The remuneration is unnecessary.” Jun Shi said, “If there is news, we will notify Young Miss immediately.”

“This thing is not easy to handle, after all, it was more than fifty years ago, and their identities are not ordinary. If you want to check, it will take a lot of energy.” Sima You Yue said.

“We’ve received instructions from above, no matter what Young Miss requests are, we must fulfill it.” Jun Shi said respectfully.

Although he didn’t know why the orders were as such but as a subordinate, he only had to execute them.

“Really?” Sima You Yue murmured, they must be because of Jun Cang’s orders, and Jun Cang was so kind to her because of Feng Ru Yan.

Thinking of Feng Ru Yan, she just remembered that she didn’t come to herself to check on her at the appointed time. Could it be that something happened? I don’t know if I can contact her.

“Then if you have news, send it to me. You should know my whereabouts. If you don’t know, you can just go to Memory Restaurant.”

“Alright. As soon as there is news, we will send someone to you immediately.”

“Alright, be careful not to let them notice anything.” Sima You Yue specifically reminded him to be prudent before leaving Xuan Yuan Pavilion.

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