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Chapter 1362: Brainwashed Mi Er

There was a moment of silent anger, before Si Kong waved his hand and ordered, “I see, you can leave.”

“Yes, family head.”

Sima You Yue suddenly understood that this place belonged to the Si family. Otherwise, the two guards would not be able to come here.

“Father, why did the old witch want us to go other? Even Little Sister needs to go. Did she discovered something off with the Mi Er in the forbidden area?” Si Yue asked worriedly.

“It shouldn’t be. If that’s the case, she would be inviting us, rather than sending someone to capture us.” Si Kong said.

“Is it just to thank her?”

“Hard to say.”

“Anyways, Little Sister is leaving. She might as well not go.”

“No, if she doesn’t go, it would arouse the City Lord’s suspicions. She is a very paranoid person. Once she suspicious of You Yue, it would be difficult for You Yue to leave.” Wu Man said.

“If this is the case, let’s go see the City Lord.” Sima You Yue said. “If I get suspected by her, it will be hard to save father.”

“But, what if she is against you?” Si Yue said anxiously.

“She probably won’t. If she really is against me, I have a way to leave.” Sima You Yue said confidently.

“Alright, let’s go.” Si Kong said.

“Send them back first.”

Sima You Yue didn’t want Mu Si and them to go with her. What if something happened to them when she left. She wanted to go back and send them to her Little Realm.

“I’m with you.” Wu Lingyu understood what she was thinking and took her hand.

Although Wei Ming Die was only a thousand years old, she had been in paragon rank for many years. If it weren’t for Sima Liu Xuan who caused trouble in the past fifty years, her strength would be higher. Who expected her to have an external help, Mi Er!

Though he hadn’t met Wei Ming Did, he knew how dangerous that woman was. There was too much difference in terms of strength. If something were to happen, even if she wanted to let him out, it would be impossible.

Therefore, he must accompany her.

“Sure.” Sima You Yue was relieved with Wu Lingyu. She would still have him to depend on if something happened.

So, she sent Mu Si and Di Wu back to the courtyard. When there was no one, she opened her Little Realm and sent them in, leaving her and Wu Lingyu left.

The two went to find Si Kong and them. Si Kong and Wu Man were done preparing.

Afterwards, Wu Man and Si Kong boarded a carriage. Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu boarded the carriage behind. The two carriages drove towards the City Lord’s mansion.

Inside the carriage, Sima You Yue leaned on Wu Lingyu’s shoulder while holding hands.

“Lingyu, if we have to fight with the old witch. Can we leave unscathed?”

“You were quite confident just now. Why are you asking this question now?” Wu Lingyu teased.

“I don’t believe in your strength. Once you take action, it will definitely be earth shattering.” Sima You Yue said. “However, with your physical condition, can you take action?”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely protect you.” Wu Lingyu kissed her forehead.

“Did that guy follow you?” Sima You Yue asked.

That guy had eaten the old fellow from Sage Pavilion in one bite. Its strength wasn’t low. If it was here, Wu Lingyu would not need to take action if something happened. Anyways, they were not outside, so it was okay to not hold back.

“You should believe in my ability.” Wu Lingyu flicked her head with his other hand, just where he had kissed.

Sima You Yue glared at him. Wasn’t she worried for him.

But since he said so, it meant there was no problem.

The beast carriage rode them to the City Lord’s mansion. The mansion occupied a large space in the center of the Ghost City. Sima You Yue felt more strange was that since she was so far from the forbidden area, how did she use Mi Er for cultivation?

Wasn’t it troublesome to come back and forth every time?

“Master, it may seem far away from the forbidden area, but there is a tunnel connecting them. The City Lord only needs to go through the tunnel and enter a secret room. The secret room will absorb my power for their use in cultivation.” Mi Er explained.

Sima You Yue noticed she was referring to them. So City Lords were changed over thousands of years, and he was exploited by them by day.

No wonder he yearned for freedom so much… She suddenly felt pity.

“Mi Er, after we go out, if you want to go anywhere, I won’t restrict you.”

She thought Mi Er would be happy. She didn’t expect this guy’s reaction was, “You don’t want me anymore?”

“Huh?” Sima You Yue was stunned.

“Your other contract beasts hadn’t left, and you want me to leave. You don’t me anymore?” Mi Er felt aggrieved. Did she dislike him?

“What are you thinking about?!” Sima You Yue wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry because of his aggrieved look. “It’s not that I don’t want you. I mean you can go out and travel without staying by my side. When I have things to do, if you stay by my side, you would be bound to me. Aren’t you eager to look around?”

“So it’s not you don ‘t want me!” Mi Er was relieved. “When your matter is resolved, I will consider whether to leave.”

Sima You Yue’s lips curved up. This guy wasn’t bad. He was just longing for freedom.

Mi Er heard of what the other contract spirit beasts talk about her previous stuff. Although he did not understand, it made him interested in her life.

In their words, if he wanted to go outside, he might as well follow You Yue. It would be much more amazing than alone!

He had never seen the outside world. Based on what they said, it was a good thing to be by her side. He might follow her for a while. If it wasn’t as good, it wouldn’t be too late to leave.

Sima You Yue was too busy with the matter with mine that she didn’t pay attention to the communication between the spirit beasts. She didn’t know that they had successfully tricked Mi Er. Therefore, she was surprised by his grievance.

The speed of the beast carriage was fast. Soon, they appeared in front of the gate of the City Lord’s mansion.

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu got off the beast carriage. They discovered they were not the only carriages here. Several others were passing by. It seemed that Wei Ming Die did not just invite them.

Wu Man and Si Kong also came down. The coachman drove the beat carriage away to a parking place.

“Humph!” A cold snort with force was directed at Sima You Yue. Wu Lingyu was about to counterattack, when Wu Man waved her red fan in her hand to stop it.

She snapped the red fan casually as she glanced at Zhang Hao who just got off the beast carriage behind them. She quietly said, “Zhang Hao, what, do you want to kill people at the gate of the City Lord’s mansion?”

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