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Chapter 1285: Chapter 1285 - He’s actually from the Devil’s clan!
Chapter 1285: He’s actually from the Devil’s clan!

He expressed what he meant this barely, Sage Pavilion and Sima clan members somehow had objections towards Heartbreak Valley members .

They were forces from the inner regions, there were many forces outside that wanted to bribe them, since when were they pushed out this way?!

But since their own Boss didn’t say anything, even though they had some other thoughts, they couldn’t say anything .

“I heard that there’s an inn next door, do you want to come with us?” Tang Yu looked at Wu Lingyu and asked .

Wu Lingyu shook his head, “Her condition hasn’t stabilized yet, I’ll have to go and take a look at her . ”

“So devoted . ” Tang Yun sighed and brought Sage Pavilion members out .

Sage Pavilion already set an example, it wouldn’t be nice for the Sima clan to be raging . Afterall, it was Youngest Miss’s force . She hadn’t agreed to go back to the clan, so if they ruined it, it would be hard to explain when they got back .

“Aren’t you running a business? Then do ours . Everyone, let’s eat . ”


So, for the next few days, the Sima clan dined there, and they spent quite a lot of money . Fortunately, the Sima clan was wealthy enough, they didn’t care about such little money .

Sima You Yue stayed in the spirit pagoda for a month, the scars on her body disappeared completely from the effect from pills and physique .

Little Spirit told her that everyone was waiting for her outside, then she looked for clothes that could block divine knowledge . Then, she wore a cloak and a pair of gloves to cover up her body so that others couldn’t see her current condition .

She knew Wu Lingyu was in her room, so she wasn’t shocked to see him when she came out .

Wu Lingyu saw how she covered herself up and pulled away her cloak and said, “Why did you cover yourself up so safely?”

“It’s only been a few days, if I looked as good as before when I stand in front of others, they would see me as a monster . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Even if they don’t see me as a monster, they will find it weird too . I will get into trouble if they find out something . I… . . ”

Sima You Yue had yet to finish her sentence when her facial expression became weird, Wu Lingyu held her hand wanting to see how she was, then he felt her power increased a level, that made her rank jumped from Divine Paragon middle rank to Divine Paragon high rank, it didn’t stop after she advanced, it went on to Monarch rank barrier and stopped .

Feeling the changes in the sky, she held Wu Lingyu’s hand and said, “Quick, bring me away!”

Wu Lingyu knew she was going to invoke lightning tribulation again, he grabbed her hand, opened up a spatial tunnel and left .

In the inn, Tang Yun felt something and opened up the spatial tunnel and went in .

Wu Lingyu brought Sima You Yue to the outside of Sixth Water city, far away from other people .

“It’s far from Sixth Water City here, it should not attract others attention . ” Wu Lingyu said .

Right after he spoke, he felt the movement coming from the sky .

Sima You Yue stared at him, didn’t he say it was safe, how did others come so fast .

Tang Yun came out from the spatial tunnel, Sima You Yue was curious, why did this guy tag along?

She thought someone came here unintentionally, now that she saw him, it wasn’t so!

Tribulation cloud in the sky congealed quickly, if he was here, then wouldn’t she be exposed?

Wu Lingyu wasn’t surprised, he patted Sima You Yue’s shoulder and said, “It’s alright, go and prepare for the tribulation . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Tang Yun who walked over, and looked at Wu Lingyu again . Seeing that he was firm, she nodded, turned and walked towards an empty ground .

Dark clouds coagulated on top of her head, with that lightning tribulation from the previous times, the advanced lightning tribulation was now nothing to the three of them .

If it was others, they would definitely be prepared this time, but to Sima You Yue, this little lightning tribulation wouldn’t make her nervous . She waited for Cloud Spirit to reach and flew directly to tribulation cloud to look for Cloud Spirit for a chat .

Tang Yun stood beside Wu Lingyu and said, “From the moment you came here, your eyes have always been on her . Am I not attractive?”

“Why does it feel so sour when you say this?!” Wu Lingyu rolled his eyes at him .

“How can I not be sour? I’m at least the Assistant Pavilion Master in Sage Pavilion, you aren’t even willing to pretend to support on the surface . I called you twice and you didn’t come . Keeping watch on her everyday, treating her like a treasure, and me like a weed . ” Tang Yun said with hidden bitterness .

“Did I treat you like a weed?” Wu Lingyu shot a glance at him helplessly .

“Hmm, isn’t it? You should have told me that you’re close with her, I can even help you to take care of her in the Immortal Land . ” Tang Yun said .

“Tell you? Then wouldn’t you be more curious?” Wu Lingyu knew Tang Yun well, even if he didn’t tell him, he was already curious about Sima You Yue, wouldn’t it be worse if he told him .

Also, at that period of time, he was with You Yue . He didn’t need Tang Yun’s help to take care of her .

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If someone else was here, they would definitely be surprised at the way both of them communicated, these weren’t something that the higher rank and the underlings would talk about, the way they communicated looked more like how good friends would speak .

Tang Yun was shocked seeing Sima You Yue flying into a tribulation cloud out of a sudden and said, “Why did she fly onto the tribulation cloud?”

“To chat . ” Wu Lingyu said .

Tang Yun widened his eyes, “To chat? With who?”

“Cloud Spirit . ”

“The messenger of Heavenly Dao who controls the lightning tribulation? Since when was she on good terms with him to the extent that they can just chitchat?” Tang Yun was amazed, he was more shocked by what he saw than hearing her asking Cloud Spirit to go easy on her .

“I guess it’s friendship made from lightning strikes . ” Wu Lingyu saw his envious eyes, patted his shoulders and said, “Since you’re so interested, why don’t you let it strike a few times, it might spark some friendship . ”

“Go go go, why don’t you go!” Tang Yun slapped his hand away and said, “Is she immune to lightning? If not, how is it possible that she can go into a tribulation cloud?”

Wu Lingyu didn’t talk, acknowledging what he said .

“She’s such a mysterious lady… . . ” Tang Yun rubbed his chin, his eyes filled with interest in her, and felt the sudden drop of temperature in his surroundings, he said helplessly, “Do you have to be like that? She’s already your woman, can I even go for her?”

“With your character, you might . ” Wu Lingyu lowered atmospheric pressure . He trusted You Yue, but he didn’t trust this guy .

Tang Yun sensed his seriousness, waved his hands and said, “Alright alright, I won’t do anything to her, will that do?”

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“Humph . ” Wu Lingyu then kept his gaze .

“But, you didn’t go into seclusion for twenty years right . ” Tang Yun continued, “Did you go back to Devil Realm?”

“Mm . ”

“Devil Realm, it’s been long since I went back . I don’t even know how it looks like now . ” Tang Yun sighed .

If anyone heard this, they would be astonished by what he said, a high up assistant Pavilion Master of Sage Pavilion was actually a devil clansman who cultivated both dark and light attributes!

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