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Chapter 1298: Chapter 1298 - Since everyone has gathered, prepare to head out
Chapter 1298: Since everyone has gathered, prepare to head out

“Don’t be so surprised . He’s a boyfriend, and they’ll eventually be a couple . ” Sima Zhi Yuan said .

“I guessed the meaning . ” Sima Xiu Qi glared at Sima You Yue who was pulling on Wu Lingyu’s arm . His gaze seemed like he wanted to glare a hole into that part of his arm, “Wu Lingyu? Come here . ”

Wu Lingyu went forward and Sima You Yue saw that Sima Xiu Qi’s expression was dark, so she subconsciously grabbed onto his arm .

“It’s fine . ” Wu Lingyu patted her arm to comfort her .

“Grandfather, let’s talk later if there’s anything up . ” Sima You Yue said .

Huang Ying Ying swatted at Sima Xiu Qi and said, “What is the situation now! What will you do if you scare our granddaughter?”

“I haven’t done anything . ” Sima Xiu Qi tried to defend himself .

How was this scaring their granddaughter?

“Great grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, since you’re all here, let’s set out to ghost city . ” Sima You Yue said .

When he thought of his son who had been missing for more than fifty years, Sima Xiu Qi let go of Wu Lingyu for the time being and said, “You can’t just go to Ghost City anytime you want to . You have to make the proper preparations . ”

“I have already made those preparations . ” Sima You Yue siad, “We can head out once Grandfather and Grandmother, you both have rested . ”

“It’s been prepared?”

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue siad, “When we were waiting for you, I asked Di Wu to prepare everything we need . ”

Actually, Di Wu made it sound simple . She just had to prepare pills, spirit tools and array stones . Especially the pills . That was because the other side had dark spirit energy and death aura, making it difficult to rest and recover if they spent it . They had to depend on pills to replenish .

However, he didn’t know that Sima You Yue had her little realm and spirit pagoda . With those two items, they just had to rest in the little realm for a moment and they would recover .

However, just to prepare for the worst-case scenario, she still prepared a few things that Di Wu asked for .

“Since you have already prepared everything, we can head out now . The earlier we set off, the sooner we can find your father . ” Huang Ying Ying said .

“If you have no objections, we can head out sooner . I’ll gather everyone then we can go . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright . You can go ahead . ”

Sima You Yue pulled Wu LIngyu out and went to look for Third Mo and Di Wu .

As they watched them leave, Sima Zhi Yuan smiled with a nod, “The two of them are truly very matching . Just watching their backs is pleasing to the eye . ”

Sima Xiu Qi was upset by this . He said with a frown, “Clan Leader, how could you simply approve of them being together? You Yue is a child of the Sima Clan . How could she be with someone from the Sage Pavilion?”

“Then are you able to split them apart? See if You Yue won’t treat you badly after that! I dare bet that if you dare to do so, You Yue will immediately leave without you . ” Sima Zhi Yuan said .

“Even Clan Leader approves of this person, it naturally won’t be bad . ” Huang Ying Ying said, “Since Clan Leader has no objections, then you shouldn’t bother about his identity . ”

“Exactly . ” Sima Zhi Yuan looked pointedly at him, saying, “You Yue, this child, is moved by soft methods, not harsh ones . As long as she acknowledges you, she will treat you wholeheartedly . If you face off with her, be careful that she never acknowledges you in the future . I spent a lot of effort to get her to acknowledge me, but didn’t manage to get her to join our clan . That is why she hasn’t had a change of heart yet and is still unwilling to return . ”

“We are her blood relatives! How dare she not return with us!”

“Threatening her is useless . I have gotten rather familiar with her personality during this period of time . You cannot force her, you can only use your sincerity to persuade her . That is why you guys should pay a bit more attention . Aside from wanting to protect her, you also have to try and convince her to return to the clan . ” Sima Zhi Yuan ordered .

“We understand . ”

“This ghost city has always existed in the legends, and nobody has ever seen it before nor encountered it before . That is why nobody knows how the situation is inside . When you are there, you must be careful . Bring You Yue there and you must bring her back . ”

“We will, Clan Leader . ” Sima Xiu Qi replied .

The clan leader didn’t seem to be like this before, but he seemed to have gotten rather naggy .

“In the future, if no outsiders are present, you should just call me Father!” Sima Zhi Yuan said .

Sima Xiu Qi and Huang Ying Ying were stunned . Ever since he became the clan leader, everyone was to address him as Clan Leader . Even his own son and daughter-in-law were not allowed to call him otherwise . They had addressed him as such for such a long time, so why did he suddenly think of this?

“You Yue was right . An address like Clan Leader is too formal, it takes away our closeness . That is why, when nobody else is around, you both may call me Father . ”

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“Yes, Father . ”

Sima You Yue brought in Third Mo and Di Wu . Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng came in after .

Later on, it was Ximen Feng and the others who had led them in earlier .

“Alright, everyone is here . Let’s prepare to set off . ” Sima You Yue said .

Sima Xiu Qi saw that, apart from them, there were not many others . He frowned and said, “If we only have the few of us, will it be too dangerous?”

While they were waiting just now, Sima Zhi Yuan had told them of the many dangers in ghost city . However, if they went there with only the few of them, were they not just going to be sent to their deaths?

“Grandfather, you are mistaken . It’s not them . ”

“Then how many others are there? It would be safer if we had more of us . ” Huang Ying Ying siad .

“Grandmother, that’s not it . ” Sima You Yue said, “Feng’er, Old Bi and the others are just here to send us off . They’re not coming with us . ”

“They’re not coming?!”

“That’s right . ” Sima You Yue explained, “Yin Lin said that Third Mo, Little Tong and Di Wu would be enough . However, since Grandparents, you are anxious, they said that they would come with us . It’s just that there are fewer than the numbers you see right now . ”

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“If it’s just the few of us, will we be able to survive it?” It was not that Huang Ying Ying did not have faith in herself, but when Sima Zhi Yuan was giving them instructions earlier, they finally understood just how dangerous Ghost City was .

“Grandmother, relax . It’s not just us . ” Sima You Yue said, “It’s just that we have to walk this route . ”

She did not explicitly say that the men from blood fiend city would go with them, but she said that there would be many of them . Sima Zhi Yuan didn’t voice out any objections either, showing that this was what was going to happen . Only then did Sima Xiu Qi and Huang Ying Ying relax, saying, “Did they already go ahead? Then we should go as well . ”

Sima You Yue turned around to look at Ximen Feng . Ximen Feng stepped forward and gave her a hug, saying, “We will wait for your return from Heartbreak Valley . If you do not return, I will lead my people and kill our way there . ”

Sima You Yue saw the terror and worry in his eyes and smiled lightly, “Relax, I will definitely return . With my father . You guys are in the valley, so you should go ahead and carry it out once you are done with the planning . I hope to hear good news once I return . ”

“Alright . We definitely will . ”

“Take this . ” Sima You Yue placed her life jade into Ximen Feng’s hands, and Sima Zhi Yuan was immediately upset and his expression turned into a frown .

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