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Chapter 1284: Chapter 1284 - Who deserves who?

Chapter 1284: Who deserves who?

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Little Golden Snake knew what she was thinking, it slithered to her neck and coiled around, then used its head that was as big as a pinky and rubbed affectionately against her face and said, “Although I know little things about this world, but I know what a contract is . Following Yue Yue won’t cost me my freedom . ”

“You’re so sure!” Sima You Yue moved her hand . Because of the contract, the injuries on her body were much better, but the scars were still there, it still looked terrifying .

She sat up and turned her neck, held Little Golden in her hand, and said thankfully, “It feels so comfortable to be in good health! Little Golden, thank you, you made me feel so much better . ”

“Little Golden couldn’t go through the tribulation with Yue Yue but can treat Yue Yue’s injuries . Little Golden is very happy!”

Sima You Yue laughed seeing how Little Golden’s body swayed .

“But, why is it that after you contracted with me, the spiritual energy didn’t increase?” Sima You Yue said .

“That’s right! Why?” Little Golden stopped and looked at her cutely .

“Because I suppressed it for you . ” Little Spirit continued, “You’ll feel it once you go out . ”

“Thank you, Little Spirit . ” Sima You Yue knew that it was for her own good, “Oh right, how’s the rest?”

“They are badly injured, they’re recuperating in seclusion . But this is also beneficial for them . ” Little Spirit said .

“What benefits?” Little Golden didn’t understand .

“They took the tribulation lighting, it can help them to comprehend Heavenly Dao . Although it’s not like humans comprehending the actual principle, it helps in their cultivation . It’ll also increase their fighting strength . ” Little Spirit said .

“I didn’t know there’s such a use . Yue Yue, next time you go through the tribulation, let me join . ” Little Golden Snake said .

Sima You Yue saw how curious it was, nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll let you try it next time . Let’s go and take a look at them now . ”

She brought Little Golden Snake to look at the beasts . All of them had transformed into their original form and went into deep sleep .

Crimson Flame wasn’t with them but was on Qing Yi’s tree, Sima You Yue went to take a look at him . He was recovering well .

Qing Yi appeared beside her, seeing that her power was almost healed and said, “It’s faster than I expected . But also, you saved so many people and also bore the Heavenly Tribulation . Heavenly Dao wouldn’t seal you any longer . ”

“I didn’t expect it to be that fast too . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But this price is a little big . ”

“Do you know about the karma cycle? The seed you plant today, you’ll never know what kind of fruit it will bear next time . ” Qing Yi smiled faintly which stunned Sima You Yue .

Karma cycle? The seed she planted today? Then the reward that it would bear next time should be a good fruit?

Seeing Qing Yi like this meant he knew something, but based on his expression, it was probably secretive .

Sima You Yue looked around, after making sure that everyone was alright, she went to the pill refining room and started refining pills .

Although her physique wouldn’t leave any scar on her body, she still wanted to put pills together to speed up the healing .

On the other side, Wu Lingyu went to Memory Restaurant, no diners were in the hall at this time, all of them were Sage Pavilion and Sima clan members .

Seeing Wu Lingyu come, Sage Pavilion’s members all bowed and greeted him .

He walked up to Tang Yu, greeted him lightly and said, “Assistant Pavilion Master . ”

Tang Yun looked at Wu Lingyu . Without saying anything, everyone thought he was going to rage, but he laughed instead .

“Lingyu, where did you go for so many years?”

From the opening of Immortal land, Sage Pavilion’s members hadn’t heard a news about him in twenty over years . If it wasn’t for his life plate that was still intact, everyone would have thought something bad happened to him .

They sent people to ask around in central regions, it was reported that he last said to look for opportunity and was gone after . The head pavilion also sent people to search for him because of that . At the end, they got over it .

“As there was something to comprehend, I went to look for an opportunity, then I found a place of opportunity, so I spent my time in seclusion there . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Did you just come out of seclusion?”

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“Yes . ” Wu Lingyu continued, “When I came out, I sensed You Yue in trouble, so I came and took a look . ”

With his performance earlier, everyone didn’t doubt his words, afterall, in order to comprehend that, it might take two hundred years instead of twenty years .

“Did you already comprehend the power of time?” An Elder from inner regions asked .

“Only the very basics . ” Wu Lingyu answered humbly, “I can only freeze time for now . ”

“This is amazing in itself!” That Elder looked at him with adoration, “Time and space is different, it’s harder to comprehend with time . If someone in the ancient times didn’t comprehend this, we would have thought it’s a lie . No one in hundreds of thousands of years knows this, His Highness Holy Son, don’t be modest . ”

Wu Lingyu smiled and didn’t continue talking about this .

“Lingyu, when did you and Sima You Yue get together?” Tang Yun asked .

“I knew her when I first went to Yi Lin Continent, then slowly after communicating, I started to like her . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Although Sima You Yue is young, her background and power makes me blush with shame . Only she deserves to match with Holy Son . ” Elder said .

Sima clan who was at the side was unhappy and said, “What do you mean our Youngest Miss deserves to match him, there’s only him who deserves our Youngest Miss . ”

“Sima clan, don’t climb all over him! We leave you some dignity but you decided to take advantage of it!”

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“That’s you guys, Sage Pavilion members! We won’t even look at you guys if it wasn’t for His Highness Holy Son who treated our Youngest Miss well . ”

“Alright! Quieten down, why are you guys arguing here?” Tang Yu chided, “Regardless, Sima You Yue helped the continent to solve a disaster . How can you guys argue about this when she’s injured?”

Sage Pavilion members stopped talking, and the Sima clan wanted to say something but were interrupted .

“If I remember correctly, Sima You Yue was abandoned by you guys last time, wasn’t it? Now that you guys come and call her your Youngest Miss, you guys don’t even know if she wants to acknowledge you guys . ”

Sima clan was stabbed, they had rage in their heart, but they couldn’t refute .

Because Eldest Elder said before when he came back, it seemed like Sima You Yue wasn’t willing to go back to the clan .

“Everyone . ” Baita who was watching the show finally spoke, waved to everyone at the scene and said, “My Valley Master said that he hopes that no one causes a disturbance when Vice Valley Master is still recuperating . ”

“We won’t disturb anything, we’ll just wait here . ” Sima clan’s member said .

“But… . . ” Baita was put in a spot .

“But, we still need to run the business here, and we don’t have a place to stay . If you guys are here… . ” It would disrupt our business! Baita didn’t voice out the words behind, but everyone understood what he meant .

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