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Chapter 1363: The City Lord’s Gift of Gratitude

Faced with Wu Man’s questioning, Zhang Hao coldly snorted. He didn’t reply and went straight into the City Lord’s mansion.

The air around Wu Lingyu grew cold. He glared murderously at Zhang Hao’s back.

If it hadn’t Wu Man to intervene, he might have peeled Zhang Hao’s skin off!

“Don’t be impulsive, we still need him later.” Wu Man said.

Sima You Yue grabbed Wu Lingyu’s hand. “I’m fine. Let’s not ruin Aunt Man’s plan.”

Zhang Hao sened killing intent. When he looked back, he couldn’t find who it was.

“Mm, I won’t ruin your plan.” Wu Lingyu suppressed his killing intent before Zhang Hao turned around.

Zhang Hao did not see anyone. He thought it was Sima You Yue or Wu Man who wanted to kill him. He sneered at them before entering the mansion.

“This Zhang Hao is getting increasingly arrogant.” Wu Man said indifferently. “Even without you, the conflict will also explode. Let’s enter.”

As soon as they entered, a maidservant came to greet them.

“Greetings to steward Zhang, Si family head.” The maidservant saluted them warmly. “Is this miss Si Qin?”

Sima You Yue nodded at her.

“Lian Xiang, is the City Lord well?” Wu Man asked.

“Yes, the City Lord left close cultivation early this morning. She has completely recovered.” Lian Xiang replied.

“Early this morning. Why did she want to see us so soon?”

“City Lord said that she wanted to host a special banquet for your hard work in the forbidden area. Please come with me.” Lian Xiang finished and led the way.

Wu Man and Si Kong were taken aback.

“Banquet? Why did the City Lord suddenly want to host a banquet? Moreso, in such a hurry. She just came out of close cultivation early morning and was already hosting a banquet for the evening. It had never happened before.

They thought it was Wei Ming Die discovered something and asked for Sima You Yue to come along. Not it looked like she just wanted to host a banquet to thank everyone and had to invite her.

After all, she was the one who resolved the matter.

That also explained why Zhang Hao and them were invited.

Lian Xiang did not take them into the banquet hall, instead led them to another courtyard in the mansion.

“Steward, Si family head, Miss Si Qing, master is waiting for you inside.”

“Aren’t we directly going to the banquet hall?”

“Master said she wanted to talk to you before the banquet starts. Please.”

Sima You Yue and the other’s entered the guest hall. Before they sat down, Wei Ming Die came in from outside.

“Greetings to City Lord.” Everyone saluted together.

“Let’s drop the formalities. We’re all acquaintances, just sit down.” Wei Ming Die waved her hand. She came in the main seat and sat down. She glanced at Sima You Yue. “Because of the urgent matter that day, I did not get to properly thank you. You’re Si Qin right?”

“To reply to City Lord, yes.” Sima You Yue answered.

“I really wanted to thank you for this matter. Without you, I’m afraid Ghost City would no longer exist.” Wei Ming Die said gratefully.

“This is what Si Qin should do. I believe if it were someone else, they would definitely help out if they can.” Sima You Yue did not try to take credit.

“Unexpectantly, you have such a good mentality at such a young age. It’s really good.” Wei Ming Die exclaimed.

“City Lord is overpraising.” Sima You Yue was relieved that she didn’t bring up Mi Er. The expression on her face didn’t change.

Wei Ming Die clapped her hand. Lian Xiang brought up a plate with black sandalwood and three rings.

“This is a section cut from a ten thousand year old black sandalwood tree. When you cultivate, keep it by your side. It can keep you calm, help your cultivation, and reduce the chance of going crazy. As for you kids, the effects are still good.” Wei Ming Die explained. “I am giving it to you as a thank you gift for saving the Ghost City.”

“Thank you, City Lord.” Sima You Yue wasn’t interested in it because it was no use for her. But if it was given to Mu Si it would be useful.

“The other three rings are prepared by them.” Wei Ming Die said.

“Did Steward Zhang and others prepare it?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Yes. Since you are someone from Wu Man’s side. The three parties naturally want to thank you.”

“Hah hah, thank you, City Lord and the stewards.” Sima You Yue picked up a spatial ring and probed it. She smiled happily.

It was full of things. It seems the three parties had paid a lot.

“Speaking of which, I also prepared a thank you gift.” Wu Man took out a spatial ring and handed it to Sima You Yue. Then she smiled and explained, “Si Qin is not really someone from north city. I can’t take advantage of her and not express my thanks.”

“Oh? Didn’t you say she was a Si family daughter?”

“Pfff, that was something Si Yue, that girl made up.” Wu Man chuckled. “You know, Si family had spoiled that girl a lot. She met Si Qin while playing outside and brought her back. Unexpectedly they met with problems in the forbidden area. Zhang Hao angered so much that she claimed to be Si Kong’s adopted daughter. Therefore, we are not familiar with her. Naturally, I can’t not give her a gift of thanks.”

“That’s the case. Where is Si Qin from? How did she meet Si Yue?”

“In reply to City Lord, I am not actually from Ghost City. When Si Yue was playing outside, she was attracted by my cooking and hence we got to know each other. Later, I was invited by her into Ghost City. I didn’t expect to encounter these things. For the past few days, I have been living here. I plan to go back in two days.” Sima You Yue answered.

“You’re going back?” It was unknown if it was an illusion for everyone. Her tone was a bit off.

“Yes. My father is strict. He doesn’t allow me to go out to play. I followed Si Yue in without telling my family. If my father knew that I snuck out, I would be in trouble.” Sima You Yue said in distress.

“Heh heh, Si Qin was telling me before we entered, that she was preparing to go back. Otherwise she would be punished. I originally planned to keep her here for a longer period of time. Since she said that, it was hard to ask more.” Wu Man snapped her blood red fan. Her eyes expressed helplessness.

“Aunt Man! You’re laughing at me!” SIma You Yue pouted angrily at Wu Man, like a child.

Wu Lingyu played with the ring in his hand as his eyes flickered.

This girl had never acted coquettishly with him. She always appeared mature and sophisticated since they met. She was different when she acted coquettish!

If she acted coquettishly with him….

Thinking of this, his mouth perked up. He happily decided that he would have a try when they go back.

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