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Chapter 1340: Throwing Blacky

“What do you mean? Do you want us to go down and die?” Someone roared.

This was the same person who reproached Sima You Yue before. Now he heard she wanted to make them go down. He immediately jumped in to accuse.

Sima You Yue scratches her ears. “What are you yelling about? You make my ears sore.”

“What kind of heart does your Si family have? Are you deliberately targeting us?” Another person who had reproached Sima You Yue before asked.

“Targeting you?” Si Yue sneered. “We’re targeting you, what are you going to do?”

“Si family head, if so, you’re not putting Zhang family in your eyes? Because of personal grievances, you don’t care about this matter. Are you afraid of receiving opposition from the people in the city?”

“As for what doesn’t put the other in their eyes, wasn’t it the Zhang family who did it first?” Si Yue continued, “when you talked about my little sister, why didn’t you say your family was targeting us? Hmph, my dad is right. We are targeting you. What are you doing to do?”

“If it’s necessary to say that it was delayed as a result of personal grievances, the people in the city would fault you! Obviously you can go down and try. But you refused. Aren’t you the one who is wasting time?” Si family Third brother chimed in.

“Hurry up.” Meng Sha became more gloomy. He glared daggers at the Zhang family.

But they still stood still. Zhang Hu had just died. How could they go down now?

Zhang Hao didn’t force them anymore. After all, he had already lost two experts. Zhang family couldn’t afford more losses.

Seeing their inaction, Meng Sha disappeared from his spot and reappeared behind the two people who had just spoken then. No one reacted while two had been thrown down.

“Meng Sha!” Zhang Hao was stronger than Meng Sha. Because of current inconvenience, he could only watch them being thrown down.

“If you want to drag on and wait till that thing counterattack, only you would be left to defend the south city. Anyways, I believe that little miss would take action after the south city gets swallowed up. We will still be fine.” Meng Sha said coldly. Then he returned to his original position.

Zhang Hao was so furious that his face turned blue. Seeing the other three people’s faces wasn’t good, he didn’t dare to say anything.

“Since they are already down, just try it now.” Though Luo Qi held the most authority, his temper was the best out of the four. Even so, he was also very impatient.

Zhang family would feel uncomfortable whenever they didn’t cause trouble.

At first, the two people were worried that the black fog would engulf them and turned them into two piles of bones, just like the two at their feet.

“Quickly hurry!” Wu Man also urged. “Remember, do not use spirit power.”

How could they deal with this thing without spirit power? That thing would come over if they use spirit power.

“Haven’t started yet?” Meng Sha’s voice held killing intent. If the other party didn’t move, he would move.

“Don’t use your spirit power, just called like Blacky. Hurry up, this thing patience will run dry.” Sima You Yue had been playing for so long and started to feel annoyed. If the Zhang family wouldn’t do it, then she really wouldn’t make a move.

Everyone heard the dissatisfaction in Sima You Yue’s words. They were afraid that she would really just pack up and leave. The gaze towards the Zhang family became unkind.

Zhang Hao didn’t speak. It was uncertain if he was too furious that he couldn’t speak, or he acquiesced to Sima You Yue’s method.


“What are you standing there for?!”

“Can you afford it if things go wrong?”

“That’s right! Your Zhang family is so powerful, so hurry up!”

The people outside who were watching the excitement, all roared. Though they were far, people inside could still hear it.

Especially those who were not from the south city, they were not so afraid of the Zhang family. They roared the loudest.

“Everyone is so enthusiastic. You have great expectations, hurry up.” Si Yue grinned.

The faces of the Zhang family were ugly like scumbags. Since it already reached this point, they could no longer drag it on, lest people started saying that they were unwilling to contribute to the city.

“Try it.” Zhang Hao couldn’t resist the pressure in the end and ordered.

No matter how reluctant the two people were, they had to do it now. When they thought of learning to bark, they couldn’t muster. Finally, the barking sound was smaller than the flapping of mosquitoes.

“This soft, how is it going to scare that thing back?”

This time it was not the Si family who spoke. Sima You Yue looked over. The person was behind Meng Sha. They were probably from north city.

“Woof woof woof———–”

The two finally hollered twice or so. Regardless whether it was useful, they immediately flew back.

The black fog stood in place, not retreating.

Of course it would not retreat. They were as strong as Blacky!

This result was expected, so no one was disappointed.

“It seems that these two wasn’t able to! Change to another set.” Si Yue said.

The rest could not avoid it. But fortunately, the two were safe. It meant it wouldn’t be life threatening. One by one, they went down and barked.

“Are you satisfied now?” Zhang Hao looked at Sima You Yue. This time, he had put away his anger, but his tone still betrayed him.

“Sigh, I have enough rest. Godfather, I will go down and get to work.” Sima You Yue didn’t bother to look at Zhang Hao as she told Si Kong and them. She flew down holding Blacky.

Si Kong didn’t expect Sima You Yue to call him that. Though it was the first time they met, she left him a very good impression, very similar to his family style.

If Sima You Yue knew what he thought, would she roll her eyes in her heart? She was much better than them, a family full of bad water!

When these people saw Sima You Yue taking action, their hanging heart fell.

Intuition told them that as long as Sima You Yue was willing to do it, things would turn out fine!

Sima You Yue came to the square with Blacky in her arms. The black fog retreated back a little once it saw them approach.

Although the distance was no more than a few centimeters, the little distance was hope for the onlookers above!

Sima You Yue looked down at the distance from the pond. “Are you going back by yourself? Or do you want us to drive you back?”

“Don’t underestimate people!” She didn’t expect that thing to speak.

“Does this thing have self consciousness?” Sima You Yue stroked Blacky. “Do you think if you don’t go back today, there will be a second result?”

The black fog surged more severely. But it didn’t dare to get close to Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue didn’t bother to talk more nonsense. She raised Blacky in her hand and threw him towards the black fog.

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