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Chapter 1335: 1335
Chapter 1335: Uncommon self introduction

With Si Yue’s hint, the Si clan didn’t reveal that Sima You Yue wasn’t a Si clan member .

Sima You Yue walked to Si Yue while carrying Blacky in her arms . Si Yue held her and checked on her to see if she was alright before releasing her .

This scenario really looked like an Elder Sister caring for a Little Sister .

“Little Sister, are you alright?” Si Yue patted her shoulders and blinked at her .

“I’m fine . ” How could Sima You Yue not know what she was trying to do, it was obvious that she was trying to cover up, she better not expose herself .

Although she didn’t know how Si Yue managed to make Si clan members remain silent, Sima You Yue remembered that Si Yue once said that she was doted on by the whole clan, so it was expected that they wouldn’t let her down .

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Si Yue asked dearly, “It was so dangerous just now, I don’t know how many people would have died if it wasn’t for you . You guys must be so tired using so much energy to push this back here step by step!”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips thinking that Si Yue wasn’t lying when she said she could lie .

But it was good against the Zhang clan, their faces turned red from holding back .

“So it turns out to be Si clan’s Young Miss, I heard Si clan was really small, why are there two Young Misses now?” Someone from the Zhang clan was unhappy and started blaming them .

“Can’t she be my Father’s Goddaughter?!” Si Yue continued, “Or do we need the Zhang clan’s permission for my Father to adopt a Goddaughter?”


“You what?” Si Yue was unhappy when Zhang Hao ordered Sima You Yue to do things, she didn’t think that the two brainless guys would jump out of nowhere and were unhappy with the Zhang clan now .

Not only her, it was the same for others .

Why did the Zhang clan make up so many things even at this time? If they really offended Sima You Yue, who could solve the problems before their eyes?!

Fortunately, the black fog didn’t cover up the whole area even though some of it came back . Everyone sighed in relief .

If that thing counter attacked because of this, then the Zhang clan would be the one to be blamed!

At this point, the Zhang clan’s members were unhappy . Sima You Yue and Blacky stopped because of them, and they couldn’t let their pride down because everyone blamed them .

“Little Sister, this is Aunt Man that I was telling you about, you haven’t seen Aunt Man when you just came in?” Si Yue introduced .

Sima You Yue blinked and looked at Si Yue, would this be alright? What if we were exposed?

Si Yue gave her a glance, don’t worry, we wouldn’t be exposed .

As expected, before she said anything, Wu Man spoke .

“I heard Big Brother Si adopted a daughter, I didn’t think that we’d meet so soon . Thank you for today, I can’t imagine how it would be like without you and your spirit beast! Since you’re Big Brother Si’s daughter, then you can address me as Aunt Man, the same as the way Si Yue does . ”

Wu Man said that because she was truly grateful to this young lady . Although she felt that Sima You Yue went overboard a little, it was also because the Zhang clan was being annoying .

“Man, Aunt Man, you flatter me . ” Sima You Yue didn’t expect the in-charge of North City would help Si Yue to cover up a lie, it seemed like everyone doted on her .

Come to think of it, the character she had could only be shaped under the environment she grew up in . If she grew up in an environment where everyone tried to outwit each other, then she wouldn’t have that pair of pure and crafty eyes .

“Take a rest since you’re tired . I’m keeping watch here anyway, it won’t dare to come forward . ” Wu Man intentionally shot a glare at Zhang Hao and Meng Sha .

Meng Sha twitched his lips when he saw her glare and swallowed the things he wanted to say . Although he was always against Wu Man, their relationship was better than Zhang Hao .

Zhang Hao was different, he could see that Wu Man was obviously trying to warn him that he shouldn’t let Zhang clan members stir anymore problems . Sima You Yue was only saying that she was tired and wanted to take a rest, if he stirred any more problems, she might just quit and just leave! In short, she wouldn’t lose anything even if everyone in the city dies .

So for now, if the Zhang clan didn’t give in, then don’t blame them for being impolite .

At this point of time, Si clan members flew over, others didn’t stop them .

“Father . ” Si Yue saw coldness in her Father’s eyes, she pulled a smiling face and went up to coil her arms around his arm .

“You’re being naughty again . ” Si Kong glared at her and chided .

She was unsure whether he was talking about adopting Sima You Yue as Little Sister or about shaming the Zhang clan in front of everyone .

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“Father, I’m just worried about Little Sister . ” Si Yue acted coquettishly to Si Kong, but pleaded at the same time .

Sima You Yue’s gaze became sad when she thought about her dead Father from her past life as she saw Si Yue being close knitted with her Father .

With that said, she didn’t have any memories of who her Father was, be it in name or even biological Father . Even after coming into this body for a few decades . Even though she had Big Brother and Grandfather’s companionship, she longed for her Father and Mother .

Si Yue remembered that Sima You Yue came here to look for her Father and that she once said she was given away ever since she was young, it seemed like she missed her Father .

“Little Sister, don’t worry, Father won’t blame you . ” Si Yue continued, “Father, it’s my idea that we sneaked out, don’t blame Little Sister . ”

She even shook Si Kong’s arm after .

A shock flashed through Sima You Yue’s face but there was a trace in her eyes .

How did this become sneaking out to play?

“Haha, Little Sister . ” Si clan’s Third Brother smiled to Sima You Yue, “Tell Third Brother, was this trip fun?”

Sima You Yue saw everyone looking at her, especially Zhang clan’s members, she even mentioned that she was from the Si clan, if they knew she was lying, then the death of Zhang Shuo would definitely be linked to her . She didn’t want to handle this for now, so she could only put on a fake smile and replied, “It was fun . ”

“You’ve to come back early even if it’s fun . ” Si clan’s Eldest Brother said, “Little… . Your Elder Sister always wants to have fun, you can’t follow her when Eldest Brother isn’t there . ”

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“If Little Sister wants to have fun, let Second Brother bring you guys along . It’s dangerous to go out alone . Understand?” Si clan’s Second Son said in all seriousness, as if he really had two Younger Sisters .

“I understand . ” Sima You Yue’s lips twitched . Were these three brothers from the Si clan doing a self introduction? Were they afraid that she was exposed in front of everyone?

Even Si Kong looked at her and said, “How? Are you injured anywhere?”

“No, I’m just tired . ” Sima You Yue followed in reply .

“Take a rest if you’re tired . There’s others here anyway, you don’t have to be here . ” Si Kong said faintly and also fooled the Zhang clan’s members .

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