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Chapter 1368: Working together for rescue

After Sima You Yue finished speaking, she looked at Third Mo and asked, “Do you have a way to open this?”

Third Mo saw the power flying around Sima Liu Xuan and sighed, “Your father was truly ruthless to himself. This is suicide!”

Everyone’s face was pale with fright when they heard what he said.

“Suicide? Do you mean that there is no way?” Huang Ying Ying cried out.

“That’s’ not what I mean.” Third Mo saw that they had misunderstood and hurried to explain, “What I mean is that he has given himself a death sentence. If anyone dares to attack the surroundings, he will die along with it.”

“Then do you have any idea?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I have an idea, but I’ll have to plan.” Third Mo said, “We just have to get rid of the power.”

“I’ll have to trouble you, then.” Sima You Yue said.

“Then join me. I’ll need your help in a moment.” Third Mo requested.


Sima You Yue knew that for a power as strong as this, Third Mo would not be able to deal with it all on his own, so she worked with him on it.

They spent the entire day ascertaining the exact direction the power came from. Only after they managed to clarify this were they able to walk in the correct direction a lot easier.

Huang Ying Ying and the others never let their eyes leave Sima Liu Xuan. When Sima You Yue and Third Mo returned, they finally drew their attention away.

“How is it?”

“We did manage to think of a way, but we’ll need everyone’s help.” Sima You Yue said.

“What should we do?”

“Third Mo, Lingyu, Grandfather, Grandmother, Uncle Liu Feng, Uncle Liu Yun, Little Helper and myself. We will all take a side and draw power in sequence.” Sima You Yue said.

“Young Miss, Little Helper is not powerful, let me take his place.” Di Wu said.

“Little Helper is in a weaker position. He only needs a bit of spirit energy. You have other things to do.”

“Then what should I do?” Di Wu also wanted to contribute.

“Di Wu, your job is the most important.” Sima You Yue said, “Do you see the death aura surrounding my father?”

“Mm.” Du Wu focused, and there was really a faint death aura circling Sima Liu Xuan.

“Apart from you here, nobody else can see it. We are planning to open the power, so we have to entrust you to deal with the death aura.” Sima You Yue said, “My father’s spirit energy has long since been drained, and he has been using changing the death aura into an energy that he can use to hold himself up. That is why his wounds have never healed no matter how many years passed.”

“It is no wonder his life jade has remained in this condition. The death aura gives him energy, but it is not compatible after all, and his body has been injured.”

“Exactly.” Sima You Yue nodded, “This kind of array that depends on power to sustain it, actually consumes very little energy, which is why he is still able to use his spirit energy and pills to hold on. However, in the later stages, no matter how little the death aura, it has injured his body.”

“My child…” When she thought of how much suffering Sima Liu Xuan had gone through, Huang Ying Ying couldn’t help but cry.

“Di Wu, in a moment, what you have to do is during the moment that we force it open, you have to completely absorb all the death aura surrounding my father.” Sima You Yue said, “During that time, the death aura will rebound, and it will be devastating to my father. You might be injured, but you will not die.”

“Alright. I definitely will.” Di Wu said.

“Alright. Then I’ll tell you all now about your individual roles. There are eight positions in total, and there are eight of us…”

As she explained, everyone understood what they had to do as they went to their respective positions.

“Everyone, we have no opportunity to practice. We only get one shot at this.” Sima You Yue looked everyone in the eye, especially Little Helper.

Little Helper was not powerful. Although his portion was the easiest, she was still a little worried.

However, this needed more than strength. It needed mutual understanding. Those in Blood Field City might have been more powerful than Little Helper, but they were people she did not acquaint herself with much, so they were not necessarily better than Little Helper.

She sighed, allowing herself to calm down, saying, “Let’s begin.”

Third Mo began to condense his spirit energy and the moment that energy touched the power, it immediately fused and entered. It attempted to open a space through where it went through, but it faced its resistance.


Third Mo spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. He was unable to wipe it off as he increased his strength to try and merge them together.

Sima You Yue looked at him a little worriedly. She knew that the first step was the most difficult. If it were not because Third Mo had a special kind of understanding towards these powers, the average person would not even dare to try.


After Third Mo cried out three times, that power was finally moved and left its original place.

Every single one of these powers came out from the ground in this area. Opposite them, it poured into the underground once again. Eight positions, eight semicircles. They had mutual attractions but mutually stayed away from each other.

When the first power left the original space of orbit, Sima You Yue immediately moved the one that she was in charge of.

The third and fourth one followed…

“Di Wu-” Sima You Yue cried out to Di Wu.

Di Wu immediately squeezed into the crack they had created and came to Sima Liu Xuan’s side.

He crossed his legs and sat down as if he were casually meditating, and absorbed every single bit of the death aura into his body. However, because the death aura was forced in so rapidly, after he absorbed it into his inner body, he received the rebound of its power and his meridians hurt terribly.

However, he did not let up and continued to absorb it. Even if he was afraid of not being able to convert it into his power, he still had to absorb it all and prevent it from hurting the Young Miss’s father anymore.

If he was injured, he would heal. However, if her father received another attack, he would really lose his life.

If he failed, he would carry this sin with him forever!

When he thought of this, he put in even more energy into absorbing it. He definitely had to absorb it all!

Sima You Yue watched as Di Wu continued to absorb the death aura without a dare of his own life, and was extremely grateful to him.

Although he always seemed to be playing around, he was reliable when the time came.

She decided that she would bully him less in the future.

After the powers in the eight positions were pulled out of their initial areas of orbit, Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu immediately blinked out of the way and arrived at Sima Liu Xuan and Di Wu’s side together. Each of them hugged onto one and brought them out of their original places.

The others retreated accordingly. Sima Liu Yun came beside Little Helper and retreated with him. In the end, only Third Mo and the other two were left.

The movement of these powers were only temporary and the rebounding powers would be even more powerful. That was why Third Mo had to sort it out for them.

“Mi Er, help him!” Sima You Yue called out Mi Er.

Mi Er had kept an eye on the situation the entire time. He was the most apt at dealing with these things.

He came beside Third Mo and tossed Sima Liu Feng over before facing the agitated power on his own.

“Mi Er, just open up a path for them. Don’t attack them!” Sima You Yue thought about how Ghost City would be affected as well as she cried out to him.

However, she was just one step too late as Mi Er already sent out his first wave of attacks.

Sunset Mountain was currently trembling nonstop. The same scene was happening in Ghost City as some streets and houses had already been torn apart.

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