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Chapter 1369: You Yue, child…

This was the first time that Ghost City has seen this kind of occurrence, so everyone was flustered.

Was Ghost City about to collapse?

Wu Man and the other three came to the middle of the air and saw that ghost city was rocking. It seemed like they all thought of the same thing.

“Something’s happened at Sunset Mountain!”

“Let’s go over and take a look!”

They had just prepared to go over when the shaking in ghost city stopped. If it wasn’t because of the horde of panicking people and the demolished streets and houses, it was as if what happened was just an illusion.

“You guys stay behind and calm them down. We’ll go take a look.” Meng Sha said to the people behind him as he opened a portal through space and entered.

After that, Zhang Hao and Luo Qi went over as well.

Si Kong and Si Yue came to Wu Man’s side and said, “Aunt Man, did something happen over there?”

“Mm. You guys keep watch over the situation here, I’ll go over and take a look.” Wu Man instructed.

Zhang Hao and the others had already headed over, it seemed like she couldn’t go.

Furthermore, she was also worried that something had happened over there. Did the rescue mission fail and was he already….

“Aunt Man, we’ll go with you!” Si Yue requested.

“You stay here.” Wu Man rejected her without even thinking and immediately open a portal through space and went to Sunset Mountain by herself.

“Yue’er, the situation there is too dangerous. You should stay here.” It was impossible for Si Kong not to know about his daughter’s thoughts. However, it was not suitable. It was better to kill the thought while it was still in its cradle.

“But Little Sis, she…” Si Yue was incredibly worried.

“She said that she had a plan, which means that she definitely had a plan!” Si Kong said with an icy expression, “You go. You might wreck her plan, and kill them all. If you are really worried about her, you should stay here in the city!”

This was the first time that Si Kong had been so firm in speaking to her and Si Yue was immediately stunned.

“Little Sis, Father is right. You don’t know what her plans are. You might even drag her down if you go. She had to deal with the old devil and the few managers. That is definitely something that isn’t easy to do.” Si Ze advised.

“I… I know.” Si Yue lowered her head and obediently went home with them.

Wu Man and the other four arrived in Sunset Mountain very quickly and the first thing they saw was Wei Ming Die stuck outside the dense fog.

Wei Ming Die’s expression was terrifying and those who were familiar with her knew that she was currently in a rage.

“City Lord, what’s going on?” Luo Qi asked.

“How are things going in the city?” Wei Ming Die replied without answering the question.

“A crack has formed, and some streets and houses have been destroyed. It is unclear how many people have died.” Meng Sha said, “Things were all well and fine, so how did such a huge catastrophe happen in Ghost City?”

Wei Ming Die cast her gaze back to Wu Man, “You knew about it long ago, didn’t you?”

“Knew about what?” Wu Man looked at Wei Ming Die, puzzled. She really did not know anything about Sima You Yue’s plan, and even more so because she was covering up her true intentions, she really did not know about the tear.

When the other three saw that Wu Man was still rather confused, they were puzzled. However, they tactfully remained silent.

Wei Ming Die glared at her for a moment before retracting her gaze, saying, “That person, did not simply come here to play. She charged here because of Sima Liu Xuan.”

“Charged here? That person came in order to rescue him?!”

Everyone was surprised. After all these years it was actually a little child who came to save him. This was too inconceivable!

At this time, Mi Er had already chased away all of the powers and the dense fog surrounding the outside was dispersed along with it.

The five of them flashed and headed directly towards the core of Sunset Mountain.

Currently, in Sunset Mountain, Sima Liu Xuan was currently muddle-headed. He lay in his mother’s embrace and his expression was paper-white.

Sima You Yue took out a few pills and got him to eat it. However, it lay in his mouth and he had no energy to swallow it.

If it were not because he was able to rely on his huge willpower, he would never have been able to hold on until now.

Sima You Yue saw that he merely held it in his mouth and was unable to swallow, and a tear immediately rolled down her cheek.

“Father, swallow it! Father, I’m begging you, please swallow it.” She cried and begged.

“Xuan’er, hurry up and swallow it. Look at mother, we’re all here. You can’t abandon us.” Huang Ying Ying said, “Look at You Yue, You Yue has grown so big. You haven’t even seen how she looks like all grown up. She looks so much like Yu Ke Luo.”

“You Yue, aren’t you a doctor? Can’t you make him swallow it?” Third Mo asked.

“Right! You’re right!”

Sima You Yue hurriedly took out her acupuncture needles and pulled his clothes away and inserted some needles into his chest. She was really so worried that she became muddle-headed. She was so shocked that she had lost her senses and forgotten about it.

When the needles landed , Sima Liu Xuan regained a bit of consciousness and he opened his eyes, subconsciously swallowing the pills in his mouth.

Sima You Yue saw that he finally swallowed the medicine and she let out a sigh of relief.

“Father, how are you?”

Sima Liu Xuan’s consciousness slowly returned to him and his gaze started to become sharper. When he saw her familiar face, he sucked in a light breath.

“Ke Luo…”

“Father, I am not Mother. I am You Yue!”

“You Yue… You Yue.. Child…”

Sima You Yue fed him the rest of her pills. These were the pills and Wu LIngyu had refined two days back.

The pills slowly released their effects, but Sima Liu Xuan’s body was still in terrible condition.

“Yue Yue, let me.” Little Seven said from the Spirit Pagoda.

Sima You Yue didn’t know why Little Seven wanted to come out at this period of time, but she was not in the mood to ask, so she directly called her out.

The moment Little Seven appeared, they felt a strong life energy.

“This is?”

Sima You Yue saw the golden branch in her hands and her eyes flashed with joy, “Did Qing Yi give you this?”

“Mm.” Little Seven bit into her finger and dropped two drops of blood in, allowing it to fuse with the essence on the inside of the branch, “Let him drink this.”

“Thank you guys.” Sima You Yue took the branch and fed the essence that was mixed with the blood Little Seven had dripped in, to Sima Liu Xuan.

Sima Liu Xuan’s life force that was initially declining rapidly immediately began to fill with a powerful life energy the moment he ate Qing Yi’s essence. His entire person was filled with more vigor.

He looked at Sima You Yue and was interrupted by her before he could even speak.

“Father, you should rest first.”

Sima Liu Xuan could sense that, within his body, boundless life force was dampening his already dried up meridians and internal organs. He knew that his injuries were severe and he suppressed his mood as he climbed out of Huang Ying Ying’s embrace, sat down cross-legged and began to meditate.

Huang Ying Ying saw that their son had recovered so quickly in such a short time and asked, “What did you just feed him? Are his wounds healed?”

“Father lost too much life energy. Qing Yi and Little Seven’s essence was only able to replenish that. As for his injuries… we will only know after waiting.” Sima You Yue said.

“Their essences are so useful?” Sima Liu Feng asked.

“Mm. They are…”

“People are coming.” Wu Lingyu said.

Sima You Yue raised her head and they saw Wei Ming Die, Wu Man and the other three flying towards them.

Wei Ming Die had a death glare locked on them and the look in her eyes seemed to want to burn Sima You Yue alive.

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