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Chapter 1303: Chapter 1303 - Failing to enter the city

Chapter 1303: Failing to enter the city

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Sima You Yue shook her head smilingly when she felt the love and guilt from Huang Ying Ying .

“Actually, those problems I met were nothing compared to what I’ve achieved . Many people who were hurt more than me didn’t achieve as much as I did . ” She smiled in comfort .

“This child…” Huang Ying Ying extended her arms and hugged her .

With such an understanding child who wasn’t proud of her achievements, how could they not be in love with this Granddaughter .

Sima Liu Feng pursed his lips, Aunt was called the Iron Lady in the house . Elder Brother, Little Brother, Daughter-in-law and others were scared of her as they were scolded by her a lot .

But she was so loving towards You Yue now, it was hard to come by!

Come to think of it, this showed how charming she was because even the Clan Leader was so loving to her .

Who wouldn’t love a talented and understanding child?!

“I wonder what Ghost City looks like, is it any different from other cities?” Sima You Yue said .

“I don’t think it will be any different, if you have to pinpoint one, it will be the dark spirit masters and ghosts inside . ” Third Mo said .

“I wonder what happened to Father all these years, there has always been a crack on his life jade, I wonder if it’s because his injuries never healed at all these years . ”

Everyone went silent when they spoke of Sima Liu Xuan . The atmosphere was dull because they were worried .

“Sister You Yue, don’t worry, your Father will be fine . ” Little Helper continued, “Master said, your Father will affect the future, so he won’t die so quickly . ”

“Mm, thank you . ” Sima You Yue smiled lightly at him . She didn’t ask how it would affect the future because he wouldn’t be so vague if he knew .

Not long after seeing those corpses, they saw a city hanging in the mid air .

It was different from the hanging Cloud Sea City, Ghost City really was hanging in the mid air, there was nothing supporting it from below .

As it was the intersection of Ghost Realm and Human Realm, the other attributes of spiritual energy were very rare in the mid air . The closer they were to Ghost City, the lesser it was, close to none . It would be completely gone if they got out from the end of Ghost City .

They were flying around the outside of the city and didn’t see the city’s gate .

“How do we get to Ghost City if there’s no city gate?”

They flew for a few days and it was the same everywhere . Same walls, bricks and tiles, with no difference at all . They would have thought that they came back to the same area if they didn’t keep to one direction .

“Ghost City is so huge, we don’t see anything even after walking for days . It won’t be easy to find Father if he is really in there . ” Sima You Yue sighed .

“We have to find an entry point first . ” Wu Lingyu continued, “We didn’t see anything even after walking for so long, It might not be because it’s huge, but because it’s originally like this . ”

“Possible . ” Sima Xiu Qi continued, “Let me try to see if I can get in . ”

He flew towards it, when he reached the height before even landing on the walls, he was hit by a black ripple .

Sima Xiu Qi felt the power of that ripple and prevented himself from being injured as he used his full power to defend himself . But he was bounced back forcefully .

“Is there a defense array?”

Sima Xiu Qi went back to everyone with a heavy looking face .

“I can’t even break this forcefully, that defense array is quite powerful . ”

He got bounced back by the power of that ripple even when he was a Paragon ranker, it seemed like the power of defense in this Ghost City was very powerful .

“Seems like it won’t be easy going into this city’s gate . ” Third Mo looked at the city’s wall with interest, “We won’t be able to barge in like that, we have to think of something . Do you have any idea?”

He looked at Wu Lingyu, the Holy Son of Sage Pavilion should have some experience .

Indeed, Wu Lingyu actually nodded and said, “I heard of some ways, but I am not sure if it will work . ”

“What idea do you have in mind?” Sima Liu Feng questioned .

Wu Lingyu looked at Di Wu and said, “Go and try . ”

“Me? I don’t have such strong power . ” Di Wu shook his head quickly .

“Go and try, you won’t get hurt . ” Wu Lingyu said .

Di Wu took a deep breath and flew towards the entrance of the city .

As Di Wu didn’t have powerful strength and trusted Wu Lingyu’s words, so he didn’t protect himself and was bounced away from the power of the attack .

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Wu Lingyu waved his hands, and a ray of power caught him and brought him back .

“Ss—— It hurts! Didn’t you say there wouldn’t be a problem?” Di Wu rubbed his injured arm and stared at him unsatisfyingly .

“You believed it anyway . ” Wu Lingyu said faintly .

Di Wu was speechless, he felt cheated .

“Don’t get angry, this injury has a purpose . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Did you think of something?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Don’t you notice that the bounce is lesser on Ghosts?” Wu Lingyu asked in reply .

“Seems like it . ” Sima You Yue gave it a thought . Both of them didn’t attack, but the power of the defense array was different .

“It seems like this has a difference . Is there any difference for strength too?” Sima Liu Feng asked .

“You can try . ” Third Mo said .

Third Mo was just teasing him, he didn’t expect Sima Liu Feng to fly over just right after responding to him .

Sima Liu Feng didn’t get any serious injury as he prepared beforehand, but it was obvious that the attack was more powerful than Di Wu’s even when his power was equivalent to Di Wu’s .

“Why is it that Humans get attacked stronger than Ghosts?” Little Helper asked .

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“The person who built this last time probably has hatred towards Humans . ” Sima You Yue guessed .

“Looks like this will need to be accomplished by you and Di Wu . ” Wu Lingyu said .

Sima You Yue understood what he meant and brought everyone into Little Realm, leaving only Di Wu and her .

“How are we going to go in?” Di Wu asked .

Sima You Yue kept her spiritual energy, then released her dark aura and called out for Little Roar to fuse with her . After all this, the aura on her completely changed .

Di Wu smelled the aura on her body and his eyes were brimming with tears of excitement .

“Oh oh, this smell is Princess’s smell!” Di Wu danced around her, “I smelled it before, but it’s been so long since I smelled it . ”

Sima You Yue saw his excitement, she smiled and said, ” Alright, let’s go in . ”

“How are we going in?” Sima You Yue held his hand right after he asked, they flew speedily towards the city’s wall without a care if the defense array was going to hurt them!

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