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Chapter 1311: Chapter 1311 - Another Who is Bored
Chapter 1311: Another Who is Bored

Seeing someone come in, Mu Si concealed his rare smile and his aura returned to the coldn front when they first met .

He stood up and looked at the girl and her attendant . He said coldly, “Meng Tian Shan, what are you doing here?”

“Little bitch, did you kill Zhang Shuo?” Meng Tian Shan ran up to Mu Si and pushed him hard .

Although Meng Tian Shan was a girl, she cultivated a body refinement technique, so she had a lot of strength . With this push, Mu Si fell heavily to the ground, but Sima You Yue on the side pulled him back up easily .

She had lowered her head to think about things . Meng Tian Shan who was filled with grief and anger did not notice her then . Now seeing her face, the jealousy in her eyes overflowed .

“Who are you? You dare to help this bastard?”

“I’m from the old Liu family north of the city . I met Mu Si today and am currently talking with him . It doesn’t seem to be good for you to rush in here and beat people?” Sima You Yue sneered casually .

“What old Liu family or old Wang family . Since you dare to help this little bastard, I will make you pay today!” Meng Tian Shan shouted .

The part north of the city could make her Meng Family fearful . Besides for a few families, no one else could . The Liu family was not a big family clan . She could kill her or she could disfigure her as well .

It happened that a poison master at home had given her two bottles of powder . She planned to use it today to test its effectiveness .

“Meng Tian Shan, what are you doing?!” Mu Si cried . “You can offend some people, but there are some you can’t afford to offend them . If you bring disaster to your family because of this, don’t regret because of your impulsive action today!”

Meng Tian Shan was taken aback by Mu Si’s reproach . She then laughed in anger .

“Mu Si, what kind of thing are you? Can you lecture me? Okay, kid, so you’re bewitched by her appearance, so much that you’re in love? Alright, I didn’t expect you to be passionate that you dare for this love fight back . ”

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Mu Si blushed and retorted . “Get out of here!”

“I really can’t see that you little bastard would become brave in front of person you liked . Tsk tsk, tell me, if I ruin her face, would you still resist me so courageously?” Meng Tian Shan sneered .

“Meng Tian Sha, you dare!” Mu Si shouted .

“What do I don’t dare?” Meng Tian Shan jeered . “I will destroy her face first in front of your eyes . Will your heart hurt? After you suffer, I will kill the two of you to go meet Zhang Shuo . He liked to bully you the most while he was alive . He felt god every time you were beaten up . Now that he is no longer here, you’ll go and accompany him!”


Di Wu laughed out loud . He shrugged his shoulders as if he heard a funny joke .

“Ugly, what are you laughing about?” Meng Tian Shan shouted .

“Laughing at your stupidity!” DI Wu rubbed his face . Although he wasn’t as handsome as his master and Wu Lingyu, he wasn’t that bad . How was he not good looking?!

It seemed that this girl was not only stupid but also blind!

“You dare say I’m stupid?!”

“That’s right, you said you can disfigure if you want to, kill if you want to?” Di Wu said . “You treat us as we’re dead? But we’re clearly still alive . That only means you are stupid . ”

“Humph, you are still alive now, but in a while, you’ll be dead!” Meng Tian Shan snorted . “You guys, arrest the three of them . ”

“Yes! Miss . ”

The followers behind her had done those things quite a few times . Arresting people was very familiar to them .

They came behind the three, ready to tie them up .

“Look how I deal with you all!” Di Wu was ready to use his spirit power .

“Di Wu, didn’t you listen to Mu Si?” Sima You Yue sat in her seat, showing no interest in the attendants who came over .

“What did Mu Si say?” Di Wu asked .

“He said that we can’t spirit power otherwise it will alert the patrol team . ” Sima You Yue reminded .

Di Wu remembered that Mu Si indeed said it just then .

Generally, people like Meng Tian Shan and others would not use spirit power when bullying others . Although they want entertainment, they didn’t want to get involved with the patrol team . Because it was said that the people in the patrol team had extraordinary methods in interrogation .

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Mu Si was relieved when Sime You Yue remembered this . At this moment, it was better not to be involved with the patrol team . Otherwise, if they were arrested, they would have to answer to one being close to the forbidden area, two Sima You Yue’s suspicious identity, and third the murder of Zhang Shuo . if they were caught, they wouldn’t be able to come out alive .

Those attendants controlled the three of them . When they saw that they had no resistance, they scorned them that they would be a waste if they had no spirit power .

“Bring me that girl first . ” Meng Tian Shan pulled a stool and sat aside . “Make her kneel for me and raise her face so I can work on it . ”

She took out the medicine bottle . She removed the cap . When the cap which was stained with medicine fell to the ground, it immediately corroded a small hole in the ground .

Since a hole can be made on the ground, it was needless to say the effect on the face?

Sima You Yue face sank . Her gaze on Meng Tian Shan grew colder .

Meng Tian Shan also noticed the small hole . She was pleasantly surprised . “I didn’t expect the poison master poison would have such a good effect this time . Hehe, I can’t wait to see the effect when it drips on the face . Make her knelt down!”

But no matter how hard the attendants tried, Sima You Yue just stood still .

“Did you guys not eat? Neither of you can press down a human?” Meng Tian Shan frowned .

“It’s not that they didn’t eat, they just don’t have the strength . ” Sima You Yue replied . She grabbed onto the hands on her shoulder . The two people were thrown out by her .

Then, before everyone could react, she flashed to Meng Tian Shan’s side . She easily snatched the medicine bottle from her hand .

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At the same time, a strange fragrance diffused into the courtyard .

“You, how did you escape their imprisonment?” Meng Tian Shan shouted .

“You like to disfigure others? Like to kill people?” Sima You Yue raised the corners of her mouth . “How about I do that to you today?”

“You dare?!” Meng Tian Shan yelled . “What are you doing? Come kill her!”

From Sima You Yue’s action, her strength couldn’t compete with her . She already struggled when using physical strength to deal with one person, let alone someone who can deal with two people easily .

“Miss, we can’t move . ” Someone said .

“What do you mean can’t move?” Meng Tian Shan’s face paled when she saw the medicine bottle in Sima You Yue’s hand .

“Can’t move just means can’t move!” Sima You Yue explained kindly . “Since you can use poison, can’t you tell that you’ve been poisoned already?”

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