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Chapter 1327: 1327
Chapter 1327: The Mysterious Dusk Mountain

It was the first time that Sima You Yue saw Si Yue that surprised . She asked, “What’s the matter with Dusk Mountain?”

“How would I know about Dusk Mountain?” Si Yue retorted .

“I heard it from someone . ” Sima You Yue said . “Is there something wrong with Dusk Mountain?”

“Of course, there’s something wrong! Dusk Mountain is not a place that normal people can go to, let alone live there . ” Si Yue replied . “I heard that place concerns the survival of the Ghost City . There are experts guarding in there . How is your father related to that sort of place? Most people don’t even know this place because everyone who has been there has been killed . ”

“Then how do you know?” Sima You Yue didn’t expect Dusk Mountain to be so mysterious . How did her father come to be related to such a place?”

“If it wasn’t for our family’s good relationship with Aunt Man and her adoration for me, I wouldn’t know about Dusk Mountain . ” Si Yue replied .

SIma You Yue knew Aunt Man was the overseer of the north of the city, Wu Man .

As the overseer of the north of the city and as the old witch’s capable subordinate, Wu Man must know about Dusk Mountain . No wonder Si Yue also knew .

“You Yue, where did you hear of Dusk mountain? Did they say your father was at Dusk Mountain?”

“I have an uncle, and he said that he went to Dusk Mountain to save my father . That’s why I thought he was there . ” Sima You Yue said .

At the same time, her heart sank . She had her father’s life token with her so she knew her father was alive . But what about Mu Lian Jie? After going to such a place and not returning after so many years, was he still alive?

If he was gone, and Mu Si was still young, what would he do in the future?

“If your father is really there, it won’t be easy to save him . ” Si Yue said . “No, it should be, if your father is still there, are you sure he is alive?”

Sima You Yue revealed Sima Liu Xuan’s life token . Si Yue could recognize it at a glance . “Although it is full of cracks, they’re not dead yet . Is this your father’s life token?”

“Mm . ”

“How long has it been?”

“It’s been for decades . It has never been fixed nor has it been completely broken . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Pfff——-” Si Yue laughed suddenly . “Decades?” You mean your father has not died after decades of injuries?”

“Mm . ”

“Your father must be a god! What’s your father like?” Si Yue said with admiration . After decades of being injured, he’s still alive . This was not something ordinary people can do .

“I don’t have any impression of my father . Soon after I was born, I was sent to my current family . ” Sima You Yue said .

“So, then your brothers are not your real brothers?”

“Right, although not blood related, they treated me especially . Before I could cultivate, whenever others called me a waste, they would help me beat those up . They wouldn’t let me feel aggrieved . ” When she thought of her brothers, a smile appeared on her face .

“It seems that your brothers really love you . ” Si Yue said . “But then again, how are you going to save your father?”

“I want to find out if he is at Dusk Mountain . If he is not there, I wouldn’t be able to find him even if I go . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Mm, make sure before we go . It’s best if we don’t need to go to the Dusk Mountain if we don’t need to . ” Si Yue said . “Even a curious person like me doesn’t want to go there . You can tell how dangerous that place is . ”

“I understand . ” Sima You Yue said .

What she didn’t say was regardless if her father was there, she would have to go Dusk Mountain . Because Mu Lian Jie went there to save her father and hadn’t returned .

Of course, this was not absolute . By then, it would have to depend on the situation . She couldn’t enter blindly to die .

However, she felt that the possibility of her father being there was relatively high .

“Hehe, go investigate first . ”

Sima You Yue watched Si Yue’s eyes moved restlessly . She wondered what sort of bad idea she was thinking of .

She had thought of asking Si Yue if she knew about her father . But when she recalled what Mu Si had said, she didn’t trust Si Yue totally . So she gave up .

She really did not know where to start on investigating this matter . It was a bit troublesome .

There were too few clues in her hand . There was only Dusk Mountain, her father’s name was taboo here, and nothing else . How could she be able to find her father’s whereabouts?


Since her father’s name is taboo, he must have done something that wasn’t some trivial matter . Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so .

In that case, many people should know him . As long as she found the right person, she would be able to ask about her father .

Having figured this out, she also knew what to do next .

“Go rest first . I’ll go out for a while . ” She told Si Yue as she prepared to go out .

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“Where are you going? I want to go too!” Si Yue jumped out of bed and went after her .

“I need to go to the latrine . ”

“Me too!”

Ten minutes later, she looked at Si Yue and sighed silently .

In Si Yue’s words, it was nice for her to have her go along . With her, she would be able to get ideas for her . She could help her rescue her father!

When Sima You Yue remembered what Little Helper said, she also wanted to see if she had any connection with her father, so she agreed to take her .

“Where are we going now?” Si Yue asked .

“I’m going to find someone to ask… . ” Sima You Yue’s footsteps suddenly stopped .

If she were to go everywhere asking, wouldn’t her affair be exposed?

“What’s wrong?”

Sima You Yue looked complicated . Should she take her along?

“Who are you going to find?” Si Yue asked . “Is it something I can’t know?”

“It’s about my father . I can’t let you know . ” Sima You Yue hesitated before admitting .

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“Oh, I see . You don’t trust me, right?” Si Yue pouted . “I really want to help you . But It looks like I don’t have your trust!”

It was the first time Sima You Yue spoke so directly that she couldn’t answer .

“It’s about my father, so I have to be cautious . ”

“Understand . ” Si Yue waved her hand, indicating she understood her meaning . But although she understood, it still felt uncomfortable .

This guy obviously made people feel close, but how could she be so guarded?

But the more Sima You Yue was like this, the more she wanted to know what she was going to do . It was like scratching a cat’s paw .

“Since you’re uneasy, how about I make a vow . ” Si Yue didn’t wait for her to respond . She immediately continued, “No matter what I know about your father, I won’t tell anyone else, otherwise, I will go to hell, never ever to leave again!”

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