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Chapter 1301: Chapter 1301 - Tough journey

Chapter 1301: Tough journey

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Since every direction looked the same, they randomly chose a direction .

Sima You Yue summoned Halcyon, getting him to lead everyone .

A gale blew against everyone and it was so strong that they couldn’t open their eyes, hence Halcyon’s speed decreased .

“Halcyon, change the direction . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright . ” Halcyon responded and changed another direction .

But changing to another direction was the same . The strong wind blew directly at them too, the other directions didn’t seem to have any wind .

“It’s useless . ” Huang Ying Ying continued, “The moment we go forward, no matter which direction we go, the wind will blow directly at us . ”

Sima Xiu Qi congealed his spiritual power, and it transformed into a faint ripple that surrounded everyone, including Halcyon .

With this layer of protection, the amount of power from the wind lessened a lot .

“Let’s continue . ” Sima Xiu Qi told Halcyon .

The strength of the wind lessened and they became faster . After that layer of protection dispersed, Huang Ying Ying created another one, followed by Sima Liu Yun, Sima Liu Feng, then Wu Lingyu, and they took turns .

The further they went, the stronger the wind became, Halcyon could no longer take it and they switched to Little Roc .

“You guys look, is it brighter there?” Little Helper cried out pleasantly while looking at the sky ahead of them .

“It seems like it! Are we passing by this place?” Sima You Yue said .

Although they didn’t get into any danger in this journey, that strong wind drained them out . If it wasn’t for the pills they took for recovering spiritual energy, their spiritual energy might be depleted in this journey even if they managed to pass this area .

Little Roc kept going forward, suddenly the strong wind ahead disappeared, the pressure was gone too .

“No more?” Di Wu lifted his head and looked at the sky, there wasn’t any pressure, their breathing became smoother .

“Mm, seemed like we passed through it . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

“The sky here is much brighter than the one before, it’s much more fresh and clean and not as ashen as before . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Mm, there’s plants here, except there’s no sun . It’s almost the same as outside . ”

Little Roc flew a distance and suddenly descended .

“Yue Yue, I can’t fly here . ” Little Roc said while he descended .

“Everyone, protect yourself!”

Dropping from a height like that, if they didn’t protect themselves, they might become fragments when they fall .

Fortunately, when they were a few metres close to the ground, Little Roc flapped his wings and ascended a few metres, balancing the speed and power of descent and landed everyone smoothly .

“There’s restriction in the space here, we can’t fly here . ” Sima Xiu Qi looked at the sky . If they couldn’t fly, their trip would be slowed down .

“There’s not only spatial restriction here, there’s also a strong pull of gravity here . Don’t you guys feel that your legs are heavy?” Sima Xiu Qi said .

“Mm, it is actually heavy . ” Huang Ying Ying said .

Sima Liu Yun and the rest nodded too .

“I feel fine, there’s not much sensation . ” Little Helper said as he lifted his legs effortlessly .

“I think it’s fine too . ” Sima You Yue took two steps . Although it was heavier than usual, it wasn’t a problem to her .

“You both looked more relaxed than us . ” Sima Liu Feng continued, “Could this be based on power? The stronger the power, the stronger the gravity is . ”

“Maybe . ” Huang Ying Ying continued, “I can obviously feel it, it’s difficult to even lift my legs up . ”

“Me too . ” Sima Xiu Qi said .

“Aiya, why don’t I feel anything . What about Third Mo?” Di Wu asked .

“Both my legs felt like they’re filled with lead . ” Third Mo said .

“It seems like the gravity’s effect is less on You Yue, Di Wu and Little Helper . ”

Sima Xiu Qi tried to walk a few meters . It usually took a few seconds, but it took him a few minutes this time .

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“We can’t go on like this, I’m afraid we might not get out of this place even after a few months . We got to think of something, see if we can lessen the effect of gravity . ” Huang Ying Ying said .

“I do have an idea . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Since me, Little Helper and Di Wu are not affected, we’ll walk outside, you guys can come into Little Realm . ”

“Little Realm? Whose Little Realm?” Huang Ying Ying asked .

“Mine . ” Sima You Yue took out Little Door, opening the door of Little Realm, “You guys go in first and come out after this section . ”

As a member of the inner region’s force, Sima Xiu Qi and Huang Ying Ying weren’t surprised to see Little Realm, but they were shocked by her Little Realm . She never relied on her clan at all .

“How about it?” Sima You Yue looked at everyone .

“It’s a good idea . ” Sima Liu Yun continued, “But if we come out only when there’s danger, wouldn’t it be too slow?”

After all, he was worried about their safety .

“Don’t worry . Little Realm opens up fast, there won’t be a problem if you guys come out . ” Sima You Yue said .

“We can only do this for now . ”

Everyone went into Little Realm except for You Yue, Little Helper and Di Wu .

Sima You Yue kept the Little Realm and said . “It’s only three of us now, let’s go . ”

“There won’t be any danger, it will only take up some time and energy . ” Little Helper said .

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With this, Sima You Yue and Di Wu continued walking at ease .

Just like what Little Helper said, they didn’t get into any danger the whole time . It was just that they couldn’t fly . They could only walk and, with the effect of gravity, they had a hard time walking this path .

On the way, they saw quite a few skeletons . There were humans and spirit beasts ones, and there were more spirit beast’s compared to human beings .

Most of the spirit beasts came here by mistake, and they could only walk forward as they couldn’t go back . As they couldn’t resist the effect of gravity, they stayed here forever .

This journey seemed like travelling over water and land . After two months, they finally walked out of the area of gravity .

They went through a mountain, and there was still the effect of gravity on the mountain, but on the other side, the effect of gravity immediately disappeared .

Little Helper’s condition got worse towards the end so Sima You Yue put him into Little Realm too, leaving only Di Wu and her .

“We finally got out after walking for so long . ” Sima You Yue gasped .

They couldn’t fly or use high power spirit beasts, so they could only depend on their legs . It had been many years since she felt that .

“I’ll bring them out first . ” Just as Sima You Yue took out Little Door, she saw rolls of black clouds whistle past from far .

‘What is that?!” Di Wu shouted .

Black clouds flew over speedily, when it got closed to them, they realised it wasn’t black clouds, it was a group of black flying beasts .

The flying beasts were different from the one in Human Realm, every one of them was ugly and their eyes were all red .

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