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Chapter 1306: Chapter 1306 - The youth, Mu Si

Chapter 1306: The youth, Mu Si

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Sima You Yue stood firmly seeing the corpse falling slowly and then at the youth who was catching his breath heavily .

Blood stained on the youth’s hands with his eyes filled with blood . His facial features were swollen beyond recognition . He stared at the body with hatred .

As Sima You Yue watched the youth crawling closer to Zhang Shuo, she hesitated for a second but didn’t stop him .

“Young, Young Master has been killed?!” Those guards cried out in shock seeing Zhang Shuo who fell .

“Catch them! If not we’ll die when we get back!”

They wouldn’t be able to stay alive even if they caught the murderer because they failed to protect their Master . But their survival instinct gave them a little hope .

“Flowey, I’ll leave them to you . ” Flowey appeared in front of everyone after she waved her hand .

“Yue Yue, I didn’t expect to have good food once we get here . ” Flowey was elated seeing that she could eat so many people, a few vines flew out from her sleeve and speedily split into many vines . Each vine was as tall as a human, it was monstrous yet enticing .

Once the Man-eating Flower King came out, everyone there was stupefied . There would be hope if it was against a human, but now, their hopes vanished as they were against a Man-eating Flower King .

“Why is there a Man-eating flower king! You guys aren’t from Ghost City!”

“You guessed right, there’s a reward . The reward is being eaten, hahaha——” Flowey laughed .

Those that could walk, turned around and tried to run . They felt remorseful at the same time, why did they come into this place! Now they couldn’t even ask for help .

Flowey caught them one after another, and the alley became empty in a short while, with a few pieces of huge flowers left .

“This, this is…” The youth was dumbstruck, he thought he could kill Zhang Shuo undoubtedly and call it a day, but he didn’t expect that the situation would change in just a few minutes .

Sima You Yue looked at the youth and asked, “What’s your name?”

The youth came back to his senses, shot a glance at her and walked away without saying anything .

“Is this how you repay me after I saved your life?” Sima You Yue shouted behind his back .

“You shouldn’t be in this place, leave before anyone finds out . Also, you just killed Zhang Shuo, if his clan knows about it… . You guys should leave this city as soon as possible . ” The youth stuttered while he dragged his broken body as he walked .

“Young Miss, are you going to let him go just like that?” Di Wu asked as he covered his swollen face .

Sima You Yue smiled without saying anything, while looking at his back, her fingers counted to three .

The youth didn’t persevere and fainted .

Sima You Yue walked over, shook her head and said, “Di Wu, bring him along!”

“Ah——bring him along?” Di Wu walked over, “Young Miss, this person offended some high status personnel . Problems will fall on us if we bring him along . Why not we just leave him here and give him a pill . He definitely won’t die . ”

Sima You Yue glared at Di Wu, he had goosebumps from her stare .

“Di Wu . ” She looked at him solemnly .

“Are you really a hell hound?” Sima You Yue went to him, walked in circles around him, took a close look while doubting him .

Di Wu quickly clarified her doubts, he nodded like a chick, “Yes, I’m a hell hound . ”

Sima You Yue stood straight and said . “But I don’t think you’re a hell hound . The hell hound I imagined will do anything without talking . But why do I feel that you talk without doing work?”

“I…”Di Wu was at a loss for words, the main point Young Miss was trying to point out was this .

Which part of him didn’t look like a hell hound? Pfft, he doesn’t look like one, he is the hell hound!

He finally carried that youth after Sima You Yue’s constant glare, then he relied on his thousands-of-years-old dog’s nose to avoid everyone and safely brought him out of the restricted area .

Actually they didn’t know why that place was a restricted area, but after seeing a bustling street, they knew they got out of there .

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Zhang Shuo chased the youth all the way into the restricted area . He was caught not long after, so the place they were at wasn’t far from the exit .

Sima You Yue made Di Wu follow behind her while carrying the youth along . They walked down the street to look for an inn . But they didn’t find any inn after looking around .

“Eh, it’s weird, why are there no inns at all?” Di Wu whined .

Just carrying a person on the street walking around would attract a lot of attention by default . In addition to Sima You Yue’s beauty, they couldn’t let the rates of heads turning be too high!

“There’s no inn in Ghost City . ” The youth on his back woke up, struggled to get off his back even when he didn’t have any energy .

Sima You Yue turned around looking at him and said, “Did you say there’s no inn here?”

“Yes, even if you guys walked through the whole city, you won’t find any inn at all . ” The youth said .

“Not many people will come to Ghost City, those who come here will choose to join a force so that they can be established here . People seldom pass by here, who would want to start up an inn here?”

“Since that’s the case, then we’ll stay at your house . ” Sima You Yue said .

The youth went silent for a moment and said, “Let me down . ”

Sima You Yue eyed Di Wu and he released that youth .

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The youth looked at the people on the streets and told both of them, “Follow me . ”

He went into a small alley at the side, Sima You Yue and Di Wu followed closely .

The youth didn’t let them walk on the streets . They turned corners in the alley, and finally, they came to a ruined house and went in after opening the door .

Sima You Yue looked around the house, there were a few thatched houses, the house was crooked, the fence around it was decayed, and she was thinking if it would fall if she just used a little bit of strength .

The courtyard wasn’t clean either . There was wood all over . With the jagged sides, they knew immediately it wasn’t broken normally . They guessed it was broken when bullies came over . Just that they didn’t know who was the one being bullied .

When they went into the room, it was considered clean because there was nothing in the room, not even the basic table and chairs, there was only a mat on the floor .

“I’ve got nothing here, make yourself at home . ” After the youth spoke, he sat on the mat and checked on his wounds .

“What’s your name?” Sima You Yue asked .

This time, the youth didn’t fight back, he fell silent for a while and said, ” Mu Si . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t talk, but Little Helper who was in the Little Realm shouted all of a sudden .

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