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Chapter 1349: Problem arises when City Lord comes back

Wei Ming Die glanced at the people in the arena and asked the people behind her, “Is it them?”

“Yes, City Lord.”

Si Yue tugged on Sima You Yue’s clothes and greeted Wei Ming Die and said, “Greetings to Your Honor, City Lord.”

“Greetings to Your Honor, City Lord.” Sima You Yue, Di Wu and Mu Si followed and greeted.

Wei Ming Die looked at Blacky who was on the floor, she frowned her eyebrows slightly and said, “Who does this dark beast belong to?”

“In reply to Your Honor, City Lord, it’s mine.” Sima You Yue responded.

Wei Ming Die looked at Sima You Yue, not sure whether to be happy or angry. After seeing Sima You Yue’s forehead filled with sweat, she then faintly said, “Not bad.”

“City Lord, let’s quickly seal this thing.” Wu Man reminded as she interrupted Wei Ming Die looking up and down on Sima You Yue.

“Mm, sorry to inconvenience you guys.” Wei Ming Die nodded to Wu Man, walked past Sima You Yue and went to the side of the pond.

Sima You Yue saw how she stood there without moving. Did she find out anything?

If they really found out that something was wrong with Mi Er, a battle would be unavoidable if they guessed that she established a contract with it. Even though she wasn’t afraid, it would be difficult for her to get any information if they went against them, as she hadn’t found her Father.

“Master, don’t worry, she won’t find out anything.” Mi Er comforted.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue responded in her heart.

Although this little guy was full of lies before and wanted to kill her when they were establishing the contract, it was obedient after the contract.

Actually, Mi Er felt that grievance. Not only did Sima You Yue had Blacky to suppress it, she also had top grade purple lightning which was its nemesis. She even had Divine Vermillion Bird and Nirvana Fire. No matter what, all were its enemy and nemeses.

If it even intended to do a counterattack, they would destroy it to bits!

Since it couldn’t retaliate, then it could only accept it. Although it was uncomfortable for it to be bound up with someone, it could also see that Sima You Yue was talented and she would definitely soar over the horizon. It wouldn’t be taking a loss by following her.

Most importantly, it didn’t need to stay in the pond ever again. Its Master would roam everywhere, it could also follow her and look around the world.

Freedom! Its tears flowed just by thinking about it.

It was a clever guy, with all these thoughts, he gave in, so he treated Sima You Yue sincerely.

Although Sima You Yue believed what Mi Er said, she was still a little worried.

Fortunately, Wei Ming Die only paused for a while and waved her hand, a seal then sealed Mi Er’s doppelganger in the pond as she turned to Sima You Yue and said, “I heard about what happened from Wu Man, thanks to you and your spirit beast, after this thing has ended, we’ll award you. This is a restricted area, I hope that you guys won’t spread what happened after you leave here and never come back here again. Wu Man, lead them out of here.”

“Yes, City Lord.” Wu Man said.

“I’ll take my leave for now.”

Not only Sima You Yue, but everyone else left too. Wei Ming Die was the only one left in the arena.

“Hmph, she chases us out every time she puts a seal on it, is she that worried that we’ll learn her way of sealing!” Zhang Hao said with dissatisfaction.

Sima You Yue then understood that Wei Ming Die chased them out so that they wouldn’t be able to learn the way of sealing. This was too dangerous, if she was the only one who knew how to seal, even if others had any ill intention, they wouldn’t dare to steal the rights of the real one.

This was why Zhang Hao didn’t dare to attack her a few days back even when he hated her so badly.

“When was she not like that? What’s there to be angry about. If she doesn’t chase us out, then wouldn’t we learn it?” Meng Sha said sarcastically, but no one knew if his sarcasm was towards Wei Ming Die or Zhang Hao.

“Alright, let’s go back. Si Yue, Si Qin, you girls come with me to North City.” Wu Man said.

“Aren’t we waiting here?” Si Yue questioned.

They wanted to know if that Old Devil found out anything so that they could prepare in advance. If they left, they wouldn’t know.

“City Lord always seals for two days and rests for half a month after. She still has injuries on her body, so I’m afraid that she would need to take a longer time to rest. So it’ll be pointless to wait here, she will automatically ask us to come over after she recovers.” Wu Man explained.

“Oh I see. Little Sister, let’s go back with Aunt Man then.” Si Yue said as she coiled her arms around Sima You Yue’s.

Wu Man opened up the spatial tunnel and brought Sima You Yue and the rest in. Meng Sha and the rest, opened up their own spatial tunnels as well and went back to their mansions.

When Sima You Yue came out from the spatial tunnel, she knew why they needed this even though they were in the same city. This city was way too big!

When they came out, the spirit barrier protecting Mu Si also disappeared. Sima You Yue was grateful to Wu Man as it prevented Mu Si’s frail body from being hurt from the pressure of space.

Mu Lian Jie went missing from trying to save her Father, so it didn’t matter if he was still alive or not, she decided to protect Mu Si as if her were her own Brother.

“Eh, I haven’t been out for long and I’m back here again.” Si Yue sighed.

“You don’t even know how to go back home after playing for so long and you still whine about it being short? I think you won’t even remember how home looks like if you stayed out any longer.” Si clan’s Third Brother said as he walked out of the courtyard.

“Third Brother, how could I forget.” Si Yue went up to him and coiled her arms around Third Brother’s arm and said, “Where’s Father and the rest?”

Si clan’s Third Brother poked her nose, showing affection. “He’s settling some stuff in the study room with Elder Zhang, they were wondering when would you be back.”

“Aunt Man is already at our house, what is Father still discussing about?” Si Yue muttered.

“I heard it’s about something that happened outside the city, I’m not sure about the details as Father didn’t tell me.” Si clan’s Third Brother continued, “Aunt Man, thank you for bringing the Little Sisters back.”

From here, Sima You Yue then realised that Wu Man brought them back to Si clan.

Wu Man lightly responded and asked, “Where did the situation occur?”

“I think it’s the road to Ghost Realm. Father said that he will discuss it with Aunt Man upon your return.”

“Discussing it with Aunt Man? It seems like something big is happening! Does it have anything to do with what happened for the past few days?” Si Yue asked curiously.

“Don’t look at me like that. I don’t know if it’s related. You’ll know when Father comes out.” Si clan’s Third Brother knew what she was thinking just by looking at his Little Sister’s gaze.

While they were talking, Si Kong sensed that they were already back and appeared in the courtyard.

He, who had always loved his own daughter, acted like he hadn’t seen Si Yue, looked at Wu Man and said, “Something happened.”

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