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Chapter 1331: Chapter 1331 - Only City Lord knows how to seal it
Chapter 1331: Only City Lord knows how to seal it

The peacefulness of the pond only lasted three days . In the afternoon on the third day, the power once again started to thrash about . In the beginning, it was not very powerful . The tossing of the things inside was not too strong either .

Wu Man, Zhang Hao, Meng Sha and Luo Qi stood by the side of the pond . When they saw the liquid thrashing about, their hearts suck .

This was a lot quicker than they had expected .

“It’s only been around two days, but it’s started again . ” Wu Man swayed her red fan and would occasionally fan towards the pond . The liquid would slow down whenever she did so .

“It’s a good thing that everyone has more or less recovered . If it puts up too much of a resistance, we can only suppress it again . ” Zhang Hao siad .

“That may not be so . ” Meng Sha looked at the liquid in the pond . A dark black barrier was above it . “In the past, this was all black fog . However, it has turned so dense that it is like liquid . This proves that it has grown too strong . Look, is the color of this liquid not much deeper than it was two days ago?”

“It has grown more powerful . ”

“That’s right . I’m afraid this damn **** is going to burst out . ”

“Can we not suppress it?”

“Only if City Lord returns . ” Zhao Hao said, “Only City Lord knows how to seal this . In the past, he would have to reseal it every hundred years . However, it’s been a few years since 100 years have passed but she has not yet returned . ”

“Could it be that she is really going to abandon the entire ghost city for the sake of one man?” Luo Qi said with dissatisfaction .

“If this thing really does break out, the entire city is gone . ” Wu Man’s expression was also filled with worry .

“Haha, that’s not too bad . The entire city perishes together . That’s an exciting scene as well . ” Meng Sha guffawed, “As long as that thing bursts out, in order to protect this space, it will naturally drag ghost city down with it . Nobody will be able to leave, everyone will die together!”

“I’m amazed that you’re still able to smile . ” Zhao Hao glared at him, “if that really is the case, the connection between the human and ghost realms will no longer exist in ghost city . ”

“What else can I do now besides laugh?” Meng Sha said, “Do you guys still think that we will be able to hold on if it attacks with full force? This seal is bound to break eventually . ”

“Even if it breaks through this, there’s still the seal of the forbidden area! As long as we guard one, there will be an opportunity to suppress it back . ” Luo Qi said .

“I’ve never even seen the seal of the forbidden area . We still don’t know whether it’s of any use at all!”

The others didn’t continue talking after Meng Sha because they also had their own reservations about it .

As time passed, the thing in the pond started to attack more and more aggressively . Everyone had no choice but to use their spirit energy to push it back again .

However, it was no longer any use against this energy . It was like an erupting volcano as it burst out from below, bashing against the seal again and again .

It was just when Si Yue swore that the energy in the pond finally broke through the seal . That seal first ripped a small tear, then the black fog started to pour out nonstop .

“No way, we can’t hold it back anymore . Everyone, if you don’t get out now, we’ll all die here!” Luo Qi cried out .

“Hurry up and disperse!” Wu Man said to Zhang Hao .

Zhao Hao knew as well that this situation was beyond redemption . He hesitated for a few seconds before yelling, “Everyone, disperse and get out of here now . Head to the forbidden area!”

All the guards stopped attacking and dispersed in an orderly manner . Wu Man and the other three flew out as well .

Just as they were running outside, it was when Si Yue was making her vow . The black fog poured out with great force and quickly filled the plaza .

Just as the black fog was heading outside, rays of light shot out of the eighty one balck pillars . The rays of light combined into one and locked the black fog inside the plaza . It helped everyone buy some time to escape .

“You want to stop me with just this bit of energy? Hahahaha…”

Within the black fog, a sinister voice sounded . Everyone who was there was filled with a deep sense of terror .

Did it already form a spirit?!


The barrier that shot out from the black pillars was broken by that energy . It released an ear splitting noise . At the same time, a thick barrier formed around the forbidden area, trapping the energy inside .

The speed of which was so quick that a few of the slower guards were also trapped inside . They were very quickly drowned by the black fog and could not even utter a cry before they were turned into a pile of bones .

“So powerful!”

Everyone’s hearts were filled with fear as they watched the tumbling black fog . With the barrier protecting them in the past, they had never encountered this directly before . It was only when it chased after them that they realised just how powerful it was!

It was a good thing that the seal existed in the forbidden area . Otherwise, the entire ghost city would perish here!

Those in the city already started to sense the chaos happening in the forbidden area . Their intuition told them how dangerous it was and everyone of them started to fly out of the city .

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“The city has turned chaotic . ”

“You couldn’t leave now even if you wanted to . ”

“Is there any other option?” Luo Qi asked, “Wu Man, you were the closest with City Lord in the past . Has she ever told you about this?”

“Why would you say this to me . ” Wu Man sneered, “This was the reason she was able to secure her seat as City Lord . How could she ever tell me . ”

“That’s true . The city lord has only always been the only one to know it . They never tell anyone else either . ” Meng Sha said .

It was precisely because of this that nobody else could covet the position .

“It’s a good thing that this seal is strong enough . Otherwise, it would break out . ”

“However, it can’t hold on for too long either . We have to find a way to force it back . ”


The black fog within the seal grew denser, and it swirled even more chaotically . The sounds it would occasionally make would set everyone’s hairs on end .

“Do we really have no other options?” Luo Qi watched as it kept attacking the seal . If this continued on, it would really break out of the seal eventually .

“We were able to use our spirit energy to fortify the seal in the pond . Maybe we can do it again . ” Wu Man said, “Let’s try . ”

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“Alright . ”

The four great decision makers flew to the sky above the barrier and continued to pour their spirit energy into it . However, much of it had already been consumed, and this little bit did nothing much to strengthen the barrier .


The thing inside continued to attack with increased intensity . The four of them were heavily pushed back by its power .

“The more time it spends outside the stronger it becomes . ” Luo Qi clutched his chest as he spit out a mouthful of black blood .

“However, now that we’re outside, we’re powerless to stop it from coming out . ” Wu Man used her blood fan to defend herself during the crucial point and was faring much better than Luo Qi .

“Someone’s coming!” Meng Sha happened to look towards Sima You yue’s direction . Because she was different from the others, he saw her with a single glance .

Everyone looked over and happened to see SIma You Yue flying towards them .

“This person really is interesting . Everyone else is fleeing for their life, but she’s rushing over to send herself to death’s door . ” Meng Sha wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he said lightly .

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