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Chapter 1313: Chapter 1313 - Taking Turns to Die
Chapter 1313: Taking Turns to Die

The sword was extremely fast . It came before Mu Si in the blink of an eye . He wasn’t able to react as he stared blankly at it approaching his chest rapidly .

With such speed and strength, he couldn’t dodge the sword, moreso when he felt locked in place by a force . He couldn’t move at all .

The white blade shined with cold light . He was dazzled for the moment, and he smelt death .

Just as he watched the death god move closer and closer to him, a soft hand grabbed his shoulder . A warm force flowed into him, which pulled him out the illusion .

When he recovered, he saw Sima You Yue holding his shoulder with her left hand while wielding a sword in her right hand . The two were pushed by the sword’s power and flew for a long distance before stopping .


The sword was flung to the ground . Sima You Yue shook her hand in pain . She took out some powder and applied it on . The blood stopped immediately .

“It hurts a lot!” She took a deep breath .

If it weren’t for her body that had been tempered countless times, making her body equivalent to a spirit weapon . Then she would not just be bleeding, but her entire palm might have been severed .

Mu Si looked at her complicatedly . It was unknown what he thought .

Meng Tian Shan thought she was bound to die, but she didn’t expect someone would come to rescue her at this time . After seeing the person, she cried excitedly, “Pang Yuan, save me!”

“Shan Shan, don’t worry . I will definitely save you!” The boy in lead ran up to Meng Tian Shan, trying to help her up . He didn’t disdain her for peeing her pants .

It seemed to be true love!

Sima You Yue paid no interest in this Pang Yuan . Her eyes fell onto the old man who came in behind . He was the one who shot the sword just now .

She was not sure of his strength as she wondered if Flowey and them could defeat him?

More importantly, one the fight began, people from the patrol team would be attracted over . Her purpose of attaining news secretly wouldn’t be achieved .

“Who are you?” The old man stared at Sima You Yue in shock .

Although he couldn’t tell Sima You Yue’s current age . He could sense that she was young, at least not the kind of person who lived for hundreds of years . At such a young age, she could already take this blow with her bare hands .

Although he didn’t use all his strength, his spirit weapon was something a normal person could take on . But she took it with her bare hands . Though she got injured, it did not severed her palm .

“You don’t need to know who I am . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Grandpa Qi, it was them . It was them who killed Zhang Shuo!” Meng Tian Shan nestled in Pang Yuan’s arm and tremblingly shouted .

“You actually killed Zhang Shuo . Regardless who you are, you can’t be let off!” Pang Qi looked at Sima You Yue .

He used both hands to condensed spirit power . He didn’t plan to underestimate Sima You Yue and went all out .

As Sima You yue watched him use spirit power, her tensed heart fell .

Since his strength was not upper monarch rank, there was nothing to worry about .

Although Pang Qi didn’t underestimate Sima YouYue, he was not aware how strong she was . He was not careful as the whole area was within her spirit realm .

Sima You Yue didn’t extend her spirit realm any further, but only used its spatial attributes . Others couldn’t detect it, only the the most powerful of the group, Pang Qi did .

“Spirit realm, how is it possible!” He stared at Sima You Yue . She was very young, that was not false . But when the spirit realm aura connected to her, he also felt that wasn’t false .

But how was it possible?

How could a young person comprehend a spirit realm!

However, he didn’t want to accept these facts, but reality was reality . He had to admit he was trapped in the spirit realm .

He looked back on Sima You Yue . He no longer dared to act rashly . He started to calculate how long it would take him to break this spirit realm .

“Flowey, can you deal with him?” Sima You Yue asked .

This guy is only a mid level monarch rank . If there are no other people, I can . If there’s more, it would be a bit difficult . ” Flowey spoke honestly .

Although she could divide her flowers numerous times, her strength would also be divided per branch . She would not be strong as when she attacked with full force .

“Then you deal with that person . Little Dream, I leave this person to you . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright, Yue Yue . ” Flowey branched out to deal with those attendants .

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Because Pang Yuan had a higher status in the family clan, he was alarmed when Zhang Shuo was killed . The people he brought over were much stronger than those by Zhang Shuo and Meng Tian Shang . He wanted to use them to protect his safety . But now that he encountered Sima You Yue and them, this was not enough .

When Mu Si heard Sima You Yue mentioned another name . He thought she had another more powerful contract spirit beast . She was too powerful!

One Flowey had already surprised him . Now there was another one . How strong was she?

As Little Dream appeared, the cold air radiating from her body made Mu Si shivered subconsciously .

She didn’t speak, instead directly attacked Pang Qi .

Sima You Yue sighed slightly . Little Dream was so domineering .

What a lovely, lively, and innocent girl she used to be! Since her memory was restored and her seal was lifted, her aura had become colder and colder . If she hadn’t contracted her at the beginning, and wanted to subdue her now, she was afraid that would be a big question mark .

Especially since she started to digest the dark aura . The more she digested, the more her strength would increase, and thus her aura grew colder .

Mu Si was watched as Pang Qi was defeated by Little Dream . He sighed, “So strong!”

He knew Pang Qi and was aware of his strength . Now he couldn’t even match Little Dream which indicated her strength was higher!

As a result of spirit realm spatial extension, it appeared to be inside the courtyard, but the fighting ground actually was very wide . Mu Si could feel the majestic spirit power across, but the people outside didn’t feel it at all .

Soon, Flowey and Di Wu cleaned up these people . When Flowey saw Little Dream was about to deliver the final blow to Pang Qi, she hurried up .

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“Little Dream, such good nutrients, don’t kill them!” Flowey shouted .

Little Dream’s ultimate move landed to the side . Pang Qi evaded death in that instant . But before he could feel relief, a huge flower fell from the sky, directly going to embrace him .

In the end, only the frightened Pang Yuan and Meng Tian Shan were left .

“You can’t kill me!” Pang Yuan saw Sima You Yue looked at him . He was frightened . His hands felt weak . Meng Tian Shang fell to the grounds directly .

Here it came again!

“Oh? Why can’t I kill you?” Sima You Yue asked casually .

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