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Chapter 1371: Who is the better instigator

Zhang Hao shouted at Meng Sha after he saw how easily they came to an agreement, “Meng Sha, what do you mean by that?!”

“What else?” Meng Sha grimmed, “You want to drag us down with you when you asked for it? You were the one who wanted to kill her from the start, not us!”

“Even so, you guys should come together to bring them down! Don’t forget, they lied to the City Lord and intend to bring him away, the City Lord would definitely want us to kill them! Aren’t you afraid that the City Lord will blame you when she comes back?” Zhang Hao interrogated.

After Meng Sha heard what he said, his eyebrows frowned and seemed to waver.

“Then we will see if you guys can stay alive till Wei Ming Die comes back!” Sima You Yue sneered, “Also, that depends on whether she is able to come back or not. Even if she comes back, can she bring you back to life when you guys are dead?”

Meng Sha took a few steps back to indicate his decision.

He wouldn’t participate in this!

Luo Qi hesitated and made the same decision.

And for Wu Man, she definitely wouldn’t help Zhang Hao.

“You guys….” Zhang Hao didn’t expect that the result would be the same. He wanted to pull them along while being flustered and exasperated.

If three of them could hold that thing for a while, he would have a chance to escape, but he didn’t expect them to not help him at all!

Sima You Yue didn’t give him a chance to speak, “You must be thinking that if they helped you, you will be able to escape when they are resisting Mi Er, right? Too bad, they don’t want to help you at all, no chance given!”

“What nonsense are you spouting?!” Zhang Hao called out.

He looked at Meng Sha. As expected, their expressions didn’t look too good.

If Meng Sha and the rest were wavered, by now, they should have made their final decision.

Regardless if what Sima You Yue said was true, using others as scapegoats and trying to escape was something that Zhang Hao was capable of!

Moreover, they might not even defeat Mi Er if they joined in.

Everyone was already over a thousand years old. Who didn’t want to cherish their own life?! Sima You Yue purposely gave them a chance, so why would anyone risk their life for someone like Zhang Hao?

“Don’t listen to her nonsense!” Zhang Hao wanted to drag them along but he saw the sunken expression of Meng Sha and the others and backed away to the side.

It seemed like they didn’t intend to be involved in this.

“Zhang Hao, it seems like you fail as a person.” Sima You Yue continued, “My friends would fight with me even if they are no match with the enemy. But you’re deserted by your friends. People like you are narrow minded, selfish and self centered, it’s no surprise that this will happen to you. Mi Er, do it.”

Mi Er was already eager to start. Zhang Hao didn’t tell anyone that he secluded himself earlier and even wanted to kill his own Master as the hatred in him slowly rose.

It pounded towards Zhang Hao, no one would have expected that Zhang Hao didn’t resist at all, he turned and tried to escape, he even flew while trying to open up a spatial tunnel.

But no matter how he tried, there wasn’t any response in the spatial.

“Don’t waste your effort, Lingyu locked the spatial here, there’s no way you can open a spatial tunnel here.” Sina You Yue “kindly” reminded him.

“Ah——” Zhang Hao was anxious, he stopped escaping as he turned around and used a spirit skill on Mi Er.

Mi Er split into two, dodged the spirit skill, then merged back together right after and continued to surround him.

Sima You Yue didn’t focus on them after seeing that Mi Er was fine, so she turned around and looked at Sima Liu Xuan.

He was absorbing Qing Yi and Little Seven’s life energy, and although his body was getting better, he was still in critical condition.

“Yue Yue, he will be fine.” Little Seven comforted.

Sima You Yue hugged Little Seven, kissed her on her forehead and said, “Thank you guys.”

“What’s there to thank us for!” Her formal remarks got Little Seven laughing, “Yue Yue’s father is our Father too! What’s there to thank for saving our own Father.”

She and Qing Yi followed her for so long, and she never once thought of taking advantage of them. The least they could do was to help her. Also, she was even her own contract beast!

Sima Xiu and the rest looked at Little Seven, wondering what her and Qing Yi’s identity was. You Yue wanted to tell them earlier on but was interrupted by them.

Little Seven felt their gaze, she came out from Sima You Yue’s embrace, jumped into Huang Ying Ying’s embrace and laughed happily, “Grandfather, Grandmother, don’t even think of eating Little Seven up! Little Seven will be in pain!”

Huang Ying Ying was attracted by her cute looks, even the worries in her heart were gone by half.

“Grandmother will break the legs of whoever that dares to eat you up!”

“I knew Yue Yue’s grandparents are nice people!” Little Seven didn’t forget to bootlick while acting spoiled.

But being like this really made Huang Ying Ying and the rest liked her.

“Grandmother, don’t worry, with me and Qing Yi around, Father will be fine.” Little Seven comforted Huang Ying Ying, she addressed them as her own relatives so smoothly.

“I can see that he is getting much better.” Huang Ying Ying said.

Sima Liu Xuan’s life energy was almost depleted when they saved him, even taking healing pills wouldn’t work if it wasn’t replenished. But for now, his health was getting better. Although they wouldn’t know how it would be, at least his life was saved.

Sima You Yue laughed seeing how Little Seven made Huang Ying Ying happy.

They were joyous and harmonious while the other two of them were in a confused state of thoughts.

After Meng Sha and Luo Qi realised that she didn’t care about them, they felt like they wouldn’t do anything to them.

“She is putting her trust in us!” Wu Man said.

“Or you can say that she doesn’t find us as a threat.” Meng Sha said.

“Or maybe both.” Luo Qi looked at Sima You Yue, he didn’t expect that there would be powerful people around a young girl like her. Moreover, she actually quietly contracted that fearful monster.


Zhang Hao’s shriek was heard, everyone looked towards the sound and saw that his arm was chopped off by another him.

“This is…..”

Everyone was surprised, why were there two Zhang Haos? Who was the one that got injured?

“Mi Er can imitate everyone and is also able to use their spirit skill, as long as the opponent uses it in front of him. Then it would be an absolute imitation.” Sima You Yue explained to clear their doubt.

“Absolute….. imitation?” Everyone was shocked, “Then wouldn’t it defeat everyone?”

“Depends. If the strength is too high, or the spirit skill is too confusing, it might not be possible.” Sima You Yue continued, “But there won’t be a problem if the opponent is someone like Zhang Hao.”

It was game over for Meng Sha. Zhang Hao and their strength was almost the same, with that said, wouldn’t their results be the same as him?

Now, they rejoiced for the right decision they had made.

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