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Chapter 1351: I am Sima You Yue

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The two were not elders. They were of higher status than elders in the family.

However, the clan elders were generally those with high strength in the family. They usually are in close cultivation and rarely intervene in the affairs of the family. Their sudden appearance in Si Kong’s study room indicated that the master was serious.

“Man’er, the mine is in chaos.”

Si Kong’s single sentence raised Wu Man’s anxiousness. She asked, “The mine is in chaos? What happened?”

“When you were going back to pick up the City Lord, I felt some movement on the mine. I took people to check and found that all the people in the mine were dead.”

“All of them died? What happened?”

“It is chaos in the mine.” Si Kong replied. “According to news we go, not only our mine, other families’ have also.”

“All in chaos?”

“The other families had forbidden the news to leak. Their problem appeared about the same time as ours. I think the same thing happened. Is there something wrong in the forbidden area?”

Wu Man pondered for a bit. “It’s nothing special. Only Yu’er and them were there in those few days. Maybe they know what happened.”

“The only way to know is to ask them. Come here, go invite Young Miss and her friends over.”

“Yes, family head.”

The guard at the door complied and left.

Sima You Yue and others had just settled down and was about to go to Si Yue’ courtyard for a stroll when they saw a guard approached.

“Young miss, family head invites you and your guests to the study room.”

“Father wants me to go to the study room?” Si Yue was a little surprised and met with Sima You Yue’s gaze.

They were saying something big happened. Now they were being asked to go the study. Was this matter related to them?

“Yes, Young Miss.”

“I got it. Go back and tell father, we will be there soon.” Si Yue commanded.

“Yes, Young Miss.”

When the guard left, worried appeared on their faces

“If father asks for me, that would be nothing. Since he looked for you, is this related to you? Could it be related to your contract with Mi Er?”

“I think it is highly possible.” Sima You Yue said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be asked over. I’m afraid the contract will cause some trouble.”

“I didn’t see anything odd during the contract! You made a contract with the thing in the forbidden area, how is it related to other places?” Si Yue questioned.

“Although we didn’t witness any, it doesn’t mean there are none. Let’s go see your father and find out what happened.” Sima You Yue said.

“Mm, we can only do so.”

Si Yue took Sima You Yue to the study room. The guard saw them and opened the door. “Family head said to come in directly.”

Sima You Yue and Si Yue came in together and observed Wu Man and Si Kong sitting in the main seat. Two old men sitting on their sides.

Si Yue was taken aback when she saw the two old men. She guessed that this incident was definitely not a trivial matter.

“Greetings to father, Wu Man, and two clan elders.”

Sima You Yue didn’t expect the two to be clan elders. This incident was not trivial since the clan elders were dispatched.

“Si family head, steward.” She saluted to the two people in the main seat. Because she was not from the Si family, she didn’t salute to the two elders.

“Yue’er, I called you today over is because I have something to ask you.”

“Father, say it.” Si Yue appeared calm on the surface.

“Did anything unusual happen when you were guarding the forbidden area?” Si Kong asked.

“Unusual?” Si Yue was shocked, but no reaction showed on her face. She frowned lightly. “Did something happen to the forbidden area?”

Si Kong looked at her daughter and understood. He sighed. “Yue’er, if something happened in the forbidden area, you must tell us. Because our family recently encountered a big problem.”

“What happened at home? Is it related to the forbidden area?” Si Yue asked.

“Do you know where our family mine is?” Si Kong asked.

Si Yue nodded. “Third brother took me there before. Could it be that something went wrong in the mine?”

“That’s right. Three days ago, the mine for some reason went into chaos. Some parts of the mine collapsed. All the people who worked in the mine died.” Si Kong replied. “The mine related to the fate of our family. Now you know how serious this matter is?”

Whether it is in the outside world or here, the mine was related to the development of the family’s strength. If the mine disappeared, it was equivalent to the family going extinct.

No wonder Si Kong was so anxiou. It really was a matter of survival.

Since it was about the survival of the family, Si Yue dared not hide anything. She glanced at Sima You Yue apologetically. But the latter smiled in return.

That meant it was okay to tell.

“Why, what really happened?”

“Well, little sister contracted the thing in the pond.” Si Yue replied. “The guy say that by contracting it will not cause any problems, so…”

“Contacted?!” Everyone in the room cried out.

It was obvious how terrifying the thing was, but she unexpectedly contracted it!

“But I didn’t sense a contract being formed from the pond. I didn’t notice any strangeness.” Wu Man said.

“The one in the pond is Mi Er’s clone. It said as long as it is completely disconnected from the clone, it won’t be detected.” Si Yue explained.

“Therefore, this matter was caused by the contract with thing in the pond?” Si Kong frowned.

“Father, Mi Er said the contract won’t affect anything. So You Yue contracted it.” Si Yue said. “Mi Er is also very pitiful. It has been suppressed by the City Lord in the past since it gained intellect. It was used for cultivation in the forbidden area. It wanted to come out.”

“Let’s not talk about how it’s pitiful. It gained intellect through growth of power. Do you know this guy is connected to all the mines in this space for so many years? Once it is contacted, all the mines would be affected, “Wu Man said.

“Why are they related to Mi Er?” Si Yue was puzzled.

“It is similar to a king in there, which affects all the forces under it. Moreover, they are connected underground.”

“Mi Er is not just in the pond?”

“That’s not a pond.” Si Kong said. “You won’t understand this now. Si….”

He looked at Sima You Yue. He still didn’t know her name.

“Si family head, I am Sima You Yue.”


The three Si family members were shocked when they heard her name. Their gaze on her changed.

On the other hand, Wu Man thought of something and her eyes dimmed.

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