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Chapter 1328: 1328
Chapter 1328: Explosion in the Forbidden Area

Si Yue was so fast that He Bo was too late to stop her .

“Miss!” He wanted to stop her vow, but he could watch as the light of the vow entered her chest . “Miss, why did you…”

He Bo felt very regretful . He really shouldn’t let Young Miss mess around and casually make a view . What if someone took advantage of her?

Sima You Yue was also surprised . Did this guy swear as she said?

“Well, I have already sworn . Can you tell me now?” Si Yue urged .

Sima You Yue sighed . “Why do you have to do that?!”

“Who let you arouse my interest . ” Si Yue retorted . “I seldom take interest in people . You suit my appetite . I also believe that you will not use this to do anything to me . Okay, don’t worry about this . Tell me, who do you want to find?”

“I don’t know either . ” Sima You Yue admitted .

“You don’t know either?!”

“Do you know Sima Liu Xuan?” Sima You Yue inquired .

“It’s him?!” Si Yue looked at Sima You Yue in surprise . Then a realization dawned on her . “Right, your name is Sima You Yue, and his name is Sima Liu Xuan . Your surnames are Sima . I never thought of this before!”

“It’s normal to not expect that . ” He Bo rarely spoke . “Sima Liu Xuan’s name is taboo . No one has mentioned it for decades . ”

“You know my father?”

“Of course I do!” Si Yue exclaimed . “Your father is famous!”

“Then do you know what happened to my father?” Sima You Yue looked at her expectantly .

If she knew, she would not need to find someone about it .

“I know what happened before . There are few who know what happened later . ” Si Yue said . “No wonder your father was so strong . It’s not surprising that he’s him . ”

“Before and after?”

“That’s right!” Si Yue said . “Your father did several great things after he came to Ghost city! It seems that he went to the forbidden area too . Later, an old witch got interested in him and wanted him to stay . But he said he was going to the Ghost Realm . We’re not sure what happened later . I thought he went to the Ghost Realm, but he’s still here . ”

“Old witch?” Di Wu looked at them .

“That’s the city lord of the Ghost City . ” Sima You Yue said . “Mu Si said it before . I remember you were too busy eating at that time . ”

“Oh, it’s the woman who had lived for thousands of years! Miss, your father caught the attention of the old witch . Tsk tsk, his charm must be really grand! Could he have submitted to the old witch and stay to become the city lord’s husband?” Di Wu grinned .

SIma You Yue’s face turned dark . She pulled Di Wu’s ears . “My father belongs to my mother . He won’t go with the old witch! You bastard, if my father went with the old witch, will he stay injured for decades?”

“Eh, that’s true!” Di Wu pressed his ears hard, trying to avoid her evil claws .

“Hmph, next time, don’t say nonsense about my father . Or I will cut off your tongue and bake it . ” Sima You Yue let go of him .

Di Wu rubbed his ears and quickly promised . “I see . ”

After Sima You Yue let him go, she turned to Si Yue . “Si Yue, since you knew about my father, can you tell me about it? Maybe we can find some clues . ”

“I can tell you, but I think you’d better not hold any hope . It may not help you find your father . ” Si Yue said .


“Because what happened later is a secret . ” Si Yue grabbed Sima You Yue’s shoulder and mysteriously said, “I will tell you a piece of information quietly . Aunt Man also likes your dad . She was secretly planning something before . I don’t know if it involved your father . According to my speculation, Aunt Man knows what happened later . Maybe my father also knows . But they won’t tell me . ”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips . Her father was really lucky with women!

“So if you want to know, it’s best to find your father and them . But will they tell me?” Sima You Yue asked .

“This, maybe . ” Si Yue was not certain . She once had asked her father before but was scolded instead . He told her not to mention this name again and said nothing else .

However, if his biological daughter asked, her father might tell her .

“This shouldn’t be delayed . Let’s go find your father . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Going back now…” Si Yue didn’t want to go back . But seeing Sima You Yue’s anxious look, she sighed . “Well then, let’s go back first . I don’t know if my father will allow me to go out to play again . Sigh, let’s go . ”


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Just as they were about to leave, an astonishing force suddenly burst from within the forbidden area, spreading out from the center of the forbidden area . But it was trapped within the spirit barrier outside the forbidden area .

He Bo looked over and shouted, “No! There is an explosion in the forbidden area! Miss, let’s leave here quickly . ”

“explosion in the forbidden area?” Si Yue’s face paled drastically . She grabbed Sima You Yue’s hand . “Let’s get out of here!”

“What’s wrong?”

Sima You Yue looked toward the power surging above the forbidden area . It was like a prisoner gaining its long lost freedom, attacking the spirit barrier recklessly .

“I don’t have time to explain to you, but there is an explosion in the forbidden area that happens once every ten thousands of years . Many people had died from it . We’re close to the forbidden area . We have to leave quickly!” Si Yue shouted .

“You go first . ” Sima You Yue pulled her hand away from Si Yue’s and flew back .

“What are you going to do?!” Si Yue yelled .

“Mu Si is still at the house . ” Sima You Yue replied without looking back .

Si Yue didn’t expect her to think of Mu Si at this time . Her eyes flickered and hesitated for a few seconds . Then she ran back with her .

“Miss!” He Bo wanted to stop her .

“It’s not too late anyways . ” Si Yue replied .

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They returned to Mu Si’s broken hut . Mu Si had woken up from the shaking movement . His face paled in shock from seeing the commotion in the forbidden area .

He once heard his father mentioned about the forbidden area explosion . Realizing what it was and his own strength, he knew he wasn’t able to escape .

“You Yue?” He went to Sima You Yue’s room . The room was empty .

Di Wu wasn’t there . He Bo wasn’t there, so was Sima You Yue and Si Yue . They must have left when he didn’t know .

He laughed at himself . He didn’t see Di Wu when he woke up . Didn’t he already understand?

He looked at the black fog above the forbidden area and felt hopeless .

Why did his heart hurt a little when he found out he was abandoned?

“Mu Si!”

Suddenly, an anxious voice called . His body shook in this darkness and despair . He stared blankly at the people flying in from a distance .

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