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Chapter 1283: Chapter 1283 - : Little Golden Snake made its own decision

Chapter 1283: Little Golden Snake made its own decision

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After everyone left, Wu Lingyu and her were left alone in the house .

Sima You Yue saw his exhausted face and said, “You go back and rest too . I can handle it on my own . ”

“I’ve seen your uglier side earlier on, it’s much better now . So you don’t have to be embarrassed . ” Wu Lingyu said .

Her thoughts were seen through, Sima You Yue glared at him and said, “Go and take a rest when I ask you to!”

“I’ll stay here with you . ” Wu Lingyu didn’t want to leave, and sat at the edge of the bed, “I’ll rest here if you want me to . ”

“Don’t you feel like puking seeing me like this?”

“At first it was quite hard to look at you, but after a few times it got better . ” Wu Lingyu said jokingly .

Sima You Yue wanted to whip him, but she couldn’t even move herself, so she could only glare at him with her eyes .

He said he didn’t mind earlier, now he said it was hard to look at her . Man’s words indeed couldn’t be trusted!

Wu Lingyu laid sideways beside her . Seeing that half of her body had already recovered, he extended his hand, caressed her face and said, “Alright, your body is healing, if you get angry, you’ll have wrinkles . ”

“Hmph, I won’t let you see even if I have wrinkles . ” Sima You Yue said as she pulled a long face .

“If you pull a long face while your body is healing, then your face will be elongated next time . It won’t look good, here, give me a smile . ” Wu Lingyu used a finger to lightly poke her face, teasing her as if he was teasing a cat .

“I’ll have wrinkles if I smile . ”

“Don’t worry, I have pills that can remove wrinkles . ”

Both of them bickered and chatted . Not long after, both of them fell asleep .

Sima You Yue’s body automatically went into restoration, Wu Lingyu rested lying sideways .

Earlier on, when he used time freezing, it used up quite a lot of his energy, and also transmitted some spiritual energy to her after, when they came back, they also saved her, even though he was powerful, he too felt exhausted .

In this period of time, no one came to her house . Knowing that Wu Lingyu was inside, no one said anything . Firstly, with her current state, Wu Lingyu wouldn’t do anything to her; secondly, his actions earlier on already made clear to everyone how he thought about her . If it wasn’t for him, You Yue might not be able to pull through today .

So they were very grateful to him, they also thought that only people like him deserved to have an outstanding person like her .

Time freeze . No one in the whole continent would be able to comprehend it, he was the only one who could, with this talent, it was needless to say anything else .

Wu Lingyu didn’t sleep for long . He woke up fast and looked at her who was deep asleep, his eyes filled with love .

In the past, he didn’t know what it felt like to love someone, and he hated those women who would weep endlessly, being gentle, demure and chattering, so even if he was the Devil Emperor, he didn’t allow women to get close to him .

But little did he think that one day he would sign an agreement contract with another individual and come in contact closely with a human for so many years . From the contract, he could feel her emotions, happiness, excitement, sadness, his heart went up and down with hers, slowly blending into her emotions . Eventually, he allowed her to stay in his heart .

And she wasn’t like any girl he had come across in the past . She was bold, careful, tenacious, strived to make progress and was sincere to people around her . Although some days she was naughty, and didn’t care about her own safety most of the time, but all these weren’t her flaws, these were all that attracted him .

He was glad that she had him in her heart, they cared for each other .

He felt warmth thinking back when she said that she missed him .

“Don’t do such a dangerous thing next time . ” He gave her a kiss on her lips, then he stood up, opened the door and walked out .

The few of them were still keeping watch in the courtyard . Previously, Ximen Feng came out and saw how tired they were, so he didn’t question them . Now that he saw Wu Lingyu come out, since everyone knew each other, he pulled him aside and asked about her condition .

“She’s fine, she’ll be alright after two days . ” Wu Lingyu said .

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At this time, a waiter came running in . He glanced at Wu Lingyu and said to Baita, “Manager, members of Sage Pavilion are here, they said they want to see His Highness Holy Son . ”

Baita looked at Wu Lingyu and said, “Holy Son, are you going to see them?”

“Yes, I’ll need to explain something . ” Wu Lingyu walked out of the courtyard after he spoke .

“Alright, you guys split up too, Vice Valley Master won’t come out even if you guys wait here . ” Baita followed behind Wu Lingyu and went out after he spoke .

“I’ll wait here . ” Fatty Qu said as he sat in the corridor . He would be worried before he could see Sima You Yue .

“Even if we leave, we won’t feel assured, we might as well just wait here . ” Bei Gong Tang said .

The others agreed too . The lightning tribulation earlier was really frightening, they couldn’t imagine what condition Sima You Yue would be in now and they wouldn’t feel assured without seeing her .

Although Sima You Yue was in a deep sleep, her divine knowledge was still clear and she knew even when Wu Lingyu went out . But because she had to focus on her condition right now . Other than controlling the chaotic spiritual energy, she also needed to control the power of faith which was gaining endlessly .

Every time she saw the power of faith, she felt rather helpless . It was such a good thing but it couldn’t be used, it felt bad!

And because of what happened, the power of faith in her body was full to bursting, sometimes it almost made her collapse . So, when her condition began to stabilize, she woke up and went into spirit pagoda .

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She laid in her own bed immediately . Although she couldn’t move her body, at least the power of faith wouldn’t keep increasing when she was in here, she felt more relaxed and had a good sleep .

In the daze, Sima You Yue felt like she was bitten, a tender voice then appeared in her brain .

She opened her eyes and saw Little Golden Snake coiling up on her chest, seeing her awake, it said excitedly, “Yue Yue, are you awake?!”

Sima You Yue blinked, seeing Little Golden Snake, she blanked for a few seconds before coming back to sense, “Did you transmit voice using the contract?!”

“Yes yes! Yue Yue, we’re contracted!” Little Golden Snake’s voice was filled with joy, it wasn’t even unsatisfied being contracted .

She knew it, everytime this little guy tried to talk, it could only pop single words, how did it suddenly become fluent . It actually turned out that it was transmitting its voice through .

But, how did this little guy think of contracting it with herself?

Little Golden Snake knew what she was thinking, it explained, “Because Dream and the rest can help to block lightning tribulation for Yue Yue! You guys got injured together . I was the only one who couldn’t . I want to be with you guys too . Isn’t this good! I can be together with you guys next time . Hehe… . ”

Sima You Yue looked at its pure gaze, she didn’t know how to tell it, that once contracted, it wouldn’t have any more freedom .

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