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Chapter 1348: Mi Er’s special skill

Sima You Yue looked proudly at the panicked surge of power, did you think I couldn’t handle you?

But in her heart, she felt relief, she was lucky that she didn’t believe this guy and asked the purple lightning to be on guard in advance.

“I’ll give you one last chance now. I’ll destroy you if you try to play any more tricks! Blacky can’t do it, do you think top graded purple lightning can’t do it too?”

Although it was unreconciled to, it didn’t dare to play any more tricks, it ended up acknowledging her as Master.


Sima You Yue made a noise lightly after coming in contact with that thing.

Sima You Yue and Di Wu came down while looking at her curious gaze.

“Little Sister, what happened?”

Sima You Yue took a glance at them and said, “I already have a spirit contract, I didn’t think that this thing would be contracted with my spirit. So I was just curious, I thought a human can only have one spirit contract?”

“Maybe your spirit is too strong, that’s why you can make another contract.” Si Yue guessed.

“Maybe.” Sima You Yue continued, “If my mental strength is strong, I’ll be able to contract more spirit beasts, that means if my spirit becomes stronger, I can have more spirit contracts.”

“That’s right!” Si Yue continued, “Little Sister, can you get it to transform into a shape? I’m curious what it looks like.”

Sima You Yue shook her head and said, “It looks like that, it doesn’t have any form. But it can transform into another appearance.”

Because they had a spirit contract, she started to understand it more.

“Oh? What kind of shape can it transform into?”

“Mi Er, let Si Yue see how she looks.” Sima You Yue ordered all smilingly.

Mi Er was a name given to it by her.

The black mist floating on top of the pond slowly gathered to form a shape, everyone took a look after it was done, wasn’t this how Si Yue looked? Even her aura was similar.

“Wow, it really looks like me!” Si Yue cried out in shock.

“Mi Er, change another!”

The black mist dispersed and combined again and transformed into Sima You Yue. Its aura was identical to hers as they had a contract, it looked like there were two Sima You Yue.

“This is amazing!” Si Yue looked at two Sima You Yue, with Mi Er, it would be convenient to do anything next time!

Sima You Yue didn’t know that Mi Er would have such ability, this was the first time ever.

Although Thousand Resonance could transform too, but other than her, he could only shape but couldn’t transform completely into others, their auras couldn’t be imitated.

But Mi Er could imitate others almost identically, it was more powerful than Thousand Resonance.

The most important thing was that Thousand Resonance could only imitate the light ones, but Mi Er could imitate all light and dark ones, with that said, it could imitate Humans, Ghosts and Devils!

Mi Er was the one and only in the world with the power of intellect.

“But, Little Sister, would Old Demoness have an inkling of you guys being contracted?” Si Yue said worriedly.

She didn’t sense it, but Old Demoness was very powerful, they might find out that Mi Er was different from the past.

“My doppelganger and I have already cut in contact, my contract won’t be on its body so no matter how powerful that person is, they wouldn’t find out.” Mi Er said.

“Then we’ll do as you said.”

Mi Er nodded, the transformed Sima You Yue then dispersed into black mist then sank into the water. At the same time, the water in the pond decreased, the colour became lighter, from black to colourless.


A few drops of water separated from the pond and flew into Sima You Yue’s left wrist and formed into a faint black plum flower.

After that, the water in the pond increased and became like how it used to be.

“Done.” They only knew that it was done segregating after Mi Er spoke.

“That will do?”

It didn’t look like there was any change in the pond.

“Those are residue. It’s useless keeping it.” Mi Er explained.

Its power was in the black plum flower on Sima You Yue’s wrist, with it, it could transform into any kind of water from any pond.

Sima You Yue looked at the plum flower on her wrist, “Can the colour be changed?”

“You can change the colour just by thinking of the colour.”

That works too?

Sima You Yue thought of red and that plum flower really turned red, it was tender, beautiful and plump. She thought of black, green and purple and the plump flower would change into any colour she thought of.

It was faster than a chameleon!

She then let it change to black, black would be a suitable colour for this part of the body.

But she was more curious as of why this contract didn’t increase her power at all.

She guessed that maybe it was because it was an unordinary spirit beast.

“Oh right, didn’t it say that it knew where your Father was? So where exactly is your Father now?” Si Yue asked.

“This guy doesn’t even know at all, he lied to us just now.” Sima You Yue continued, “But it said that he can’t get away from the Old Demoness.”

“This guy’s words can’t be trusted!”

“The City Lord is coming back soon, right? Then we’ll know.” Sima You Yue wasn’t as anxious now, if she was anxious now, then it would be easier for people to find out something and it would attract problems instead.

“This Old Demoness is hard to deal with, why not we ask Aunt Man after we settle this problem.” Si Yue said.

“Mm. I’ll have to trouble you when the time comes.” Sima You Yue said.

“It’s nothing. I can see that Aunt Man is fond of you.”

She remembered that Si Yue said Wu Man also liked Sima You Yue’s Father, she was wondering how it was like to face her Mother’s rival alone.

After settling Mi Er’s problem, the arena was not a threat to them anymore. But to put on an act, they had to wait in the arena by making some food and chatting, three days passed just like that.

Today, while Sima You Yue and Si Yue were discussing arrays, they suddenly felt a strong power moving towards them, both of them glanced at each other thinking they had finally come.

In a few breaths, a group of people came to the space of restricted areas in a blink of an eye.

The first person who came first was a girl with black clothes and thick makeup, although her facial features were exquisite, one could even say that she was prettier than Sima You Yue by a little, but because she had dark aura on her body, it made her look lifeless.

Sima You Yue suddenly got worried, she was wondering if this Old Demoness could see the connection of her Father’s and her aura.

“Master, don’t worry, you have the dark aura now, you’re similar to your Mother’s, unless they met your Mother before, if not they won’t know your identity.” Mi Er comforted her knowing what she was thinking.

She became relieved with what it said, these people didn’t know about the relationship of her parents, they wouldn’t even know that she was Sima Liu Xuan’s daughter!

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