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Chapter 1318: 1318

Chapter 1318: There really is a clan that she randomly made up

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Sima You Yue looked at those people . They bore the Zhang Clan’s mark on their clothes, so they should be the guards from the Zhang Clan .

Yang Zi stepped forward and cupped his fists in salute to the guards, smiling as he said, ” Guard Peng, which winds have blown you over to our little abode today?”

“Ah, so it’s you, Yang Zi . What are you doing here as well?” Zhang Peng appraised Yang Zi, wondering whether or not this guy could have killed Young Master Zhang Shuo .

Zhang Shuo bullied Mu Si, and this guy had always had a good relationship with Mu Si . He took good care of him . It wasn’t impossible for him to kill Young Master Zhang Shuo on his behalf .

Yang Zi could tell what he was thinking from his expression and hurriedly explained, “Guard Peng, don’t think wildly . I did not kill your clan’s young master . ”

“Was it really not you?” Zhang Peng did not believe him . In his eyes, any one of them who was a suspect was the perpetrator .

“It really wasn’t me . You can check yourself, when your Young Master Zhang Shuo died, I was in the shop busying about!” Yang Zi said .

“Hmph, I will . ” Zhang Peng snorted coldly, “I hope as well that it was not you . We have a rather good relationship . If it really was you, that little bit of relationship would not be enough . I will definitely capture you . ”

“Realx, relax . It wasn’t me . I have alibis . ” Yang Zi said with a smile, “Oh right, Guard Peng, is there a reason why you’re here? Could you be suspecting that Mu Si killed Young Master Zhang Shuo?”

“Based on Mu Si’s strength, can he even kill them?” Zhang Peng said, “I have come on the order of Elder Feng Qi, to ask him some questions . ”

“Is Elder Qi going to be the one in charge of this?” Yang Zi was stunned and said, puzzled .

“Not really, Elder Qi is the most strict of all the elders . The perpetrator will definitely be unable to escape . ” Zhang Peng said, “Enough, go stand at the side . Don’t interfere in my business . ”

“Alright, alright . ” Yang Zi retreated to the side, getting out of Zhang Peng’s way . His gaze landed on the few of them who were eating breakfast .

He saw Sima You yue and Di Wu and felt like their features were striking . They definitely were not from here .

He came in front of Di Wu, asking, “Who are you?”

“This Lord… . ” Di Wu was about to blurt out something arrogant, but held it back under Sima You Yue’s glare . “Cough cough, I am Di Wu, I am the travelling companion of my clan’s Young Miss . ”

Zhang Peng looked at Sima You yue said, “Young Miss? Which Clan’s young miss? Why do you look so extremely unfamiliar!”

Sima You Yue placed her chopsticks down and smiled, “I am Si Yue, from the northern city’s Si Clan . ”

“From the Northern city?” Zhang Peng frowned . He did see very little of the people from the northern city . However, he had once heard of the Si Clan . they seemed to be a rather large clan in the northern side . It seemed like they didn’t have a bad relationship with the manager there .

If she was really from the Si Clan, he would have to be more careful .

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue said, “If Guard Peng does not believe it, you can send your men to check it now . I doubt anyone dares to masquerade as a Si clansmen?”

When Zhang Peng heard her speak, his belief in her identity increased by seven times . There really would not be anyone who would dare to masquerade as a Si Clansmen, much less that anyone who would masquerade as them would dare say these words .

“Since you are Young Miss Si, whyfor have you come to this side of the city, and be with Mu Si, this child?” Zhang Peng asked .

Sima You Yue blinked in surprise . This guy didn’t suspect her, and his attitude even improved quite a bit . Was there really a Si Clan in the northern city?

Yang Zi, who was at the side, was stunned as well . Mu Si didn’t know the Si Clan . he knew this . It was no wonder she was able to use such extravagant things to cook with .

Sima You Yue glanced simply at their reactions and knew that she had guessed rightly . It seemed like not only did the northern city have a Si Clan, that Si Clan was even of a high position .

“Was I not just out for a stroll?” She smiled, “It happened that as we walked past this place yesterday, we saw a group of people bullying Mu Si, so we went and rescued him . ”

“Did you kill our clan’s Young Master?”

“Was your clan’s Young Master a fatty with a fat head and large ears, with a flashy red outfit?” Sima You Yue said .

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“Young Master Zhao Shuo was rather large . ” Zhang Peng said, “So you are saying that you did kill our Young Master!”

“No no no, I didn’t kill that fatty! Let me tell you, I hate fatties the most . When I saw that fatty, I didn’t even want to touch him, much less kill him!” Sima You Yue said, “However, I did kill a few guards before rescuing this guy . ”

“You really didn’t kill our Young Master?”

“I said I didn’t, so I didn’t . You can believe me or not!” Sima You Yue fell sullen, she was rather mad .

“Young Miss Si, don’t get mad . We were just asking the routine questions . ” Zhang Shuo said .

“Hmph, then are you done? If you’re done then get the hell out . This Young Miss’s eyes hurt just by looking at you!” Sima You Yue raged .

She really was a Young Miss from a big clan . That arrogant and unbridled attitude was just like the ones from their own young misses . However, they couldn’t be like that outside, that attitude was too much . Especially in the territory of others .

Zhang Peng suppressed the rage in his heart and said, “Young Miss Si, you are the Young Miss of the Si Clan . This wasteland does not suit you . Our Zhang Clan is the manager in the southern parts . You should come over, we will naturally act as your hosts . Why don’t you move out and stay with the Zhang Clan . ”

“No way . ” Sima You Yue rejected him immediately, “I’m comfortable here, I don’t want to go . ”

“Young Miss Si, ths houses here are old and dilapidated, they don’t suit you at all . Why don’t you just go back with me to the Zhang clan . ” Zhang Peng said .

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“As long as it’s someone I favour, I will live comfortably . It happens that I’m happy staying in a place like this . ” Sima You Yue siad, “I once heard my father say that the Zhang Clansmen do not make good friends . I’m afraid of getting bullied once I go there . That is why this place should be better after all . ”

“Don’t you want me to go to the Zhang Clan to interrogate me further on whether or not I killed your Young Master? I’ll give you a peace of mind now . ” After speaking she placed a hand on her heart, saying, “I swear to the dark divinity that me and my people did not kill Zhang Shuo, and did not even touch him . If I’m lying, let me fall into eternal hell . ”

Following which, a black ray of light shot into her chest . After a moment, nothing was wrong with her .

Zhang Peng didn’t think that Young Miss Si would still have that bit of brain about her and knew that he hadn’t truly invited her over just to stay and so used this kind of method to wash herself clean of suspicion .

From their perspective, since a Young Miss Si had come out to play, she would definitely have more than one travelling companion . She definitely had to have experts protecting her in the shadows .

She didn’t anybody, but that didn’t mean that her guards didn’t . They wanted her to go to the Zhang Clan because they wanted to lure out the person guarding her . However, they couldn’t openly capture her .

Since she had already sworn to prove her innocence, they could eliminate all suspicions from her .

“Young MIss Si, you are mistaken . I didn’t have this intention . ” Zhang Peng said .

“It’s not important whether or not you had the intention . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’m not like those people who think much about swearing oaths . If it can prove my innocence and saves me the trouble, I would be more than glad . That day, I rescued Mu Si and left . Whatever happened to your Young Master is not something he knows either, so there’s no need to continue questioning him . Please return!”

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