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Chapter 1330: 1330
Chapter 1330: Four great decision makers

Three days earlier .

Just when Sima You Yue and Di Wu jumped off the city walls, they were in the heart of the forbidden area . A group of them were in the huge plaza .

This plaza was different from other plazas . There were eighty-one one-metre-tall black stone pillars surrounding them . Four pillars towered in the four corners of the plaza . Each one was inscribed with a variety of ancient spirit beasts . In the centre of the plaza stood not a strong stone, but a giant pond .

At this time, the liquid that was similar to water was moving restlessly . On the surface of the pond rippled in a semicircular shape . The liquid surrounded the pond, not allowing it to spill over .

Everyone in the plaza focused on the activity in the pond, worry written on all of their faces .

“Why isn’t Wu Man here yet?” A senior grumbled lowly to the two beside him .

This senior was appointed as one of the clan leaders in the Zhang Clan . He was the one and only Zhang Hao, first of the current four great decision makers in Ghost City .

To his side were two others . One was the decision maker of East City, Luo Qi, and Meng Sha . Luo Qi, who was more than two metres tall, was a lot taller than the average . Adding his moustache to that look, he looked like a complete barbarian .

The other one, Meng Sha, looked a lot more gentle . It was just that his eyes were too icy, and it felt like he could freeze you to death with a single glance .

“Zhang Hao, Wu Man is coming from the North and will need a bit more time . ” Luo Qi said .

“Is her heart still with managing Ghost City at all?” Meng Sha said icily, “I’m afraid that she no longer cares about whether this city lives or dies . She probably thinks males and females are all the same . ”

“Meng Sha, I think it’s best that you never open your mouth at any time . ” An enchanting girl appeared from the void and glanced at him coldly .

Dressed in a fiery red skirt that slit all the way up her thigh, a red fan was in her hand . Even her eyelashes were red .

She glanced at everyone, enchanting them .

“I’m very sorry . This mouth of mine just loves to speak the truth . ” Meng Sha said, “We were all here and you were the only one left . It’s hard for everyone not to think that way . ”

“There will be a day where I poison you and turn you mute . ” Wu Man said .

“Alright, what time is it now . You’re still standing around bickering . ” Zhang Hao stopped the two of them from continuing .

If this were any usual time, he would just let them continue bickering . However, the situation now was different . This was no time to let them war with words .

Wu Man came to the side of the pond and watched as it continued to attack the barrier nonstop . A bit of it had even managed to break past the barrier and turned into a bout of black smoke and wanted to rush outside only to be fanned away into nothingness by a wave of Wu Man’s fan .

“Why would it suddenly turn so agitated? It’s even grown so much more powerful . ” She casually fanned her fan, every movement extremely alluring . Even her doubtful state was enticing .

“We suspect that it might be due to sunset mountain . ” Zhang Hao said . Ever since that thing happened, the activity here has been increasing in frequency . ”

The hand Wu Man held the fan with, hesitated for a moment . She quickly regained her composure and said, “There is a strong link between this place and sunset mountain . It is normal that it affects each other . ”

“It seems that this seal is going to be broken soon . I’m afraid that it will not be able to hold on for much longer . ” Luo Qi said .

“Have we notified the city lord?”

“We cannot contact the city lord . No one else can enter that place . ” Meng Sha said .

“If the city lord does not return, I’m afraid that this seal will no longer be able to hold it back . ” Zhang Hao said .

“Its strength has been growing all the while . The people who keep watch here have said that its strength has recently been amplified by something, and it has grown much stronger very quickly . ” Luo Qi recounted what he heard .

“Since we cannot contact City Lord, we can only suppress it for the time being . Then, we can look for City Lord and redo the seal . ” Wu Man suggested .

“We can only do that for now . ”

“Is everyone here?”

“All the guards from the forbidden area have arrived . ” Zhao Hao said, “Right now, we were only waiting for you . ”

“Then let’s begin . ”

“Everyone, get ready!” Zhang Hao waved his hand and all the guards stood in a circle around the pond . Eighty one people flew onto the pillars while Wu Man and the other three flew to the four poles in the specific four directions .


With the single command, everyone poured their spirit energy into the pond . The spirit energy fortified the seal on the barrier . The initially tottering barrier was returning to normal right in front of their eyes .


The power in the pond could sense that the seal was getting strengthened and started to toss about with increased intensity . It seemed to be giving it a final push . The initially recovering barrier once again weakened considerably .

“Again! We definitely have to seal it!” Zhang Hao said to everyone .


Everyone activated their spirit energy again, pouring even more energy into the seal than before . The power started to equal with the one inside .

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“This won’t do, this will not be able to suppress the power inside!” Luo Wi said .

“Wu Man!” Zhang Hao cried out .

“Bullying this lady?” Wu Man cursed as she tossed the fan in her hand . The fan grew huge in the sky, only stopping when it was as big as the pond .

The power of the pond seemed a little afraid of that red fan . When that fan was in midair, it seemed to weaken the resistance quite a lot .

“Now!” Meng Sha cried out and everyone increased the power they poured in . a portion was inserted into the seal while a portion attacked the inside directly .


A wretched and disgruntled cry rang out from the inside, and it slowly died down . The chaotic energy also slowly returned to normal .


On Zhang Hao’s command, everyone slowly stopped releasing their spirit energy . Only in this way would nobody get hurt .

However, every single one of them was exhausted . Although they did not have to hold on for a long time, only about an hour to so, everyone one of them felt like their spirit energy had been drained dry .

“Everyone, eat some pills to replenish some energy . ” Zhao Hao said .

All the guards had energy replenishing pulls . They ate the pills before sitting down and resting to recover their spirit energy .

Wu Man waved her hand and her fan returned to its original small size before flying back into her hand .

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Although they managed to successfully suppress the energy this time, their expressions did not appear completely relaxed .

“Although we suppressed them for the time being, we don’t really know if it has really quieted down . ” Luo Qi said .

“I could sense that it has not completely given up . Although it is hibernating for now . If it attacks again, I’m afraid that we will face even greater resistance . ” Wu Man said worriedly .

“I could sense it too . ” Meng Sha said, “That is why we cannot yet leave this place for another two days . Just to prevent it from attacking suddenly . ”

“This is all we can do for now . If the power suddenly bursts out of the seal, we would likely be powerless to resist . The entire city and its people would be swallowed . ”

“Then should we notify them before that or not, to let them try to avoid this?” Luo Qi suggested .

“How will we tell them? The moment they find out, it will cause chaos . ” Zhao Hao said icily .

“I agree . We will continue to observe . If it is really dangerous, it will not be too late to tell them then . ” Meng Sha said .

However, none of them could have thought that the situation would turn so quickly and that there would be no time to react .

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