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Published at 28th of January 2021 10:25:20 AM

Chapter 1312: Chapter 1312 - Nothing, Just Frightening Play

Chapter 1312: Nothing, Just Frightening Play

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Meng Tian Shan was stunned at her words .

She only knew to use poison, but she had never been poisoned before . So she did not know the feeling of being poisoned .

“When did you poison me?” When she found it, she wasn’t able to move . She shouted at You Yue in fear .

Sima YouYue stepped on the stool with one foot . She leaned over . “You don’t even know when you were poisoned . It seems you never were taught . ”

“It’s the fragrance just now!” Meng Tian Shan said with afterthought .

“You finally reacted . ” SIma You Yue shook the bottle in her hand . “Tell me, if I drip this thing on your face, what will be the effect? It will definitely look good . I haven’t configured this poison yet . I really want to see the effect!”

“No! No! Don’t ruin my face!” Meng Tian Shan screamed .

“Slap——-” Sima You Yue slapped her across interrupting her cries .

“No? But didn’t you just intend to disfigure me? Why didn’t you think about it then?”

“I was wrong! I was wrong! Forgive me! I will let my father give you many treasures and apologize to you . ” Meng Tian Shan said naively .

“Tsk tsk, you are a young miss well sheltered by your family to be able to say this . ” Sima You Yue sighed . “It’s a pity you didn’t cover up the hatred and killing intent in your eyes, or I’m afraid I would let you go . In an hour, you will get your family members here to kill us . ”

Meng Tian Shan didn’t expect her to express her thoughts out loud . She quickly denied, “I won’t, I won’t . As long as you let me go, I won’t put blame on you . ”

“Hehe…” Sima You Yue smiled . “Why do people like you think so beautifully? You all feel that as long as you said you won’t pursue this matter, it would actually pass? One Zhang Shuo, one you, both said to let this be bygone . Have you asked about my intentions? Did you asked if I want to let it go?”

“You really killed Zhang Shuo!” Meng Tian Shan cried out .

“No,no, no, I just killed his guards . ” SIma You Yue replied . “It’s the kid who he keeps bullying that killed him . ”

Meng Tian Shan glanced at Mu Si in shock .

Although she felt that Mu Si that had been beaten by Zhang Shuo disappeared, she didn’t think he really had the ability to kill Zhang Shuo . She really didn’t expect it to be really him!

There was a bad premonition in her heart . Since they told her this secret, it seemed that they didn’t plan on letting her go .

With such a thought, she took out a flare and prepared to launch it .

This flare was developed for this kind of situation . She only need to calm her mind, pull the upper ring off, and the flare would rise into the air by itself .

“Swoosh——” When she saw the signal flare rushing into the sky from her hand, a glimmer of hope flashed in her heart . However, before the flare exploded, it was stopped by Di Wu .

“Oh, it’s a pity . The signal flare was useless . ” Sima You Yue smiled . “It was really dangerous just now . I almost let you succeed . It seems for the sake of insurance, I should kill you earlier . ”

Meng Tian Shan watched as the bottle dangled in front of her . Her face pale in fright . A scent of urine came from below, and her skirt was wet .

Sima You Yue squinched her brows in disgust . So disgusting!

She retracted her feet and took a step back . She pinched her nose in front of her . “I really didn’t expect you would pee your pants like this . It’s so disgusting . My Flowey would also find it disdainful . Flowey, do you want to eat such a person?”

As her words fell, Flowey appeared . When she saw the frightened person, she disdainfully said, “I don’t want to eat such a disgusting person! I’d better eat the other people . ”

She opened her flowers, one flower for one person and ate all those people .

Meng Tian Hua watched Flowey . She was already speechless in shock .

“Ay, my Flowey disdains you . ” Sima You Yue said . “It seems that I would have to deal with you by myself . ”

“No! No! Don’t kill me! Don’t ruin my face!” Meng Tian Shan collapsed and cried uncontrollable .

“Where is the momentum you just came in with?” Sima You Yue shook her head . “At this time, you’re still thinking about your face . Should I say you are stupid or naive?!”

“Don’t… . Don’t… . ” Meng Tian Shan didn’t know what to say anymore . She kept shaking her head .

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“Don’t worry, I don’t have the habit of disfiguring others . ” Sima You Yue said . But Meng Tian Shan still couldn’t stop crying . “Don’t cry! “If you cry again, I will disfigure you immediately . ”

Meng Tian Shan stopped the instant . Because she did too quickly, she even burped .

Flowey had eaten everyone else and returned to You Yue’s side . She looked at Meng Tian Shan in disgust . “Yue Yue, you’re really bad . You obviously want to kill you, but you have to torture her . ”

“Where did I torture her? I’m thinking . ” Sima You Yue spoke honestly . “She is a young miss . I have to think of a decent way for her to die . ”

“That’s true . She’s already ugly, not if she died uglily, it might give us nightmares . ” Flowey echoed .

“Isn’t that right, so I have to think of a beautiful way to die . ” Sima You Yue said seriously .

“But Yue Yue, look at her like this . Is she about to faint from fright? If she faints, it won’t be fun . ”

“Don’t worry . This poison will make them immobile but it will make the nerves very excited, so she won’t faint . ”

Mu Si who had been standing still just now pursed his lips . These two girls were cruel . Cursing people without swearing, torturing people’s hearts, and making people unable to faint . He thought Sima You Yue was a good person before . It seemed that he thought too much .

But was there a difference between good people? There was no clear boundary between good and bad people . Looking at her bad behavior now and from other angles, she wasn’t a bad person .

Another stream of heat flowed along the feet of the stool to the ground . Sima You ue and Flowey took two steps back at the same time .

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“Too disgusting . I can’t stand it anymore . ” Flowey covered her nose .

“It’s really too much . ” Sima YouYue looked at Mu Si . “How do you want to deal with her?”

Mu Si stared at her bitterly . He recalled their bullying on him for so many years . “I want to personally deal with her . ”

“Okay, then I will leave it to you . ” Sima You Yue nodded .  When she saw he was still standing, she finally remembered that he was poisoned alongside . She gave him a detoxifying pill .

Mu Si who was now freed, walked towards Meng Tian Shan . He took a dagger from his spatial ring . The dagger had only been soaked in Zhang Shuo’s blood a while ago .

“Mu Si, you dare to kill me, I will make you die miserably!” Meng Tian Shan shouted in despair .

“But you’ll be dying in front of me first!” After saying that, he raised the dagger in his hand high and stabbed down forcefully .

Accompanying the rebuke, a long sword aimed at Mu Si’s chest .


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