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Published at 28th of January 2021 10:25:22 AM

Chapter 1309: Chapter 1309 - : A child who makes one’s heart hurt

Chapter 1309: A child who makes one’s heart hurt

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“You already knew he was not treating you sincerely . ” Sima You Yue affirmed .

“After my father disappeared, other people started bullying me, and I had no source of finance . Uncle Yang Zi was the only one who came close with me . ” Mu Si said . “I am not strong, and don’t know how to do anything . Without Uncle Yang Zi, I might have starved to death . ”

“When did you discover he was not sincere to you?” Sima You Yue took out several dark attribute spirit fruits . She threw one to Di Wu and stuffed one into Mu Si’s hand .

Mu Si held the spirit fruit in his hand . He stared at the water droplets on it and began, “Two years ago, he asked me if there was a treasure map left by my father at home . ”

This is indeed a reason to be good to him .

“Mm . he said that father went out to find treasure . He must have left a rubbing of the treasure map at home so we can find him . He also said that father mentioned it before . But I never saw such a thing . ” Mu Si continued . “When I told him, he didn’t believe me . He told me to look for it . He even yelled at me after I told him a few times . ”

Sime You Yue understood that this little guy was already sensitive . Although Yang Zi was kind to him before . His performance in the past two years was too obvious, and he naturally became suspicious .

“If I didn’t interrupt you just then, would you have told him the truth?”

“I might have .  If Zhang family knows about this matter and arrests me, when he gets hold of this, he will at least find a way to save me . After all, he hasn’t gotten that thing yet . ” Mu Si said .

“Then why didn’t you reveal it when I interrupted you?”

Sima You Yue chuckled and stopped talking about this . She glanced at the spirit fruit in his hand . “Eat it, this thing is much more useful than these few low crystal stones . ”

“I’m going out to buy food first . ” Mu Si said as his stomach grumbled out loud .

Sima You Yue suddenly recalled that Mu Si was still at the growing stage where he needed to eat every day . No wonder he treated these low crystal stones preciously .

“Don’t go out . We can’t go out anyways . Why don’t we find something to do . ” She got up and walked into the courtyard . Mu Si followed her .

“What are you going to do?” Mu Si asked .

“Cook! Are you hungry?” Sima You Yue waved her hand . Her pots and pans appeared .

When Mu Si saw those things, even the pots were spirit tools, he had labeled her as a descendent of an eminent family .

As he watched her cook skillfully, he leaned over . “I didn’t expect you to cook . ”

“What is so strange about cooking?”

“I thought that every lady like you wouldn’t want to touch the spring water . ” Mu Si was honest .

Sima You Yue smiled . “I like to make food . The things sold outside aren’t good, so I cook myself . After doing it for so many years, I have a mastery of cooking . ”

“The place where you grew up must be nice . ” Mu Si said affirmatively .

“Yes!” Thinking about Sima Lie and the others, her smile became more radiant . “My grandfather and brothers were very good to me . At that time we lived in a barren place . My grandfather was a general of that country . I have four older brothers that are all very talented . They never despise just because I was adopted . ”

“Then you’re so lucky . ” Mu Si said enviously .

Although she had no father, she had a family that loved her . While he had nothing .

“I am really lucky on that part” Sima You Yue did not hide it . “But I also have my worries . ”

“Do you still have troubles?” Mu Si did not believe it .

“Of course there was . I didn’t know how to cultivate at the same age as you . People in the whole country said that I was the number one waste . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“How is it possible! You’re so amazing!” Mu Si displayed a surprise expression for the first time .

“What’s impossible?!” Sima You Yue retorted . “At that time, I was poisoned and couldn’t cultivate . My father didn’t know the reason why . ”

“Then how did you cultivate later?”

“Detoxifying the position! I remember when I was the same age, I detoxified, cultivated, and then entered a whole world . Later, life slowly changed . ” Sima You Yue offered, “Here, try the barbecue I made . ”

Mu Si hesitated for a moment . He took the barbecue from her hnd . He bit in, and surprise flashed in his eyes then recovered to calmness .

Sima You Yue knew was aware of the level of her skill . She was surprised for a moment . She thought this little guy had strong self-control .

“What do you usually eat?” She put the barbecue meat on a plate . Di Wu brought it to the side table .

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“I ate the same as ordinary people . You can buy a lot with a low grade crystal stone . ” Mu Si answered .

He can eat those foods for long, but it would not help his cultivation .

After he finished his plate, he didn’t go to take food from the table . Di Wu stepped forth . “There are many on the table . ”

“Let’s wait for her . ” Mu Si suggested .

Sima You Yue smiled . “I will be cooking for a while . You can eat first, otherwise it won’t be delicious after a while . ”

In the past, everyone acted casually . Basically, she would finish barbecuing before eating . Sometimes, while barbecuing someone would help her . Mostly, once a plate is done, everyone would start eating . It’s been a while since someone said they would wait for her .

Especially someone who was so hungry .

Although she had said so, he didn’t move . She had to say that he had good manners .

This made her curious of his father, who could teach such a tough and self control child . He surely wasn’t some normal person/

When she finished barbecuing, she made roast duck and a stewed pot of snake soup . When everything was done, the barbecue meat had gone cold . It was no longer flavored, but it was still delicious .

The three of them sat at a table . Sima You Yue broked off the roast duck legs and put them in Mu Si’s bowl .

As soon as Di Wu went to get the duck legs, Sima You Yue beat him back with her chopstick . Now that he saw her give it the duck legs to Mu Si, he protested weakly .

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Sima You Yue broke off the duck’s neck and stuffed it in his bowl . “Eat it . ”

Why could this guy eat duck legs, while he can only gnaw on duck necks?

“Come on eat up this is the best for you . ” Sima You murmured .

“Pfff——” Mu Si who was overwhelmed in joy, laughed for the first time .

Di Wu felt even more wronged .

“What, don’t you want to eat?” Sima You Yue asked .

“No, the dishes that miss gave me are naturally the best . ” Di Wu looked at Sima You Yue’s long face and hurriedly smiled .

This fellow, Di Liu never told him he had eaten a meal from miss, let alone being offered on by her . When he goes back later, he must brag about it!


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