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Chapter 1373: Destiny or fate

They didn’t get into lightning tribulation as Sima You Yue and the rest headed back to the Human Realm. It was already the exit when they came out.

“Southern Desolation Swamp is right in front.” Sima Liu Yun continued, “Put them in the Little Realm first.”

Them, referring to Wu Lingyu, Sima Liu Xuan, Third Mo and Di Wu.

One of them was falling asleep and three injured ones hadn’t healed. It wouldn’t be good for them as there would be spatial pressure when they got out.

Sima You Yue nodded and said, “You guys go in as well. Take care of them too.”


Sima You Yue opened up Little Realm for everyone to get in and went out alone.

She felt the pressure when she passed through that layer of spatial and got out of the area of the mountain when the pressure was gone.

She turned back, took a look and actually saw the sunset.

“The day approaches its end, the connection of human and ghost….. One day, I’ll go to the other side of Ghost City.” She muttered.

“Aiya, Miss, you actually came back alive!” A shocked voice was heard from the swamp below her, she lowered head, it was the Little Mud Fish she saw when she first came here.

“Miss, you guys went for two to three years, I thought you won’t be able to make it out!” Little Mud Fish chatted with Sima You Yue as it wasn’t afraid of her.

“Two to three years?”

“That’s right, you guys went in for two to three years! Why? Don’t you know?” Little Mud Fish was wondering if she had lost her memory after seeing her in such a shock.

Sima You Yue recalled, she stayed in Ghost City for three to four months, but it was already two to three years outside, it seemed like the time flow inside was different from outside.

“I understand now, thank you, Little Mud Fish.” Sima You Yue said gratefully to Little Mud Fish.

She then took out the transportation array and went in after activating it.

“I didn’t do much!” Little Mud Fish didn’t understand why this person had to thank it before leaving.

No one would understand a Human’s thoughts. This was the innocence of spirit beasts of swamps.

But there were many people who went in with her but she came out alone, it seemed like those people were dead, she must have lost her mind.

Little Mud Fish thought as it swam away.

When Sima You Yue came out again, she was already in a city nearest to Heartbreak Valley. She looked for a place and released everyone.

After Little Helper came out, he told Sima You Yue, “Elder Sister You Yue, I’ve already completed the mission that Master asked of me, I’ll have to go back now.”

“Why the rush?” Sima You Yue didn’t expect that he would leave once he came back.

“Master is not in good health, it would be better for me to go back as soon as possible.” Little Helper said.

“Oh I see, then I won’t delay you any further, take this communication stone with you, look for me if you need help.” Sima You Yue said.


“This is a gift of thanks to you guys. I wouldn’t have been able to successfully save my Father if it wasn’t for your help.”

Sima You Yue took out a communication stone and a box and passed it to Little Helper.

“I can’t, this was initially a deal….”

Little Helper wanted to reject but was stopped by Sima You Yue.

“You’ll need to use it.” Sima You Yue continued, “Also, this friendship isn’t something that can be made with a deal.”

“Alright. Thank you, Elder Sister You Yue.” Little Helper accepted it and activated a one time transportation array and walked in.

When he appeared at the Divinator sect, Yin Lin who was recuperating could sense it. After a short while, Little Helper’s voice sounded outside his door.

“Master, disciple is back.”

“Come in.”

Little Helper opened the door, bowed and greeted Yin Lin upon seeing him.

“Master, disciple was lucky not to be killed.”

“You’ve done well.” Yin Lin nodded, “What did she give you?”

“This. I haven’t opened it. Master, you can’t figure it?”

Little Helper was suspicious, wasn’t Master able to sense this kind of minor thing to know? Did his injuries get worse?

It couldn’t be, they used the tears stone that You Yue gave, Master’s injuries should be much better.

“I can’t see what this gift is.” Yin Lin said.

“We’ll know it when we open it.” Little Helper opened up the box, he was shocked when he saw what was inside. “Master, it’s a tear stone!”

“Tear stone?” Yin Lin was curious, Little Helper moved the box to him and a tear stone was indeed lying inside.

“I didn’t know that Elder Sister You Yue still has a tear stone. Master, with this, your injuries can be fully treated. It can also extend your life!” Little Helper said excitedly.

“It seems like this is all destiny…..” Yin Lin said emotionally, “I’m afraid that we won’t be able to cut off this entanglement with her.”

“Master, are you saying that Elder Sister You Yue is one of those with the heavenly mandate? It’s a good thing that we are involved!” Little Helper didn’t know his worries, “Also, after getting to know Elder Sister You Yue, she is a very nice person, she is worth making friends with.”

Yin Lin suddenly saw a scene in front of his eyes when he saw the smile on his face.


“Little Helper——”

A long sword was pierced into Little Helper’s heart from his back, Sima You Yue’s voice came from somewhere near, she rushed over frantically but couldn’t catch his falling body.

The scene flashed in an instant, Yin Lin’s eyes darkened as he looked at Little Helper and said, “What if she brings you disaster?”

“Master, didn’t you ask her to take care of me? This means that she might not bring me disaster.” Little Helper was open-minded, “If anything really happens to me, it’s my fate!”

Yin Lin opened his mouth but didn’t say anything, he waved his hand asking him to go out.


Or maybe he should let things flow naturally, it might not turn out to be good if he forcefully changed it.

On the other hand, Sima You Yue brought everyone to Memory Restaurant, the manager’s eyes brightened when he saw Sima You Yue and came over quickly to greet her but was stopped by Sima You Yue’s wave of hands.

“Manager, arrange a courtyard for me.”

“The courtyard at the back had always been cleaned, Vice Valley Master, please follow me.” The manager brought them to the courtyard at the back.

Sima You Yue thought about this situation before, therefore, a courtyard would be connected to all Memory Restaurant.

“Vice Valley Master, Valley Master instructed me to report back once we have news of you.” The manager said.

“Mm, go ahead.” Sima You Yue continued, “Other than Feng’er and Old Bi, if others asked about me, just tell them I’m not back yet.”

“Yes, Vice Valley Master.”

The manager passed down the commands, Sima You Yue brought Sima Liu Xuan to the house and laid him down.

Although he had recovered a lot, he was still very weak.

“Father, let me check on you.”

She read his pulse as she spoke.

Sima Liu Xuan held her hand and said, “Check later. Let Father take a good look at you.”

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